How to lose weight without losing my boobs

You know you want to lose weight, and after procrastinating and damning yourself in front of the mirror long enough, you finally feel ready to do it. But…for as ready as you are, you’ve liked what the extra weight has done to your boobs. If you were “normal” before, being stacked is something you’ve gotten used to. And if you were flat before, you don’t want to return to that under any circumstance!

But the extra fluff and weight has got to go.

Okay, I get it. So, how do you lose weight without losing your boobs? First of all, it depends how you’re going to go about slimming down. Your obvious options are diet and exercises, or a combination of the two.

Losing weight by dieting: The good news is that dieting works best to lose weight. Even if you do work out, some form of diet will be necessary to really drop the pounds. Unless you’re running a half marathon every day, you’ll never burn sufficient calories with working out alone to create the deficit that creates weight loss.

So, what happens to your boobs when you diet? This is where the bad news comes. Contrary to what many of us would like to think (and what some folks say on the internet), you can’t target which part of the body your fat is burned from. You can tone specific parts of the body with muscle from exercise, but if you’re losing fat, you can’t tell your body to take it from “here, here, but not here.” Your boobs are at risk of getting smaller if you lose weight, and will probably get smaller faster if you lose weight by dieting only.

Losing weight by working out: Here’s where you can really work some magic! Even though dieting is necessary to lose weight, what you do with your muscles can help to re-shape your body the way you want to. Not only will you be losing fat, but you’ll be toning parts of your body that can better contrast with your boobs. Where you develop muscle is absolutely something you control!

And if you’re bound to lose at least a little bit of your boobs, you can still enhance your figure more than ever by paying extra attention to your waist. There are tons of exercises that can tighten it more than you even knew possible! And the smaller your waist, the bigger your boobs will look. Work these exercises into your routine, and you’ll see exactly what I mean:


You can do crunches in so many different variations it’ll make your head spin. To focus on tightening the waist, though, start with bicycle crunches.

Starting on your back, slightly bend your knees and pull both your feet off the ground. Let them hover. Put your hands behind your head, and let them fall slightly, elbows butterflying out.

Bring your right knee up diagonally toward your chest while bringing your torso off the mat, pointing your left elbow toward your right knee. Repeat, bringing your left knee to your right elbow. As you find you rhythm, you’ll feel like your feet are “peddling.” Hence the name bicycle crunch!

Side planks

Side planks are about as good as it gets for tightening those little muscles around your waist. Even the following morning after doing these, you’ll see and feel your clothes fit differently.

Lay on your side, and straighten your legs out. Prop your body up on your elbow, and then re-straighten your body as you get into position.

Once you’re ready, set your forearm at a perfect 90 degrees, your elbow resting under your shoulder. Put all your weight into your shoulder and forearm and raise your hip to create a perfect diagonal down your legs and to the floor.

Hold this position for as long as you can stand it while you focus on your core. You want to keep your core tight to avoid putting pressure on your back. Once your shoulder burns more than you can take, or you start to shake, relax and take a breather. Then prop yourself up again and repeat. After two to four reps, switch sides.

Another set of exercises you can do are the ones that develop your pectoral muscles. They won’t stop you from losing boob any more than waist exercises, but they will naturally pull them up and give you a perkier set. You can hurt yourself doing some of these, so check out an internet video or two on any of the following:

  • Incline dumbbell flys
  • Incline dumbbell presses
  • Kneeling push-ups

Here’s the million-dollar tip, obvious though you might think it is: once you’ve lost the weight, keep up a healthy lifestyle that keeps it off! Have fun eating healthy, cooking more, and keeping your weight where you want it! And even if you lost a little on top, you’ll feel so much better in the clothes you wear that you’ll be able to show off whatever you’ve got.