Are you secretly in love with your boss? Come on girl; you are not alone! Sometimes you have this hot male boss that moves around graciously in your office; you can’t help yourself, can you? 

You have to brace up and face the truth, you have fallen for your boss, and as long as you remain in that workplace, you will always drool whenever he walks by you.

Who says we can’t get your boss to like you? Go for it girl! You can pass the message across, and if he gets it, you guys will become an item. Just like you stylishly cut other guys you want to date, the same logic applies to your boss. As long as he is not frigid and reserved, you can always win him over the girl’s way and get him to go out unofficially with you on a date. The following tips are what you need girl: 

Express Your Interest in Various Way

Showing simple signs that you are interested in him may work better than just telling him. You can use different methods such brushing his arm or hair and some compliments added with a wink. However, don’t give him the impression that he is a loving guy who is right for other girls. That could make him think you see yourself as not good enough for him and that you have chosen the humble position of being a distant admirer. Try to place him in a position of hearing you make romantic comments and walk away. You are sure to leave him with a smile and a feeling that you might be falling for him.

Touch Him When You Have Conversations 

Remember to touch him during conversations, but don’t do it frequently. Too much of touching may make him see you like a loose or desperate. Since you are neither of these, know when to touch and when not to touch. Be careful not to show that you want to flirt with him already. Most guys find that annoying, scary and, sometimes, annoying. Touch him in a way that makes

him desire to have more of you, and spice conversations with few flirty lines. Don’t let him see you as already taken by him.

When people are around, avoid touching, but as soon as they are gone lean forward and make some remarks about his shirt or tie. You can add clasping his hands or locking fingers with him. A calculated action of keeping a distance for a while and suddenly getting close can create a powerful romantic effect.

Wait Patiently

He will find a way of asking you out as long he gets the signal you are giving him. Laugh and pretend you didn’t hear him and talk about another topic. Since you don’t want him to have it too easy, don’t show signs of appreciation. You are the hot one, not him. When he took you to see a movie and didn’t say anything, talk about how entertaining the film was. If he asks for another date, mean that you will be busy that day.

Your earlier moves are the most important part of sending him your signals of interest. He will ask you out if he gets the direction you are going. However, if your signals were poorly transmitted, you may end up being just a friend to him. You may choose to accept that position and give up your mission. If you won’t accept being just a friend, approach him and confidently ask him out. That is your last card to play when your signals didn’t get through.

Your approach should not lack decency. Sit with him and tell him how you’ve come to admire him in many ways over some weeks. Let him know that the time both of you spent together made you see how sweet and nice he is. Tell him that you can’t stop thinking about him and would like to see it blossom into a relationship. Allow him to think about it. You have expressed your feelings, and he is bound to give you a response, either favorable or not, soon.