7 Sexting Phrases That Will Make Him Crazy!

There are many things that can turn a man on, but one thing many women have been recently trying out is sexting. Even though you and your significant other may be a part, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get him all hot and bothered. It is a good for him to be thinking about while you aren’t around, so by sending a few quick words to your beau, you can drive him crazy and have him wanting you more.

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Here are 7 sexting phrasing that will make him crazy.

  1. “Laying in bed, thinking of you.”

Sending a guy this text will immediately make him wish her was in bed with you. After seeing this text, he may even consider heading over to your place for a little alone time.

  1. “If you were with me, what would you do to me?”

This will give him a chance to get creative and share some of his wildest fantasies with you. Guys are always curious about what a girl is willing to do sexually, so this will give a chance to feel you out and see what you are willing to do. Chances are he will be turned on if you are open to trying something new with him

  1. “Send me a naughty pic?”

“Naughty” could mean anything, but ideally, you are asking him for a picture of his penis. There are many couples that enjoy sexting, so if he sends a picture to you, he may be expecting one in return. Be prepared to send one if he agrees to send you a naughty pic.

  1. “I want your cock right now!”

This is straight and to the point. Guys like when a woman and forward and say exactly what they want. It is huge turn on, so don’t be afraid to text him exactly what it is that you want from him. If he can’t give it to you at that moment in time, he will be thinking about it until the next time you two see each other.

  1. “I’ve got a surprise for you!”

There’s nothing wrong with creating a little bit of suspense in your relationship. People love surprises, especially when it has something to do with sex. Even if you don’t actually have a surprise, it will be fun to get him all hot and bothered thinking about what the surprise could be.

  1. “Guess what I’m wearing?”

Letting a man use his imagination is a great way to get him thinking about sex. Simply telling him to guess what you’re wearing will send his mind off on a sexual journey that will hopefully end with him in your bed and you both wearing nothing at all.

  1. “Thinking about you makes me wet!”

Men like to know that they are wanted. Telling him that you get wet just thinking about him lets him know that you want him and only him. Knowing that he has that effect on you will make him want you even more.