Is Sexy More Important Than Beauty?

Is Sexy More Important Than Beauty?

Sexy usually implies to the physical attractiveness of one person to another but does not necessarily imply that a person is beautiful. Beauty more relays to the inner of a person such as intelligence, honesty, reliability and traits that makes a person who they are. Sexy can be achieved by a range of different activities as well as objects such as exercise, wearing seductive clothing; make-up and using other tricks that could make you appear sexy. Beauty is not really something that can be taught or achieved via any means. A person of perfection has both sexy aspects as well as inner beauty which are extremely rare to find according to society.

Whether sexy is more important than beauty will depend solely on the perspective of the person as none of us perceive sexy or beauty in the same way. For one sexy could mean a woman/man who is huskily build although to others it could be someone who is skinny or maybe a person with well-defined muscular structure as attraction does not have set rules. Age also has an impact on how people perceive sexy and beautiful whereas younger people mainly concentrate on the outer look having a need for sexy more than beauty, older generations have learned that beauty from within are more attractive.

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This does not mean that older men/woman do not still like to go for sexy more often than beauty but less frequently. Woman has the same basic needs when younger and will go to bizarre lengths to portray themselves as sexy rather than being beautiful. They will cover up their small traits which make us unique by wearing layers of make-up in addition to wearing seductive revealing clothing to attract the attention of the opposite sex.

We do however notice a trend change as evolution and technology each play their roles in our lives and standards begin to differ. Studies has shown that in our changing world men are now more likely to be attracted to woman who portray beauty and not as much sexy any more. Woman on the other had have been moving the scale in the direction of sexy and are not as interested in security, stability or wealth as they used to be.

Sexy and beauty once were the same but societies have forced rules to these two words that force people to distinguish although it should not have had this impact. Here with we lost our uniqueness as all woman/men have a desire to be sexy wherefore there is a standard and if not met you cannot be sexy, or can you? Beauty was labeled as the inner values of a person reflecting your personality also set to standards by society. Both of these can and actually does have the same meaning.

When people look past the requirements of society and just go back to being who you truly are allowing sexy and beauty to become combined. Therefore there is no need for labeling and the one does not portray more important than the other as it should be. By trying to keep up to what society tells us we should be just cause’s insecurities taking away our individuality as it progresses making us puppets on a string up for the pulling, does it not?

There should not even be a question of which is more important as they were meant to walk hand in hand. With this you can decide whether you are just one of the soldiers following the line as prescribed or do you see yourself as unique and prefer to decide what you perceive as sexy or beauty as we all have a choice.