Can Spray Tans Clog Pores?

Hiding Acne by Spray Tanning In most instances spray tans will not clog your pores, but there are a select few who may have some undesirable side effects. Most spray tan ingredients are derived from alovera. This means for some a spray tan may actually help acne. However, if you are allergic to alovera or sensitive to something in the solution it can cause a breakout.

Hiding Acne by Spray Tanning

Trying to hide your acne with a spray tan is not an unusual habit for many others who are dealing with what they feel are unsightly breakouts. As stated earlier, sometimes the spray tan actually helps fight acne, but other times it can mean trouble. Since everyone’s skin is different the only way you will know is to try it and see.

What You Should Know About Spray Tanning

Spray tanning actually dies the skin cells on the surface that are dead. This can cause some spots to be darker than others depending on the accumulation of dead skin cells in one spot more than in another. I say that because pimples normally have more dead cells surrounding them. So, if you are going to get a spray tan make sure you have exfoliated your skin. You can use a homemade full body exfoliator really cheap, fast and almost all you need to make it is in your kitchen already!

Some people have reported having brown or seemingly clogged pores in the chest area after a spray tan. This may be related to oily skin and large pores. The exfoliation, a warm water rinse followed by a cold water rinse and the application of a toner either store bought or homemade will help to close pores and offer you a nice even tan while reducing the chanced of clogging. If you have really oily skin or large pores then spray tanning may in fact aid to clogged pores. So, making sure you are oil free and you have done what you can to minimize your pores before going through the process will help you get the desired outcome.

Before you Spray Tan; What you Should Know

So we have covered the fact that exfoliation before the procedure is a great idea. This is not only to remove the dead skin but also to aid in the absorption of DHA.

With the lotion you choose it is important to make sure that you use water based products. Not only will the alternative clog your pores it will prevent the spray tan from doing its job correctly.

Wait the suggested amount of time before showering after your spray tan, but as soon as you are clear to shower you should do so, and lemon juice home remedies may fade the spray tan quicker. When drying, as normally, blot dry and never rub. That is not just to preserve the tan but also so not to irritate or stretch the pores. Discuss any products that you are using with a spray tan professional for best results and to avoid negative reactions.