9 Reasons Why a Husband Would Delete Text Messages From a Female Friend

Have you ever checked your husband’s friend and all those texts from Tina are gone? How come he deleted them? Wait, is he cheating on me? Is he hiding something? Most people don’t bother to delete old text messages. Before jumping to conclusions here are 9 reasons why a husband deletes text messages from a female friend. 

  1. Privacy Reasons

The main reason why a husband deletes his text messages from a female friend is for reasons of privacy. In the scenario that you would check their phone, they feel it is better to delete the messages than keep them. Everyone is entitled to their privacy. 

Whether they’re deleting the message because it sounded flirtatious on accident or they could be planning your surprise party, they’re just deleting the messages for privacy benefits. He doesn’t want you to read his personal texts because it includes texts he doesn’t want you to read.

It’s important to see what messages were deleted. What are the messages? Is it just random conversation or something else? It’s okay to confront about the texting, but you may get another story entirely. 

  1. Deleting Flirtatious Texts

Everyone has a different flirting game. When you’re married, technically flirting does not end. There have been several debates on whether flirting is a healthy game. Most of the time people enjoy the attention or being flirted with either by an old friend. 

Or he likes to flirt with a new colleague or intern. To dodge trouble, people delete their messages and chats so they won’t get in trouble. 

  1. To Hide Cheating

One reason that we mentioned why husbands deleted their texts from a female friend is to hide cheating. Don’t skip to conclusions automatically, but we will talk about the possibility of cheating. The most common reason why husbands delete texts is because of cheating. To hide what is going on they will delete all the texts. 

  1. Reasons of Family Matters

We all have several different things going on in the family. While you talk about everything with them, he may not be comfortable sharing something with you. This female friend whom he texts is a person who he feels more comfortable speaking to about personal problems. 

While it is necessary to know everything about your partner, they might not be comfortable sharing a few things with you. If you are curious, ask him politely. Never force your husband to reveal everything about their family.

  1. Female Friend Has Personal Information

The texts may not even be about your husband. Instead, they’re all about the female friend. While we mentioned that your husband needs to talk to their female friend about information they don’t want to discuss with you, instead his female friend needs to do that.

  1. To Improve Speed of Phone

Phones take up a lot of space. Think about it, do you really have to save texts that you read from a year ago? Text messages take up a lot of space in your phone. We all need our phones for multiple different reasons. The last thing anyone needs is a disabled phone. Unless you are trying to save the memories, your husband is deleting texts to improve the speed of his phone. 

It is true that some or other messages were sent by accident, but deleted texts should be consistent with other threads. If you find that he doesn’t delete texts from you, his friends, or family members, it’s time to have a talk. 

  1. Keeping Secrets Safe

One has to be careful with text messages if they don’t want their partner to know secrets. Bad luck never knocks before coming, so it is safe to clear text messages every 30 days or before meeting your partner.

  1. Getting Over the Ex

Perhaps your husband used to be in a relationship with this female friend. Keeping old texts from when they were in a relationship is strange, right? So, your husband is deleted old text messages because they want to focus on their current relationship. 

  1. To Respect His Family

Depending on what he has to say to this family friend, that is his business. He is deleting the text messages to show his respect to his family. And also the family of his female friend. 

Finding these text messages will only cause drama. Instead of making drama when you see that your husband texts with a female friend, don’t make it an issue. 

How to Know if My Husband is Cheating?

Once you’ve noted the right signs on why your husband is deleted text messages from a female friend, here are signs to know that your husband is cheating. 

  1. Deleting his Entire Text History

As we just talked about, deleting his entire text history is a clear sign that he is cheating. If your partner makes sure that old messages are removed— or worse, he deletes them as soon as he finishes a conversation with someone — there may be more going on than just texting.

  1. Avoiding the Family

Infidelity will always occur in lost time with friends and family. If your partner withdraws from social gatherings or activities, or if he leaves early or arrives late because of some project or task, there is a chance that he is spending time with someone else.

If your husband is spending more time with his female friend you may want to learn more about this relationship. It’s time to check on these text messages.

  1. Responding to Calls or Texts in Private

If you notice that he takes his phone into the other room during a movie, that raises suspicion. If this female friend is just a friend, why must he answer these texts in private? Again, we mentioned that it’s because he or she is not comfortable discussing something around the vicinity of family members. 

Married couples should not have to hide anything. This only creates more suspicion and drama. For couples, make sure that you have healthy interactions. 

  1. Has Multiple Social Media Accounts

Be careful, everyone has various social media accounts. Or two separate phones. If you discover additional social media sites, there is a possible affair going on. People in committed relationships have no need to maintain two separate accounts that their partners don’t know about. If you discover one of these, then it is time to have a talk. 

  1. Gives His Female Friend Gifts – A Lot

Gifts are a nice gesture but there comes a limit if he gives her a gift every day. if your husband frequently gives gifts to his female friend or goes out of the way to volunteer to do chores for her, this may be a sign that he is having an emotional affair. 

  1. He is Dressing Differently

Remember when you told him that shirt didn’t look good on him, and he agreed? Now he is wearing it. Check on that friendship he has with his female friend. If she sends texts telling him in a flirtatious way that he looks good in certain clothing, that raises alarm. 

  1. He’s Gone Longer Then He Anticipated

Does your husband usually go to Home Depot but he was there for over two hours? Or is he taking the dog for a longer walk than usual? Who is he running into at the dog park or in the neighborhood? Offer to go along with him the next time he is going for a walk. Talking to him will help clear things up.  

  1. Their Phone Goes Everywhere

Nobody should ever consider their phone to be their best friend. That is just sad. But if your husband takes his phone everywhere- even into the bathroom, that is a sign right there. We all aquire to take a break from our phones. So if your husband cannot spend one second without his phone so he can send texts to his female friend, then it’s time you have a talk. 

  1. Constantly Texting

We should not be texting every second of the day. If your husband has more to say to this female friend than to you, then you should take a look at his phone. 

  1. Lies When He Does Not Need To

If you can’t trust him to tell you the truth about the little things, it could be a sign that you can’t trust him to tell you the truth about the big things. Why does he have to lie upon being asked a simple question? It may be a stretch to think that when he says that he fed the dog it could really mean that he was seeing his friend for a few minutes.

  1. Is He Using this Female Friend’s Name a Lot

It raises concern when he is texting her a lot, but using her name more frequently? He could just be sharing stories about her, but he should not be infatuated with her. Ladies, if you notice any of these signs, including the warnings that he deletes his text messages, have a conversation.