Secrets to Choosing the Perfect Perfume

Choosing the Perfect Perfume

With so many fragrances in the market, it can be really hard to find the perfect perfume best suited for you. Also trying to read all those descriptions and cause a headache for anyone. Mahogany? Amber? Citrus? What does it all mean? It can seem overwhelming shopping for perfume, but it really isn’t once you break it all down. You want to find a scent that can be identified with you so it’s not surprising if it takes a while for you to find the perfect perfume.

The next time you go shopping for your new scent, here are some tips to follow to pick the perfect perfume:

Don’t go shopping with another perfume on. When you go shopping for your new perfume, make sure to be a blank canvas. This means you should avoid using any scented body washes or lotions as it may alter or change what the tester perfume may smell like. Also don’t spray different perfumes on top of each other, you’re just asking for a disaster.

Take your time. If you are interested in a scent, smell it from the bottle first. You can get a general idea if you enjoy the scent just from the bottle alone. Now if you really enjoy it, spray it on a tester and smell it. Now don’t instantly it buy it, take some time to let the scent settle. Look around the store or you can even leave and come back another day. When you’re home, sniff the tester and if you still like it, go back to the store and spray it on your skin to see how it reacts with your body. Take your time and repeat this process until you feel you’ve found the one you really like.

Understand what you want. You want a different scent, but do you know what form you want it in? Scents that come in eau de toilette form differ from those that come in eau de parfum or in perfume form. Generally perfumes are the highest concentrated with perfume oil and often are the most expensive. You should also take your skin into consideration. On drier skin, the scent can dissipate quicker while on oilier skin, the scent can linger longer. Research online to decide what you want and what’s ideal for you.

Know what types of notes you like. All perfumes are categorized. There are floral types, which is pretty self-explanatory. Think fresh flowers. Then there’s the citrus category, which refers to scents akin with lemon, orange, or grapefruit. Most citrus scents are very light and clean. If those aren’t particularly interesting to you, then perhaps you prefer oriental/spicy notes which refer to vanilla or amber. Most people who enjoy foodie scents lean more towards oriental perfume. Those who enjoy notes of patchouli or bergamot (think Earl Grey tea) prefer woody notes.

Think about how you feel. Scents can evoke feelings and emotions so think about how you feel when you test out your perfumes. Do they remind you of something or evoke a happy memory? Often times we pick or choose scents that make us feel good so keep that in mind when you are sniffing away.

Don’t try on multiple perfumes in a day. Let’s say you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to shopping for a new perfume. While you may want to spend the entire day trying and testing out new perfumes, it isn’t the best idea. Your nose will thank you for not forcing it to smell ten different perfumes. Plus, it can get confusing dealing with so many different notes and scents.