10 Real Reasons He Is Only Into Having Sex With You – Nothing More

Men have a greater need for sex than what most women do. The human mind works in mysterious ways thus we cannot always be sure that we know the truth as we might be surprised by the one that is different from the rest. For most women, sex tends to be an emotional event and few have developed the art of separating emotion from pleasure whereas men consider it mostly to just be an act of pleasure with little ties.

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For all things in life there are a number of small tell-tale signs.

  • Complements – Men who are after one thing only tend to complement your looks more profoundly than usual. Telling you constantly how ‘Hot’, ‘Sexy’ or ‘Beautiful’ you are and not really complimenting you on your achievements or intelligence.
  • Interest – When you talk does he really listen is his attention with you or drifting in the wind? Does he seem bored with your conversation? Do all conversations end up with talking about sex?
  • Communication – Does he contact you every day or only once in a while and when you send him messages does he reply shortly or not at all? Does he prefer to contact you during week nights or late nights only? If he was interested in you he would stay in contact.
  • Knowing you – Is he interested in knowing you, all about you, your life, work and family or does he prefer to stray of the subject?
  • Does he stay – Once you are done does he linger or just gets up and leave or if at his place he gets up and asks you to get dressed so he can drop you off, usually making excuses of it being late.
  • Friends – Have you met his friends or has he at least introduced you to some? Do the two of you always go out alone and never on weekends to parties or events with his friends?
  • Place – Has he ever come to your place or does he prefer to meet you outside or at the club? Has he ever stayed at your place or just visited for coffee and a chat?

These among many other tell-tale signs could speak pages from a book if you can see them then be wary. Most men are hard to commit unless they are really interested. Make sure you are also just in it for the sex if that is the case otherwise you will surely be hurt. You also have to ask yourself if you have made it too easy for him from the word go. Did you come on as someone who might also just want a causal relationship or did you make sure he understood your intentions?

Men and woman usually read situations different and therefore without due communications any relationship can end up being misread.