Do Fathers Love Their Daughters More Than Their Wives?

Father-Daughter relationships are very important. A dad who is involved in his daughter’s life is crucial. The father’s involvement decreases a girl’s insecurity and increases their confidence to embrace the world. But does this bond become so strong that a dad loves his daughter more than his wife? Let’s talk about the father-daughter relationship.

Who Comes First in a Man’s Life? Wife or Daughter?

A husband’s partner should always come first. Parents should have a healthy relationship. After all, a husband’s wife is the most important part of the relationship. The answer to this dilemma is simple. Treat the relationship between your wife and daughter equally.

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According to studies, parents should not put their children before themselves. By sacrificing the needs of marriage it means that a married couple is sacrificing their personal needs and desires.

In a man’s life, his wife always comes first. However, it is most important for couples to get together to talk about their involvement in their children’s lives.  

Is it Normal for a Mother to be Jealous of the Love the Father Demonstrates to Daughter?

All fathers and daughters have different relationships. It is normal for mothers to be jealous of the father’s love for a daughter. No father should ever give their daughter more attention or compliments that he never gives his wife. No, the relationship should be equal.

One reason why mothers become jealous of the relationship between a father and daughter is due to low self-esteem. Think about it this way. Before giving birth, it was just the wife and husband. She had him all to herself. Now that there is somebody else, the mother becomes insecure leading to territorial behavior.  

Bottling up your feelings is not the best resolution. Keeping thoughts and ideas to yourself causes a rift in the relationship, both your husband and daughter. 

Signs of an Unhealthy Father-Daughter Relationship

Father-Daughter relationships are nice to witness. But it is important to look out for signs of an unhealthy relationship. Here are 8 signs to be on the lookout for, 

  • Sign #1: Criticizing his Daughter

Dads should not be critical of their children. They should be open to their daughter’s dreams. Being critical is not a way to help with their daughter’s self-esteem nor with achieving goals. Too much criticism leads to mental stress and an inability to focus. The daughter must understand their worth and goals. 

  • Sign #2: Abuse

Physical abuse, emotional abuse, or verbal abuse. Sadly, some dads abuse their daughters. That is not a healthy relationship. Daughters tend to put their dads first instead of helping themselves. 

Working on a relationship with abuse is not going to lead anywhere. Daughters who have had a history with abusive fathers lead to low self-esteem issues and depression. Any sign of an abusive relationship, whether you are a family member or onlooker you should alert the situation to local authorities. 

  • Sign #3: Missing in Action

Dad’s should never be absent in their daughter’s life. Sure, it is okay for them to miss a couple of events if they are busy. It is not okay when dads are absent for everything. Having a supportive dad is everything. 

Father-Daughter relationships are unhealthy when the dad is not emotionally present to support his daughter. Not just during one specific age, but a dad needs to be present from when their daughter is born. Growing up is not easy. Talk about issues if you notice that you’re not expressing your feelings. If you cannot agree, your relationship is unhealthy.

  • Sign #4: Showing Off His Capabilities

Parenting doesn’t have to become a competition. When it does, it is not healthy. Dads who think that parenting is a competition compares you to other kids. He expects you to be better. That is not right. 

Any signs of manipulation or spoiling you with unneeded gifts is bad, This is where communication is valid. Don’t allow your dad to control you. Studies have shown that daughters cannot be independent in their own lives. 

  • Sign #5: Addictions

A father who has an addiction is not good. Not just for the daughter, but the whole family. Whether it’s alcohol or drugs, the outcomes of his behavior leave very negative impacts. Later in life, it’s likely that the daughter will become an addict because it is how she grew up.

Fathers need to be role models to their daughters. Instead of refusal to stop, they need to find help. Having a secure and stable relationship is better than distant relationships. 

  • Sign #6: Unclear Boundaries

We all need our own space. Dads need to understand their daughter’s privacy. That’s why they should not come barging into your room without knocking. Set healthy boundaries. 

Another lesson that fathers need to learn is that their daughter is growing up. They won’t stay young forever. Fathers who don’t commit to boundary rules are not signaling a good message. 

  • Sign #7: When is the Last Time You Talked?

Communication is valid at any age. Fathers and daughters who spend months without speaking to one another are not healthy. Lack of communication is a common issue among fathers and daughters. 

To avoid this from happening, recognize your differences. You should not let things go without speaking to one another. Because then it ruins the daughter’s way of communication.

  • Sign #8: Not Listening to Her Opinion

We all have our own opinions. Dad’s who don’t let their daughters add to the conversation are unhealthy. This leads to low self-esteem issues. Dad’s need to understand their daughter’s opinion before making the final decision. 

Let your daughter express their opinions. To dad’s who are not letting their daughters express their feelings, it is time to stop. Respect their opinions so they won’t be afraid to speak their mind.

What Does a Healthy Father-Daughter Relationship Look Like?

  1. Support

Support is one of the most beneficial elements to have in a father-daughter relationship. He supports her decisions, who she is, and her path in education and career. Daughters need to know that their dads will support them. There will be disagreements now and then but that is fine. Disagreements are all a part of the relationship. 

  1. Involvement

Dads need to be involved. Whatever the daughter’s hobby is, the dad should take part in it. Talk about what she likes. Understand what she likes to do and why she is making choices. Dads who show that they are interested in their daughter’s lives lean towards a healthy relationship.

  1. Positive Role Model

Parents are the biggest role models to children. Dads especially. A healthy father-daughter relationship should have self-reflection involved. When the daughter perceives that you examine your own life and make necessary changes the dad is providing a positive example.

  1. Demonstrating a Healthy Marriage

As we mentioned, families need to have an equal relationship with one another. Fathers should make their daughters understand what a healthy marriage is. A negative parent relationship affects the child. Fathers who demonstrate a healthy marriage are role models to their daughters. 

  1. Spiritual Leaders

A father should take a spiritual head of the household. They should take charge of his children’s religious education. Educate them about religion. Fathers who understand their daughter’s religious beliefs are everything. 

  1. Trust

Aside from support, trust is another important role in a healthy father-daughter relationship. Daughters who come to their dads to talk about issues have respect and confidence.

Who Comes First in a Blended Family?

Let’s be real and say that marriage is difficult. Being a family has its difficulties. For spouses who have children, it’s hard to think about who comes first. But for families who have step-children, adoptions, or extended family, here’s what you need to do to prioritize. 

Prioritize your marriage like everyone else. Your marriage always comes first. Don’t let divorce plague you. Your marriage comes first. If your daily choices are focused on the kids’ needs, it only causes chaos. Kids succeed in the security of their parents who are in charge.

Tips to Consider

  1. Set Boundaries

Respect one another’s boundaries. Communicate with every member of the family. There is no need to get into a huge fight about who left their socks in your room. Also, this is not the time to be a doormat. Keeping thoughts to ourselves is not healthy. 

  1. Don’t Take Things Personally

If there is a family member who requires attention before you, kindly respect that. Taking things personally is not a healthy way to handle situations. 

  1. Seek Professional Help

It is okay to seek professional help. Asking for help is okay. Sometimes we cannot think through our emotions or the situation on our own. Get in touch with a therapist if you are struggling with who comes first in a blended family. 

  1. Date Nights

Oh, date nights are so important. To get away from everything for a bit, go out for the night. This time to yourself allows you to talk, catch up, and see how one another has been doing.