How to Send the Ideal Naughty Text Message


Are you trying to spice things up with your beau but feel bashful sending out a sexy, naughty text message to him? Many girls feel stupid typing out a steamy message to their man but they shouldn’t feel that way at all! Embracing your sexuality and being confident about it is an extreme turn on for your man. So don’t shy away from naughty messages! It can take some time getting used to typing out how you are sexually feeling, but as with all things, this just takes a little practice. If you are still unsure on how to send the ideal naughty text message, here are some tips!

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  • Don’t force it. Sometimes you may want to reply back to his message with something saucy and naughty but after you read it back to yourself, it sounds stupid regardless of how many times you rewrite it. Instead of forcing it and replying with something you think is cringe-worthy, just save it for another time.
  • Think about things you do that excite him. In order to be sexy, embrace sexy and think it. When you are talking to your man via text and want him to know you desire him. Tell him how turned on you get when you see how into lovemaking he is with you or when you do a certain act together. You don’t need to speak extremely dirty, just express how you feel.
  • Be blunt. Sometimes you shouldn’t beat around the bush (har…har…) and just bluntly tell him how you feel. Your man will prefer you just express how naughty you are feeling as opposed to writing something that is forced. Also, you don’t have to write a hardcore pornographic message to him, but something titillating can be the ideal naughty text message.
  • Read some raunchy romance. If you feel like a fish out of water and have no idea how to dirty to your partner, read some steamy novels to get an idea of the lingo. You don’t have to be a professional writer but you can get the nuance of how to rile someone up with words. This also is a great way to get more comfortable writing out something naughty and raunchy without giggling like a little girl.

  • Describe to him what you can’t wait for him to do. Are you having a date night and you want to get him in the mood for what’s to come? Tell him all the things you can’t wait for him to do. Describe how wonderful it feels when he does certain things. Or give him a fantasy of yours. Men love to know what’s going on in a female’s mind, especially naughty thoughts. Always remember to be descriptive and creative about what you want.

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There is no perfect formula to writing an ideal naughty text message. You have to just take what works the best for you and your partner and run with it. Don’t overthink it and worry about whether or not you sound silly. Be yourself, be creative, and overall be fun!