All About that Bass: 5 Reasons Curvy Girls are Better in Bed

Curvy women are beautiful. It doesn’t matter what society says about a curvy woman’s body, women are beautiful in all shapes and sizes. And just because you’re more voluptuous than some other women doesn’t mean you can’t have an amazing sex life. In fact, there may be nothing better than a curvy woman in bed. Here are just five reasons among many why curvy girls are better in bed!

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  1. As they say, “more cushion for the pushing.” Sometimes certain sex positions can hurt, whether it’s the man’s pelvis or hip bones rubbing together. It can take the fun out of sex when you have to think about whether or not certain positions will hurt you or your partner. When it comes to curvier girls, the extra padding can make things more comfortable and fun. Also all that cushion is a feast for a man’s eyes and his hands. Men are wired to be attracted to voluptuous women so if you got that bass girl, prepared to be admired!
  2. Curvy girls tend to be less judgmental. Let’s face it, women who are a bit curvier can be criticized by society and other females for not being the societal standard of what the perfect woman is. So they understand how criticisms can affect confidence and self-image issues. They are more accepting of certain flaws their partner has and doesn’t let it impede their fun time in anyway. Also, most curvy girls are less inclined to worry about a stomach roll or cellulite, instead they just embrace what they have and work with it.
  3. They have confidence. Nothing turns a guy on more than a girl who is confident about herself. A woman who is sure of herself, what she wants, and deliberate in her actions can drive any man crazy (in a good way). Curvy girls know how to rock their bodies and enhance their best features with the right clothes. Remember that beauty isn’t about size but it’s about feeling good about the body you are in. So don’t worry about positioning yourself to look your most flattering, let things jiggle and bounce, believe me, he’s enjoying the show.
  4. Curvy girls can provide a more intimate experience overall. Curvy girls who are confident with their body can provide a better intimate experience. Plus post sex is great as well. It has been stated that curvy girls are better at cuddling which can provide an even more connected experience.
  5. You both can enjoy post sex munchies. Some women who constantly watch their figure don’t even think about partaking in a post romp feast. With a curvy girl they are have a healthy appetite and will join you in enjoying some delicious snacks have some amazing sex. Girl, life is too short! Enjoy sex and food (together or separate is your choice).

Curvy girls are truly all about that bass. They confidence and body allow for a fun but still very intimate time in the bedroom. So get ready to get your world rocked boys!