How to Get Really White Teeth For Cheap

This is like one of the biggest questions I get, and I think it is because of all of the products out there today. The thing is, you do not have to spend a lot of money to get white teeth. For some it can be as simple as your pantry and for others you may need a little extra help that can be found in teeth whitening products at your local supermarket, drug store or department store.

At home hydrogen peroxide 3% and baking soda can be made into a paste for brushing once to twice per week. You can use the hydrogen peroxide as a pre brush rinse daily. You should be brushing your teeth two times or more every day. If you choose to really boost things along you may choose one of the many whitening toothpastes on the market today, but be sure that you also look for the ADA seal of approval.

Rembrandt, Crest 3D White and Colgate are all good brands, but there are others that work just as well. These are very affordable products. There are some that originated in China that you should avoid, so again, looking for the American Dental Association’s (ADA) approval is critical.

You may also need whitening strips or swabs to help get your teeth to their maximum whiteness. Many times you can get a kit cheaper than getting each individual item. Again, Crest and Rembrandt are great product lines, or Toms if you are looking for a natural product.

Keep in mind that natural and organic are not the same thing, so make sure you read the product ingredients on any product claiming to be either natural or organic. Also note that organic products have stricter guidelines, rules and regulations to adhere to that natural products do. The things deemed as natural can be quite surprising.

Another part of affordable teeth whitening is as simple as your diet. Oranges, lemons, carrots and things of this sort are all great for the teeth and for whitening them. You also want to get plenty of calcium, during dark beverages through a straw and brush after meals. Some even say rubbing banana peels on your teeth and then rinsing after about 5 minutes will help whiten your teeth.

With that being said, why not try them all. Ear right, use natural alternatives. Try the baking soda, hydrogen peroxide weekly with a peroxide rinse daily (3%), use a whitening kit until you have gained the whitening that you want and use a toothpaste and rinse to maintain your new smile. Avoid smoking and teeth staining activities as much as you can. You will have a maintainable white smile for a long time, and you will find that maintenance with the kit is minimal which equals affordable.

Keeping your smile bright is not only good for your self-esteem but it is good for your health too. Keep your smile white and open your world.