Cop a Kate Upton Dating Style for Your Hair

Copping an Upton-inspired look for your next date? Now that’s easy! Here we’ll show you how to achieve the cover model’s current favorite looks. One of these is the one she sported on that already-famous cover shoot – long, wavy hair that looks like it just got out of the ocean after a dip. This beachy, carefree, girl next door style is incredibly simple to achieve, and it’s one of the sexiest looks of the moment. Kate’s style is very laid-back. Looking at her, you can just imagine her relaxing on a beach somewhere. Those visuals evoke feelings of happy relaxation…exactly what you need on a date! Better still, they’ll make your date feel happy and relaxed as well.

At several public appearances, Kate Upton has been spotted with a more polished look that’s still very touchable and sexy. Seventies-inspired feathering around her face and big, fat curls simply scream “bombshell,” and so will you when you cop this easy style!

Will it Work on Your Hair?

 While this Kate Upton dating hairstyle is easy to do, the better news is that it works with virtually any type of hair. If your hair is extremely curly, other styles might be much faster and easier for you. However, if you have straight to moderately curly hair of any texture or length, this is a quick ‘do that will have you looking hot in no time!

Kate Upton Look – Beachy Waves

In order to achieve this simple look, begin with damp hair. If your hair has some natural wave or curl to it, you’ve got it made. Simply apply some salt spray (you can make your own at home) and scrunch lightly to achieve a slightly rough look. If your hair tends to dry with some frizz, you can blow it dry, then re-wet with the salt spray to avoid fuzzy hair. Use a flat iron on the pieces surrounding your face to give the look a bit of extra polish, but twist the iron to create smooth waves instead of stick-straight strands. For that extra touch of sexiness, add a (very) light spritzing of shine spray to make sure your hair catches the light and shimmers as though you were out in the sun.

That’s it…you’re done! This look is extremely approachable, and on most hair types it will last through the very longest dates. The look appears a bit undone, which is what makes it so sexy. You can add a touch of hairspray if your strands have trouble holding a curl, but don’t go overboard – this look is all about low-maintenance sex appeal.

Kate Upton Look – Bombshell Feathering

 FeatKate Upton wavy hairhering has come a long way since the days of Farrah Fawcett. Today’s feathered looks are much more polished, and they look thoroughly modern. You’ll need a blow dryer, heat protectant, shine spray, a light hairspray, the largest-barrel curling iron you own and (if your hair is naturally wavy or curly) a straightening iron.

Beginning with damp hair, blow-dry using a large round brush to achieve maximum fullness while maintaining sleek shine. Be sure to work some heat protectant into your hair before you begin – this much heat can leave hair frizzy and dry. If your hair dries wavy or curly, run a straightening iron through it; this style looks best when you begin with straight strands.

Once your hair is fully dry, feather the pieces surrounding your face. Find pictures online to give you an idea of what you’re trying to achieve. You want the hair to fall straight down; they flare out at your cheekbones. Accomplish this by using a large-barrel curling iron and rolling it away from your face, not in toward your face. Layers around your face make this much easier.

Once your feathering is in place, give it a light spritz of holding spray. Using a very large-barrel curling iron, create big, soft, bouncy curls at the ends of your hair. Don’t roll the iron all the way up to your scalp; stop about halfway up your hair. Run your fingers lightly through the curls to create a casual, undone look that begs to be touched. Finish with a very light spritzing of hairspray and you’re out the door!