Ways Women Give Their Power Away

Self-esteem is something that develops within us as we grow. They things we are told with anger and grievance as kids can have an impact too significant extent on our self-worth and esteem. If you lack adequate empowering, praiseful, and loving talks (which most people do) to make a balance for the disheartens, cynical, and disempowering comments, your self-esteem is most likely to fall below the average. Bad enough, several types of research have proven that women more likely to encounter the problems of low self-esteem and low self-worth.

Low self-esteem breaks the bond that links you to your inner power. This inner strength opens our mind to one’s potentials and gives you a sense of there is no limit to what you can achieve. When this bond is broken, you begin to have a negative mindset about things, limiting beliefs starts to set in, and before you realize it, you have gradually given away your inner power. Low self-esteem is not something one can easily outgrow with age, it usually an involuntary act that slowly develops into a habit and something we don’t control.

Here is specific thing women are meant to avoid, to ensure stable self-esteem:

Not Being Yourself 

Majority of women will go the extent of turning themselves sideways and inside out to please or be for; community, family, children, lovers, friends and many others. Whenever you go out of your way to do something you really would not do or keep up with some attitudes you naturally do not like, you already giving your power away.

 Responsibilities and obligations are out of it, I am talking about putting up some fake life and pretend when you are trying to hide your guilt or probably not want to be painted black. Life is too short to pretend. Be yourself around people, those who love you will stick around, and those who don’t care about you will have to leave.

Failure in Creating and Enforcing Your Boundaries

Set out your principles, of what is acceptable and not acceptable to you. For you to be treated well and be truly happy in the way that fits your life purpose and passion. You need to establish your boundary and continuously enforce these boundaries jealously. This way people who know how to behave around you, your limits are not to be messed with, so make sure you guard them well.

Failure in Enhancing Your Unique Potentials

Measuring yourself with other women in intellects, beauty, skills and many others will result in nothing but killing your potentials. You are just unique the way you are! Enhancing your God-given potentials and gifts will make you stand out from others. Break loose today, from the media’s unrealistic definition of beauty! Find out what you are good at and endlessly work to develop yourself, this way your life will have a purpose.

Easily Giving Away Your Body

Never engage in sex or easily give your body away (for any reason what so ever) because you what to feel among, or because your partner has proven to be emotionally attached to you, you want to reciprocate the emotion, and you will end up regretting your actions. 

Most women hurriedly jump into the act and get a big cut on their esteem once things go wrong. Sex is a good thing, but when you give yourself away cheaply to the wrong person, you lose the power of being yourself.

 The wrong guy will always make you feel worthless at any slightest provocation. This is why you need to guard your body, and only give in when you are sure of whom you are dealing with.

Recognizing the Most Crucial Relationship In Your Life

Having self-love is very important, the relationship you have with yourself is most important you could ever have. Once you lack a good relationship with your soul, mind, and body, you will find it very difficult to seek or build a good,comfortable, and lively relationships with others. Outside connections will never and can never fill the gap between having a good personal relationship.

The following tips will help you lead a good life and avoid giving yourself away to people who don’t deserve you.