How to Avoid Awkward Silences on a Date

Going on a first date? You are all sweaty just at the thought of the date and you are stressed out thinking of possibilities; good and bad? First dates cause stress even without awkward moments but when awkward moments such as silence arise the date might not go as expected. First things first, you need to be prepared on how to conquer awkward moments so the date goes as planned and ends up a success. Right words and actions will get rid of the awkward moments.

Remember everybody goes into the first date with the hope that all will work out well and they will spend the rest of their lives with that person. As nervous as you are do not try to be someone you are not: present your best self in the best way you can if you really want to make a real connection.

Ideally when you are on the date basic conversations come first and they run smoothly and as you continue the conversation runs slowly and you get to a dead end. An awkward silent moment leads to threatening moments which cause discomfort.

How do you then avoid the awkward silences on dates?

  1. Seem genuinely interested. If both of you have not met before your date might start to talk on a topic you are not conversant with. At least do not shun away from the topic because you do not know about it but take the opportunity to learn about something new. Every topic has an interesting line find it instead of raising awkward silences wishing your date moves to the next topic.
  2. Create a dialogue by asking questions. If your date starts a conversation on a topic you are not conversant with when you ask questions you keep the conversation going on. Do not overdo asking questions you can let your date ask you questions too and the conversation will continue flowing.
  3. Generic responses interrupt the conversation so avoid them. We are all guilty of generic answers like ‘yeah,’ ‘really’ or ‘that’s cool’. Some of these responses seem like they are wired into us much like ‘sorry’ sometimes you say it but you do not mean it. The response will distract the conversation from flowing so avoid it.
  4. So since we have said you avoid generic responses you still have to be interested on the topic you partner is talking about. Occasionally nodding will help you date know you are still listening to them and will keep the conversation going. Otherwise if you do not respond they might cut short the story and you will have awkward moments.
  5. Keep the conversations light and positive. Some conversations will automatically result in awkward silent moments on the first dates. Avoid controversial topics that will make the date very uncomfortable. Since it is the first date and you might not know the likes of your date, controversial topics might make the date end very badly. For example politics is a topic that everyone is entitled to their opinion and reasons as to why they support this and not that. Avoid such topics as abortion and investments among others which seem controversial. Since you will not know how that person will react to that topic, if the topic comes up and you see it has caused some level of discomfort change it.

Avoid bringing up about the past, you are eager to know about your date but bringing up about their past will create awkward silent moments. For example if your date hints that they are not in good terms with their parents do not ask questions leading deep to the topic just find a way of veering away from the topic and move to a more interesting topic, to avoid sad silent moments on the date.

  1. Do not try so hard to avoid silence because it will befall you. At some moments the silence is a good thing it will give you a chance to take a bite or sip some coffee. So if the silent moment happens just enjoy it. So when the moment occurs just point it out and the tension will ease on its own. You can even make a joke about the silence. Guess what too much talk might get in the way of a chance to emotionally connect with your date. Silent moments will create a foundation for emotional connection and sexual chemistry. So those silence moments on a date are not so awkward anymore.