Best Bras for Implants: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

Breast implants or augmentation is a common procedure for women looking to change the size of their breasts. However, this procedure changes not only the size of the breasts but also the size of the bra. The majority of women are often eager to shop for bras that fit their newly shaped breasts and aid in recovery after enhancing their bras. However, since there is little known out in public, finding the best bras for implants becomes a challenge.

In most situations, your surgeon should provide specific instructions about how to care for your breasts after breast augmentation. This should include when to start wearing a bra and the specific type. Most surgeons recommend their patients to stay bra-less for some days following the surgery to promote fast and comfortable healing. Others recommend specific post-surgical bras that reduce swelling and prevent the implants from shifting during recovery.

Whereas recommendations for immediate post-surgical bras vary, most surgeons don’t agree to the wearing a traditional underwire bra up to six weeks post-surgery. Wearing a normal bra can interfere with the healing process, causing the implants to settle incorrectly.

That said, take great caution when shopping for the best bra for your augmented breast. Even if you asked your surgeon for a specific bra size, the size of the implant and bra cup could be different. Below are some of the best bras for implants.

Top 9 Bras for Implants

1.   Marena Flexfit Adjustable Sport Shirred Front Closure Bra

 The Marena Flexfit Adjustable Sport Shirred Front Closure Bra is an innovative and comfortable bra with medical-grade compression perfect for post-surgical recovery. They are designed for speedy post-surgical comfort and support after breast implant surgery. The bra’s patented fabric and unique construction promote quick and comfortable recovery during the healing process.

These bras are ideal for providing comfortable support during every step of your recovery journey. They have a high and smooth fit on the underarms and back that improves comfort, which is needed after breast augmentation.

You will also move with comfort, thanks to its featured front closures with seamless support. The bra can be worn all day long with great comfort. It comes with wire-free support that ensures that the bra stays in place without moving regardless of your daily activities. This helps you recover much comfortably without interfering with healing.

The Marena Flexfit Adjustable Sport Shirred Front Closure Bra is also extra adjustable. It comes with a 3-row hook and eye front closures that make them easy to put on. Unlike other models, you won’t have to lift the bra over your head when putting them on or removing. The adjustable shoulder straps also make adjusting easy.


  • Medical grade construction
  • Adjustable
  • Provides comfortable support
  • Multiple size options


  • Difficult to find the right size

2.   Marena Recovery Classic Bra with Implant Stabilizer Band

The Marena Recovery Classic Bra with Implant Stabilizer Band is designed to minimize movements while maximizing adjustability. As the name suggests, its design features an implant stabilizer, which is ideal for optimal post-surgery recovery. The compression levels provided by the bra aid in the recovery process as the adjustable band assure of the implant’s stability.

Like other Marena bras, they come with move in comfort. The seamless cups, front closure feature, soft adjustable shoulder straps and hook and loop stabilizer promotes faster recovery. You will also like the smooth, wireless 2-inch elastic underbust band that provides great support and comfort.

The Marena Recovery Classic Bra with Implant Stabilizer Band is also adjustable. It features a 3-row hook and eye closure that prevents pain and discomfort caused by pulling the bra over your head. The adjustable shoulder straps, on the other hand, makes adjusting the bra easy to maintain a perfect fit.

The bra’s targeted medical-grade compression helps in reducing swelling during the recovery process. You will also like the patented fabric with a unique construction that stimulates the lymphatic system, enabling the body to remove accumulating waste efficiently, thus reducing fluid build-up.


  • Promotes fast healing
  • Provides implant stability
  • Adjustable strap
  • Multiple size options


  • Difficult to find a perfect size

3.   Brabic Women Post-Surgical Sports Bra

The Brabic Women Post-Surgical Sports Bra is another excellent bra that suits women who have undergone any breast procedures. The bra provides endless convenience, comfort, reduced pain, correct back posture, and speeds up the healing process. They are made from Lycra material, which is not only comfortable but can also be worn all day.

The soft, elastic and breathable Lycra material does not irritate the skin and incisions made during the surgery. The flat seams with fine stitching eliminate indentations on the skin and prevent the appearance of markings on the external clothing.

As with other quality bras for implants, the front 3-row hooks closure with two adjustable shoulder straps helps users to wear and remove it easily. The front closure makes it convenient when you want to check on your breast. The shoulder straps, on the other hand, are designed to reduce pressure and provide better support without causing discomfort to the back and shoulder.

Putting on the Brabic Women Post-Surgical Sports Bra with crisscross back design helps in boosting posture and reduces back pain. The straps prevent them from slipping off from the shoulders to provide support and comfort during post-surgical healing. During your recovery exercises, the bra won’t move and prevents strong shocks from reaching the wound.


  • Suitable for any breast procedure
  • Excellent breast support
  • Provides full breast coverage
  • Comfortable Lycra material


  • Quite pricey

4.   Burvogue Women Post-Surgery Brassiere Sports Bra

The Burvogue Women Post-Surgery Brassiere Sports Bra is an excellent sports bra designed to reduce breast squeeze and discomfort that occurs after surgery. The bra won’t irritate the skin and incisions, making it a good choice for post-operative use. To enhance recovery, the bra is only padded at the sides and not the middle part, reducing middle material friction experienced with other normal bras.

The bra comes with supportive crisscross elastic bands that give good back support, reducing commonly experienced back pain. The shoulder straps also reduce slipping off during exercises. If you engage in strenuous exercises, the wide elastic band below the burst prevents vibrations for better comfort and supportive care of the breast.

As with other bras for implants, it comes with 3-hook front closures that help users wear and remove the bra easily during recovery. The three shoulder strap also makes it easy to adjust the shoulder tightness while providing a little compression to reduce backpressure. The bra is gentle but provides firm support, thanks to the Lycra material used, which is ideal for post-surgery wear.


  • Comfortable
  • Not padded
  • Lycra material make
  • Good for exercises


  • Quite expensive

5.   Yianna Women’s Post-Surgical Sports Bra

The Yianna Women’s Post-Surgical Sports Bra features a racerback design that provides excellent back support. The bra not only promotes healing but also enables users to look lifted, sexier and confident. This eliminates common issues associated with back fat or embarrassing top bulging following surgery. The bra molds to the body, giving the breasts an ideal cup size.

The sports bras feature adjustable three rows of hooks at the front closure that makes it easy to wear and take off the bra. The adjustable and removable shoulder straps also assure of a tight shoulder as they push up the breast and reduce backpressure.

The Yianna Women’s Post-Surgical Sports Bra is made from cotton, spandex and nylon material. These materials are gentle but provide firm support, making them ideal for post-surgery bras. You will also like the stunning subtle decoration that adds charm to the bra.

What’s more is that the garment is infused with effective Vitamin E microcapsules that provide soothing effects to the skin, promoting cell regeneration and protects the skin from premature aging. That said, the Yianna Women’s Post-Surgical Sports Bra not only provides comfort during healing but also additional anti-aging benefits.


  • Unique racerback design
  • Comfort
  • Comfortable material make
  • Multipurpose use


  • Straps can be annoying
  • Hooks are a little difficult to put on

6.   SHAPERX Women’s Post-Surgery Bra

The SHAPERX Women’s Post-Surgery Bra is a good bra that provides excellent post-surgical support. It is very easy to wear, thus can be used during pregnancy, sports, yoga and post-partum. The bra’s design features two adjustable hook front closure with adjustable straps. The front three hooks closure makes it easier for users to put it on even with limited mobility.

The back support features a special crisscross design that doesn’t exert much pressure on the shoulders. The Lycra material used is both gentle and provides firm support making it ideal for post-surgery wear. To aid in healing, the SHAPERX Women’s Post-Surgery Bra features vitamin E infused garment that provides soothing, promotes cell regeneration and protects the skin from the effects of premature aging. It also features a wide but comfortable bottom seam that provides maximum comfort all day.


  • Multiple uses
  • Soft material make
  • The eyehooks are easy to remove
  • Relieves back issues


  • Difficult to select right size from the sizing guide

7.   Optlove Women’s Wireless Post Surgery Sports Bra

The Optlove Women’s Wireless Post Surgery Sports Bra is a no-padded bra that reduces breast squeezing. The bra comes with all the necessary design features, including the 3-hooks closure, adjustable straps, and gentle material make that makes them ideal for post-surgery wearing.

To begin, the Optlove Women’s Wireless Post Surgery Sports Bra is made from polyester and spandex material, which are not only elastic but also soft and breathable. This ensures that they do not irritate the incisions on the breast tissue and skin for comfortable all-day wear. The flat and fine seam line eliminates the indentation on the skin common with regular bras.

As mentioned, it features a 3-hooks closure in the front with an adjustable strap detachable from the front to facilitate easy wear and take-off. This makes it suitable for all surgeries. It also provides excellent breast positioning when exercising in the gyms, yoga and can make good every-day bra wear of choice.


  • Recommended by experts
  • Suitable for various surgeries
  • Good material make
  • Flat seam eliminates skin indentation


  • Can only be hand washed

8.   Annette Women’s Post-Surgical Wirefree Bra

The Annette Women’s Post-Surgical Wirefree Bra is designed with high-end standards of innovation, quality, and technology to meet the needs of women going through various stages of recovery after breast surgeries. With this bra, you shouldn’t be worried about having undergarments that cause pain and affect recovery from surgery.

The bra features an adjustable strap that is detachable from the front and back making it easy to wear and take off the bra. It also has hook and eye closure in the front for a perfect fit. The bra provides gentle compression, which reduces pain and swelling thus speed up the recovery process.

The Annette Women’s Post-Surgical Wirefree Bra also features a high racerback design that helps women boost their posture, reduce back pains and prevents straps from slipping off from the shoulders. With this, you can be sure that the bra won’t move during exercises and also prevents strong shocks from reaching the recovering breast.


  • Adjustable straps
  • High racerback support
  • Soft-moulded cup
  • Comfortable material make


  • Very expensive

9.   Wonderience Wirefree Post-Surgical Bra

The Wonderience Wirefree Post-Surgical Bra is another set of bra that can be used following implants and other breast surgeries. The majority of the material composition of the bra is polyamide/nylon and a small percentage of spandex. This results in a fine elastic, breathable material that is comfortable to be worn all day.

Like other excellent quality bras for implants, it features three front hook closure that is easy to wear and take off. The wide and comfortable bottom seam around the torso also provides excellent post-surgery support during yoga, sleep and workout sessions. The crisscross design corrects posture and reduces backpressure as well. The Wonderience Wirefree Post-Surgical Bra is suitable for use after all breast surgeries.

Bras for Implants Buying Guide

Women undergoing breast augmentation sometimes find it challenging to find a bra that suits their new look. While many patients would like bras that fit naturally to make it hard for other people to know that they have undergone surgery, getting the right bra is dependent on various factors. The following are essential considerations to look at when finding the right bra to fit your new implants.

  • Band Size

Different women have varying band sizes. The band size of an individual’s breast significantly determines the size of bra they should look for. Fortunately, there are no many intricacies when calculating the band size. You can calculate the band size the same way others who haven’t undergone augmentation calculates. To do this, simply measure the size of your under-burst in inches. If the size is an even number, add four. If it is an odd number, add five. This helps you find a band size that perfectly complements your bra.

  • Cup Size

There will be significant changes in your cup size after your new breast implants have been fitted. As such, you should consider re-measuring the cup size after a breast augmentation surgery. You can measure your cup size using a tape measure, starting from the breast area near your cleavage, across the breast width to the end near the armpit. Your new cup size will help you find a well-fitting bra.

  • Shape

Wearing extra small or big bras can result in awkwardly shaped breasts. Therefore, it is prudent to choose the right kind of bra that ensures that you get the perfect shape with your new breast. Finding the right shape also ensures that you get a perfect cleavage.

  • Type and Brand

As you shop around, you will come across various breast bras for implants bras and designs. If you find a perfect fit from a specific brand, explore further to discover new designs with a better fit. Common bra types include;

  • Lipoelastic Bras

Immediately after the surgery, your surgeon will recommend that you use post-surgical compression bras during the healing process. In such a case, Lipoelastic bras provide effective compression, ensuring that the breasts remain supported after the surgery as the breast tissue grows around the implants.

Lipoelastic bras are made from specifically constructed fabric that hinders bacterial growth common during the recovery phase. Bacterial growth occurring after the surgery is often due to accumulating sweat and microbes in the surgical site. Lipoelastic compression bras also speed the healing process by reducing scarring and bruising and prevents implants from shifting unevenly or drooping.

  • Brilliant Contours Bras

Brilliant Contours Bras are a product of a female-owned company that aims at providing both emotional and physical support to women after breast augmentation surgery. They are sports recovery bras with soft support and has colors that help women feel beautiful during recovery. According to the manufacturer, these bras can be worn immediately after surgery, provided users to find a comfortable fit. After healing, Brilliant Contours Bras also double up as excellent sports bras.

  • Macom Signature Bras

Macom Signature Bras line of products is undeniably the best seller when it comes to post-surgery bras. They are seamless and wireless to eliminate possible irritation to the tender and fragile post-augmentation breast tissue. The bra has an adjustable front closure with fully expandable cups that mold perfectly into the new breast. Macom Signature Bras also feature fully expandable cups that provide customized compression and stability to the implants during recovery.

  • The Breast Whisperer Bra

Breast Whisperer Bra is another perfect anti-gravity bra, which is comfortable for women with breast implants to use as nighttime wear. They are an invention of a plastic surgeon turned fashion designer, explaining their seamless and wireless design with an overly breathable fabric. Breast Whisperer Bra is unique and lightweight, which helps in maintaining the shape of breasts for women with implants.

  • Plunge Type Breast Bras

If you are not specifically looking for a post-surgical bra, you can consider plunge type breast bras. They are a good option for women who have undergone breast implants and have been cleared by their surgeons to wear bras. Plunge bras are flattering to breasts that are full and firmer. This makes the best for women who have undergone breast augmentation. They also feature a short underwire instead of the full-coverage, which helps in providing better fit after breast implants.

  • Lycra Bras

Lycra bras are made from stretchy materials, including spandex, which provides comfort to the breast area and prevents crunching of the nipples. They also expand according to the size of your breasts whilst maintaining your body shape and providing unmatched comfort. Simply put, they conform nicely to your breasts without compromising on the user’s comfort, design, and shape.

  • Le Mystere no 9

Le Mystere no 9 is a brand that designs bras specifically for women with breast implants. They manufacture these bras in consultation with plastic surgeons and available in most retail stores. Like other best bras for implants, they complement the shape and size of the implants perfectly.

  • T-Shirt and Contour Bras

In some situations, breast implants can cause the nipples to become permanently erect. Overly erect nipples make most women feel uncomfortable, especially when walking around exposed. As such, T-shirt and contour bras feature light padding, which conceals the erect and pointed nipples while providing good comfort in the breast area. Plunge bras are also best suited for implants as they have a short underwire, thus fits easily. Their good fit enhances breast firmness and fullness.

The Bottom Line

After getting a go-ahead from surgeons to return to regular bras, most women get tempted to set off to a lingerie-shopping spree. However, breast implants continue settling even months after medical healing. In some situations, they drop a little lower on the chest, changing the overall breast shape.

That said, since breast implants are comparably firmer than natural breast tissue, bras with underwires are less comfortable. Hopefully, the guide above will help you find the best option of bra for your breast implants.