Step Your Game Up Girl: 7 Things All Women Should Know How To Do


Back in the day, women were only taught how to take care of a house, to cook, clean, make clothing, and other skills involving just the household. However, these days, women need to learn how to do a lot more than cook a meal. After all, the days of a woman being cared for are long gone, and there are some skills women need to know in these modern times. Here are 7 things that all women should know how to do.

Change a Flat Tire

Typically when a woman gets a flat, she can either wave someone own to help her with it, or she simply has to call AAA for roadside assistance. However, what if the woman is in an area with no cell signal, and there is no traffic to speak of? Changing a tire is a skill a woman needs, and it will come in handy if she ever does get a flat, and no one can come to her aid.

Write out a Note of Gratitude

Sometimes when someone does something nice for another person, the best way that person can repay them is with a thank you note. Now, these days, people use the Internet to send a private message or an email, but actually sitting down and writing a thank you note out is a fine skill. What could be more touching and meaningful than a nice hand written note of thanks?

Use a Drill

Women need to have some skills with power tools, an one of the easier tools to use is a drill. These days, drills are smaller, and more light weight, which means they are prefect for a woman to pick up and use.

Check the Oil

Some women have never been under the hood if their car, and it is one place they really should check out. More modern cars do not need to have their oil change but once every five thousand miles, but cars can sometimes be low on oil. Women need to learn how to check their oil, and also to put more in, because the life of their car may depend on it.

Write A Resume

In order to succeed in the working world, a woman is going to need to write out a resume. It can be tough, but once a woman gets the hang of it, she can easily create her prefect resume, and then get a great job that will earn her a lot of money.

Program a GPS Unit

Every GPS unit comes with instructions, and it can be easy to just get frustrated and let someone else handle it. However, once she reads the instructions, she can easily figure out how to use her GPS unit, and soon, traveling anywhere will be a piece of cake!

Make Travel Plans

It can be tough knowing where to start when it comes to travel plans, but honestly, it is not that hard. A woman can start on the Internet, and start looking up popular website that people use to make their plans. It is easy to book a plane, get a rental car, and find a nice hotel, all from the same website.

There are some life skills that women need to know how to do because they may be surprised to learn one day that something has happened, and they are completely on their own. Women are strong, and independent, and there is no reason why they shouldn’t be able to do basic things like use a drill, change a tire, or even whip up their own resume quickly and easily.