5 Surefire Things Your Man Does Not Want You Posting on Social Media

The millennial age has created a generation of socialites. We have a variety of platforms to post any and everything that’s going on in our lives. We use Facebook to update friends and family members around the world. We use Instagram to showcase everything that glitters in our lives from tasty dishes to our new set of nails. Then there’s Snapchat for those random rare moments that we love to share.

So with such a wide range of avenues to digitally express ourselves, it only makes sense to update the world on our love lives too right? This is an interesting question and you will find that the majority of women will answer “yes” and the majority of men a resounding “no!” According to a recent study men and women use social media for different reasons. Men basically use it for networking and building influence and status. Women use social media to socialize and connect with friends and family. If your man’s not posting about you every two seconds there’s no need to start getting the relationship gitters, he just aint about that life! However, if you’re going to post about him, here are some things you will need to avoid.

1: Personal Information: Great, so you think your boyfriend is the best thing since sliced bread! You gush over every little thing that he does from the way he taps his foot when he’s deep in thought, to the way he arches his brows when he’s mad. To you, these are simply some sweet characteristics that you want to share with the world, but to your partner it’s a complete invasion of privacy. Not only is this information being shared with your immediate friends and family but all of their extended network too! To him, you are cheapening your intimacy and making your partner feel very uncomfortable, because guess what’s going to happen the next time he sees your friends? They will remind him of everything you’ve posted!

Relationship expert and clinical sexologist Dr. Dawn Michael says that unless your significant other is posting the same information, you should avoid sharing personal stuff unless you want problems in your relationship.

2: Fight Night: So you and your boo are at war, you’ve been arguing all night about some random stuff that’s really not that important but as always it’s escalated. You know you’re right but you’re boyfriend is as stubborn as a mule and he’s not giving in. To prove your point, you decide to get a second opinion from your pals online. This is a wrong move! Not only is it completely tacky, you are sending out some major TMI vibes, but most importantly it can be detrimental to your partners reputation, be very hurtful to him and cause some major damage to your relationship.

3: Half Naked Photos: Sexting is a fun way of enticing your partner while he’s at work and I would definitely recommend it. However, regardless of how proud you are of your boyfriends six pack posting half naked photos of his torso is asking for trouble. Relationship expert and psychotherapist Sarah Mandel states that couples who take racy pictures of each other have built up a lot of trust and if you want to break that trust sharing these photos is the quickest way to do so. This is a part of your relationship that should be kept in the bedroom and nowhere else.

4: Posting Every Last Detail: If the wife of your former best friend in elementary school knows that on Monday your boyfriend brought you a box of chocolates, on Tuesday he took you to your favorite restaurant and Wednesday he sent you twenty roses………….. you are posting way too much information and you need to take a chill pill. Mandel explains that when you are content in your relationship, you don’t need to tell the world every last detail of what’s going on between the two of you. People in a healthy relationship know that there is a lot of value in the small intimate details and sharing too much can ruin that.

5: Expensive Gifts: Sure, you’re totally psyched about the new Gucci purse your partner has just bought you, but posting this kind of information is going to do two things. First, it will aggravate your boyfriend to no end because what you are actually doing is indirectly setting standards that you expect him to conform to. You might not see it this way but men’s brains are wired differently. Second, you will soon start to aggravate your friends; by posting pictures of the expensive gifts your boyfriend has bought you, they may see it as you’re rubbing it in their faces that you’ve snagged yourself a rich guy!