5 Ways Kids Will Totally Change Your Social Life

Congratulations! Welcome to the world of parenthood. You were probably looking forward to this time when you will be proud of yourself for be able to hold down a man and make babies. You now have them around you and enjoying the benefits of being a mother.

Watch it, because your life has not only changed for the good, but for the better!  You now have kids; this means a lot of things. It says your life is no longer just your own. You no longer think for just yourself, you now have other humans to worry about perpetually. 

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At this point of your life, you are a creator, your creations are your kids, and until they are big enough to worry for themselves, you have to do that on their behalf.

Now, this is the time you ditch your old life. You no longer have the rights to stay out late at night or leave home early in the morning without making adequate provision for your kids. Brace up! Your social life is about to change, and you are not going to find it funny.

You Choose Playgrounds before Pubs

Going to the pubs was your usual habits before you had your kids. The beer, music and al fresco were your favorite delight. Now, your choice has to include playgrounds for your kids. You have to drive for miles to get to the pubs that have playgrounds. Even though you may not like their food, you have no option than to visit the place all the time because that is the place that offers what your kids need.

You can find some pubs which have rooms where kids can play with balls and use soft plastics to hit each other. The kids may run to you in tears, but you find ways to appease them to have more fun.

You Keep Two Tracksuits 

Yes, you have these two exceptional clothes, and both are tracksuits. You wear them each time you go to the pubs with the kids. You know it is unusual, but for the sake of the kids, you must do it.

Play Centers Have Become the New Night Clubs

It’s not difficult to find parents who have young kids any social gathering. They are always lively trying to enjoy the little time they have. They may ask for their favorite music and dance to the tune. The idea of multitasking is not new to such parents. After the fun, they rush home to see tuck kids in bed. They have to go to bed early enough before the kids begin their usual night and early morning troubles.

`A Big Weekend’ Now Has a New Meaning

You don’t always long excitedly for the activities going to take place on weekends. When your colleagues who are married but are yet to have kids of their own ask you what you have for the weekend, your response describes an amazing and big weekend. 

You talk about spending time doing gymnastics, playing soccer and having kids’ party. It will sound wonderful to others, but to you, it’s one of the things you are not cheerful about and wish you could avoid.  Although you try to pretend you love the coming weekend, your sad expression gives you away. Your friends or colleagues notice that and never want to bother you with such question again.

Dinner Parties Now Involves Children

The way we organized dinner party was different before we started having children. We carefully went through the kinds of recipes we want. We spend days trying to make the best choice that will make the event most memorable. We plan to have good wine, decorate the place with some fresh flowers and create a lovely environment suitable for such gathering.

Those days are gone now; we have kids, and parties now have a different look. It involves kids with all their screaming and running around tables. They get into fights, and we settle their quarrels while we wearily try to converse with others at the same time. We change napkins and are forced to grab our meals amidst all the confusion.