Pose For The Camera: Using Selfies For Improving Self-esteem

Selfies are who intergraded in today’s culture that they are even coming up with selfie sticks and selfie mirrors. Front facing cameras on devices are essential, and everyone is doing it. There was even a selfie project going around that required people to post at least 5 selfies to their social media pages within a week. The results were shocking.

It is important to note that a lot of the people participating were not fans of a self-photo of any kind. They had to go through the 5 posts and report back on the experiment. The result proved that not only do selfies improve your self-esteem, but the people taking them are not self-absorbed narcissists.

A lot of kids are doing it, but selfies are not just for youth. Sometimes some amazing shots come from a simple selfie that could end up on your real wall. Selfies opens the door to capture your beauty, and who doesn’t want to realize their true beauty. They can also point out some things you may want to do a bit differently. Once you embrace the real power of a selfie you will have amazing profile photos and a whole new outlook on the act itself. It is about so much more than snapping pictures of yourself all the time. Some may take it a bit too far. If you are posting 50 selfies at a time there may be a Kardashian complex.

These were not conceited people or self-absorbed. These were everyday people who were not fans of posting photos of themselves in any form. They were uncomfortable with the idea of selfies, and many of them now are taking selfies with no problem while feeling great about themselves. They report it giving you a boost of confidence.

Now these ladies are not fans of the duck face, but empowering selfies are a whole other story. You can shine in a spot light all your own. Keep in mind that your background and the photo itself should be tasteful. It is also a good idea not to use the shower curtain or toilet as you backdrop.

Women from the ages of 30 to 50 are embracing selfies too. They are not trying too hard, making sure the floor is vacuumed and having fun with the selfie craze. There is nothing wrong with that. There are some people who take selfies before leaving their home just to see how they look to other people. Whatever your reason is for selfies don’t do it while driving and have fun with it tastefully.

For the rest of you who have not arrived yet, don’t judge people who take selfies too harshly. Some are distasteful, and by all means you are in every right to your own opinion. Many though are done quite tastefully, and it is not about conceit or vanity at all. They are tools of empowerment, and that is never a bad thing when used for the greater good.

If you have not tried it yet, we challenge you to post 5 selfies over a week and report back on your experience here in the comments section.