Valentine’s Day Plans for Single Ladies

Valentine’s Day Plans for Single Ladies

We live in an age where it is just fine to be single, and there is no shame in loving yourself. Get with some of your other single girlfriends, and make a party of it. You can go out to eat, take in a movie, go dancing or go to the strip club. In whatever you choose to do just remember to make it a celebration of yourself. You can be your very own Valentine, because no one can love you more than you love yourself.

Maybe you are not embracing being single as much anymore or you recently broke up with someone who you cared about. Somehow going to that strip club, dancing and wining and dining yourself surrounded by all those couples in love don’t seem so great. There are some things that can help you through the V-Day blues and help you to feel better too.

Go ahead and gather those single friends and throw the best anti Valentine’s Day party every hosted in your generation. Do music like “You give Love a bad name”, or “Love Hurts” and decorate in black. Good company, drinks, fun and games will get you to the witching hour before you know it. You’ll likely have some pretty good memories once you get there if you select that playlist carefully.

If you do not want to take yourself out on the town then you can still treat yourself to a day at the spa. Get yourself something new and take the time to it at an outdoor coffee shop and just breathe. You can go alone, or take those friends along with you. Follow it all up with a road trip, a day at the casino or a day cruise. Make it about you, and try to keep any negative to love laden thoughts pushed aside for the day. Just spend time loving yourself.

Still not feeling like going out? Be the awesome auntie and babysit instead. You’ll feel good about doing something to help, kids always make you laugh and you’ll not have time to reflect on your woes. Go to an indoor playground or rent a few cool movies. If you do not have nieces and nephews there are always the local animal shelters in need of volunteers, and what can make you feel better than puppies, kittens coupled with a good deed?

If you can embrace yourself and being single then you are good to go. Get your friends together and paint the town. You do not need a guy to make valentines a day to remember, and that doesn’t mean crying over a sappy movie while stuffing your face with bon-bons. Get up, get dressed and get moving. Go be adventurous, and dare to sept outside of those comfort zones whether it be a visit to the smoke filled Jazz hall down the street where no one knows your name or to see the Chippendale’s shake their money makers with a group of your BFF’s.

Whatever you do, whether it is stay in or going out, make sure that you buy yourself a nice gift and dress to the nines. Do someone else a favor. And appreciate the things that you have in your life while keeping in mind that there is someone out there with far less. After all, the single life is not half bad.