How to use flirting to create sexual tension

Building sexual tension can be a lot of fun, but the key is you have to know the person already. If you don’t find a way to accomplish this, otherwise you’ll just come off as slightly desperate or creepy. Seriously, you will.

  1. Eye contact. Make it often but don’t make it obvious. It’s all about being discreet when you’re trying to build sexual tension so if you get caught, smile and then look away. Make them wonder.
  2. Naughty talk, NOT dirty talk. Toe the line, but make sure they know you’re staring at what they’re offering.
  3. Compliments with sexual undertones. Talk about how good they look that day because you have to let them know you admire them sexually without telling them directly.
  4. Invade that personal space. I don’t mean sit on their lap or handcuff yourself to the other person. Just simply find an excuse to be around them. People love to feel special to one person.
  5. Touch. Let your arms graze for a few seconds, place your hand on their back, look for the chances to exchange these types of touches. It’s the easiest way to give someone tingles without being too obvious about it.
  6. Peacock your assets. You can choose, your charm or your physique, but it’s a sure way to figure out if they really are sexually attracted to you. Do something that’ll make the situation slightly awkward (not uncomfortable) and if there is sexual tension there, the increase in awkwardness will thus increase the tension.
  7. Intense goodbyes. Make them feel like you don’t want to say goodbye at all, but make sure no one else is around. Sexual tension should always be a well-kept secret. Hug for just a second longer than normal or stare deeply into their eyes like you want to say something but are holding back. Watch that sexual tension rise.
  8. Use gestures to your advantage. Like when you go to say goodbye, kiss them on the cheek but almost near their lips. Whisper in their ear when you have to say something quietly. Get it? Intensify the regular.
  9. Don’t let it slip in public. As anyone will tell you, it’s much sexier when it’s a secret. You both know it, you both feel it, but it’s all good as long as it’s not talked about.
  10. Act on it without overdoing it. This all depends on how far you’re actually willing to take this now that you’ve built it up. Or rather, where you’re willing to take it, since all of this sexual tension has to go somewhere. Do you like this person, or are you just terribly attracted to them? Basically, are you going to make out or get out?

Let it simmer and die down eventually, or just grab the person and make out and have a wild night. The choice is yours!