7 Signs you’re In Danger of Cheating on Him

Even if you’re in a committed, healthy, and loving relationship it’s very normal to consider what sex would be like with another guy…or girl…or whoever. But most times, those thoughts get pushed aside by thoughts about how much you love your boyfriend. But sometimes don’t. Here’s how you know if you’re about to cheat.

1. You start looking up old boyfriends. Maybe they weren’t even boyfriends- they may have just been hookups. But you seek them out on facebook or cross your fingers that you didn’t delete their cell phone number. Thinking about past flames is a giveaway that you might cheat.

2. You accuse your guy of cheating. You may project your feelings on to him. You assume that because you may stray that he’s already strayed from you first. It helps you justify what you want to do. Unless you have indisputable proof that your man is cheating, he is probably being faithful and you’re the one in danger of cheating.

3.  You’re nitpicky. Suddenly everything you man does bugs you. He doesn’t turn his clothes inside out before putting them in the hamper; he eats when he talks on the phone or whatever else. Little things that never bothered you all of the sudden annoy you beyond belief.

4. You’re always dressed up. You wear heels to the grocery store and a mini skirt to the bank. You’re dressed to impress wherever you go hoping to attract attention.

5. Elaborate fantasies. It’s very normal to imagine sex with another person while you’re in a relationship./ But having elaborate fantasies about not only sex but your life with another person and how much better it would be should raise some red flags.

6. You’re not communicating. You ignore you man’s texts and phone calls, either accidentally or on purpose. Messages you used to respond to immediately seem to slip your mind. Instead of adding 5 little emojis at the end of a cute text you just respond with a simple “k.” You may not realize you’re doing this but your enthusiasm for communication can be representative of your enthusiasm for the relationship.

7. You want to cheat. Get real with yourself. Do you actually want to cheat? Are you putting yourself in situations where you feel strong temptation to cheat? Take a minute and think about you intentions and how you feel. If you think you would rather be single in or in a relationship with someone else, make moves sooner rather than later. And if you realize you love your man but you’re experiencing a breakdown in communication, there may still be time to fix it. But the first step is to be honest with yourself about how you feel and what you want.