Best Eyelash Extensions: Our Favorite Picks

Perhaps you have probably come across the currently trending craze of eyelash extensions. Maybe you are new to it, or you have seen friends looking good wearing them, maybe you are saving it for a special event or just upgrading to the next-level look.

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Eyelash extensions unapologetically pop out apart from your makeup. When applied, it catches everyone’s attention, and this is what many women yearn for. Eyelash extensions stand up pretty well with or without makeup. They do not easily come off like makeup when exposed to water and sweat. This is a huge deal, especially if you are a pro-active person or you do not like makeup.

What Exactly Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions, as the name suggests, are simply lash extensions attached to your natural eyelashes from the middle to the outside of your lash line. The extensions vary in sizes and clusters. They are applied to your natural lashes using a semi-permanent adhesive and usually applied to your top lash line but not bottom eyelashes. Eyelash extensions are not false eyelashes where you get to apply them on your own. A lash stylist applies them professionally.

Finding the best eyelash extension can be a little stressful, right?  As such, we came up with a list of the best eyelash extensions in the market and a complete buying guide to ensure you got the best out of the best lashes in the market.

Top 9 Eyelash Extensions

    1.            Scala Pro Granting 3D Mink Extensions

If you have not yet tried any lash extensions—this is for you. They are friendly and easily applicable to beginners. They are also affordable since they are not made from real mink. These eyelash extensions are made of synthetic material. The synthetic material is cheaper than real mink fur.

Although they are made of synthetic material, they look and feel like real mink. This allows you to experience lashes of high quality even though you are on a budget.

These lash extensions are of high quality since they are handmade. Nonetheless, there is a small variance in length and sizes.  There are eight different sizes. The sizes range from 8mm to 15mm, and you can choose the length you want from the set. A tray containing has a set, and each set has 60 clusters. You can customize your set according to your length preference.

Key Features

  • Mimics mink
  • 60 clusters in one tray
  • Eight sizes available


  • Can easily be removed
  • Cheaper than real mink
  • Easily applicable


  • Not as natural as real mink
  • Not friendly to professional makeup artist

    2.            Lankiz 3D Eyelash Extensions

These eyelash extensions are made of high-quality silk. Its composition is purely of silk. Silk eyelash extensions are fluffy and light, thus makes them comfortable. Lankiz 3D Eyelash Extensions are long-lasting because they are waterproof, and there is no need to perm the curls.

These lash extensions are friendly to use. People who have used them stated that they have a natural feel and lightness. Customers can easily apply them at home without the help of a professional lash stylist. It comes with strips that are easily applicable. A first-time beginner will find it easy to apply since they come attached to strips. The set contains a range of different length lashes, therefore, you do not need to buy several sizes to find your preference.

Key features

  • Attached to strips
  • Made of high-quality silk


  • Easy for beginners
  • Light
  • Waterproof
  • Have a natural feel


  • Not friendly to professional makeup artist

    3.            Fabu Mink Eyelash Extensions

Fabu Mink Eyelash Extensions have everything you need in an eyelash extension. These eyelash extensions have a sheen that resembles a natural eyelash extension. They are also lightweight, like your natural eyelash.

These lashes have a noticeable length, thickness, and curly features. This unique feature brings out a dramatic makeup look. You can get a more dramatic look by adding more layers as possible as per your preference. You will need a professional lash stylist to apply it to your eyes. It is quite difficult to apply it on your own.

The tray consists of lash fans. You can also view the length and thickness of each individual lash, not forgetting the curly feature. You can customize the length of the lashes according to your preference. It has two options the synthetic version and the real mink version.

Key features

  • The tray contains lash fans
  • They are thick and curly


  • It can last for a long time.
  • It can be customized.
  • Package contains different dimensions of lengths, thickness, and curls.


  • Difficult to apply on your own.
  • Can damage your natural lashes when removing on your own.

    4.            Svanslashes Eyelash Extension

These are high-quality lashes made of silk. Silk is one of the difficult materials to use, and at the same time, they make the best fake eyelash extensions. Svanslashes eyelash extension is made of special silk—the Korean silk. The Korean silk differentiates Svanslashes eyelash extension from any other silk made eyelash extension. It is not prone to tear or clumps.

These lashes are soft and light, which makes them comfortable when worn. They are long-lasting when applied and can stay intact for weeks without breaking or sagging.

You can apply it yourself, and sometimes you will need a lash stylist to assist you. The application is quite complex for new users. The shorter lashes are applied towards the edges while the longer ones are applied towards the middle of your lash line

It has enough lashes in the tray. Each tray has a range of different sizes. The different varieties allow you to play around with them until you find the perfect fit. The sizes range from 8mm to 14mm. Different trays display different thickness and curl options.

Key features

  • Made of Korean Silk
  • Tray consists of curl options and thickness options.


  • Easy to apply.
  • It is not prone to tear and clumps.
  • It can stay for weeks without sagging or breaking.


  • Assistance may be needed when applying.

    5.            LASGOOS Siberian Fur Eyelash Extensions

They are one of the best eyelash extensions in the market. If you are looking for one that has a natural look, these lash extensions are the ones to shop for. They are handmade, so they are handled with care to create a high-quality product. Customers who have used them before have stated that it can be used multiple times if well maintained and taken care of.

If you like stocking up lashes, you can as well stock these ones. They are purchased in a set of 5. LASGOOS Siberian Fur eyelash Extensions can be customized. You can shape the lashes or cut to preferred length using a brow scissor.

The downside of using these lash extensions is that at the lash line, they do not appear natural. You will need to use eyeliner or eye shadow to have a complete look. To remove them, you will need a makeup remover. If you are a new user, you might find it difficult to apply, but you will soon get used to it.

These lashes are made from Siberian mink and are totally safe. They are friendly to people with animal allergies. In addition, the lash extensions do not contain any chemicals.

Key Feature

  • They are soft and shiny
  • Comes in a set of five


  • It can be used multiple times
  • It can be customized


  • Do not create a natural lash line
  • Not friendly for first-time beginners

    6.            Arison Eyelash Extension

If you are looking for eyelashes that have a dramatic look, Arison eyelash extension are to go for.  They have a high rating on customers’ reviews. Customers love them because they certainly look fake by creating a dramatic look on your makeup. They are shiny, which helps to bring all the attention to your eye makeup. Arison Eyelash extensions are worn, especially for special occasions.

These lashes are best applied by a professional. You cannot apply it on your own, especially if you are a beginner. Its application process requires some level of skills because it contains a lot of volumes.

Key Features

  • Creates a dramatic look on your makeup.
  • Contains a lot of volume


  • Good customer rating
  • Return back policy
  • Very fluttery


  • Not friendly for beginners
  • Worn for special occasions

    7.            Icona Mink Eyelash Extensions

If you are looking for aesthetic lashes which are midrange priced, Icona Mink Eyelash Extensions are to go for. The price is quite friendly to a new user and long-term users considering the quality it has to offer. These lashes allow customization. You can customize them to your desired length.

When your package arrives, the first thing you see is a golden writing “Hello Beautiful” written in the box. You do not need to worry if you always on the road. The box is travel-friendly, you can carry the lashes wherever you go.

They are made from real mink. These lashes are lightweight, so you can wear them daily.

These lashes are made for a natural look but not a dramatic look. You can use these lashes up to seven times with proper care and maintenance.

A pro feature of Icona Mink Eyelash extension is the lash band. The lash band is quite flexible that makes application easy.

Key feature

  • Midrange price
  • Travel-friendly box
  • Creates a natural look


  • Can last up to 7 wears
  • Nice packaging


  • Tend to sag after some wearing
  • It can be a bit pricey

    8.            Veleasha 5D Mink Lashes

Veleasha 5D mink lashes are a trusted brand from a known company. They use imported fiber to make the lashes. The eyelash extensions are carefully handicraft to give a high-quality product.

The company packages the lashes in a set. Each set has seven pairs. Each pair can be used 3 to 10 times without wearing off. Some customers stated that they have used a pair up to 15 times with proper care of the lashes. This means with proper maintenance of the lashes, you can use the set up to 100 times.

They appear natural since they are soft and lightweight. They have a vibrant and shiny style, so it can be worn for special occasions like a girls’ night out. The company offers different designs. These designs are Cinderella, Dubai, Queen, and Mulan. These designs contain different dimensions of length, volume, and shape that allows you to select your preferred style. The length ranges from 7mm to 15mm.

Key features

  • Use imported fiber
  • Vivid and shiny
  • A set has seven pairs


  • Reusable
  • Handmade
  • Soft and lightweight
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Available in packs

    9.            Scott Barnes Mink Eyelash

These eyelash extensions are best for people who want voluminous lashes. Scott Barnes Mink Eyelashes creates a bold and beautiful look. The look is achieved by a significant volume and length of the eyelash extensions. Mainly because a multi-layered pattern of different lengths have been used. The lash extensions have tapered corners, whereby the longest hair is used in the middle to create a flattering and voluminous look.

They are made of Siberian Mink, so the lashes are extremely natural. The brand assures people the method used in harvesting the mink was cruelty-free.

These lashes have a thicker band. If you are a beginner, you might need some help in the application. Lash extensions with thicker bands are hard to put on, unlike the ones with a thin band. It is advisable to practice with thinner bands before going pro with thicker ones.


  • Multi-layered pattern
  • Highly voluminous
  • Extensions have tapered corners
  • Made from real mink
  • Thick and curly


  • Thicker band
  • Not friendly to beginners

Factors to consider when buying the best eyelash extension

To find the best eyelash extensions, consider the following factors before making a purchase.

Types of Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are either made of animal fur or manmade. The different types of animal fur include fox, mink, and sable, while manmade could be silk or synthetic.

  • Synthetic Lash Extensions

Synthetic Lash extensions tend to be heavy. Due to their heavy nature, most people do not like them since they make their eyelids heavy. They have a natural shine more of a sheen. They do not have that natural look when applied to your eyes compared to your natural lashes.

  • Mink Lash Extensions

Mink Lash Extensions are light and comfortable. They have a more natural look than silk and synthetic lash extensions. Mink lash extensions tend to camouflage your natural lashes to give a natural look.  Due to their featherweight, mink lash extensions tend to last longer and prevent your eyelashes from shedding quickly. Mink Lash extensions are expensive, and they are not curly. Consider, manmade eyelash extensions, if you are allergic to animal fur or have ethical concerns about minks. They are made from the tail fur of Chinese minks or Siberian minks.

  • Silk Lash Extensions

Silk lash extensions are not made of “real” silk, as the name suggests. They are mid-weight and not as heavy as synthetic lash extensions. Due to their heavy nature, they are not as comfortable as mink eyelash extensions. They have a curly effect, unlike the mink option. They are made for long-term use. It is advisable to apply them on special occasions or events.

  • Fox Lash Extension

Fox lash extensions are rare to find in the market place. They are made of fox’s fur. They are light and soft. The unique feature of fox lash extensions is the reddish tone. Some of them have black tips.

  • Sable Lash Extensions

Sable Lash Extensions are unique eyelash extensions– mainly because it is for those who have a fine lash line and/or natural lashes. It is also not readily available like fox lash extensions. Sable lash extensions are fluffier, lighter, and finer than mink lash extensions. If you are allergic to animal fur, consider having manmade options. They are also expensive.

  • Faux-Fox and Faux Mink Lash Extensions

These are handmade lashes. Faux extensions come in different volumes and lengths.  They are of high quality since they are made of fox and mink fur. These extensions are super comfy and light since they are made of animal fur. You can have the fox or mink look without breaking the bank.

  • Price

You do not need to break the bank to get the best eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions are affordable, but not all. The prices differ depending on the make, quality, brand and quantity. The manmade lash extensions are super affordable than the animal fur ones.

  • Sizes

Finding the perfect size fit for your eyelashes can be tasking. You do not want to look like a clown by wearing the wrong fit. You also want them to blend with your natural lashes to have that natural look. Wearing too long lashes will definitely look fake while wearing too short lashes won’t tell the difference. Finding the perfect size will give you a flattering eye look. When buying eyelash extensions, consider the packs that have different sizes, especially if you are new to eyelash extensions.

  • Material

Materials make a big difference when buying eyelash extensions. They influence the price and care. Eyelash extensions are either manmade or made of animal fur. Manmade are synthetic and silk, while animal fur are fox, sable, and mink. Each has its own advantage and disadvantage. Animal furs tend to be light, fluffy, and look more natural than the manmade ones. However, they are expensive and require more care than the manmade ones. Some eyelash extensions are only worn during special occasions like the silk eyelash extension since the lashes are thick.

  • Curl

Do eyelash extension curls do matter when getting lashes? Yes, it does. It brings out a big difference—the pop look. When looking for a particular eyelash extension with the curl feature, consider buying the manmade ones (synthetic and silk). Synthetic and silk lashes hold curl very well. Sable, fox, and mink lash extensions will need to be curled frequently since they do not hold curls very well.

You can either choose to be a “C” curl girl or the “J,” curl girl.  The “C” curl girl is one who wants all the attention. The “C” curls form at the end of the lashes. The “J” curl girl is one without the drama. The “J” curls form a natural look of the lashes. If you are not sure which curl type you are, find an eyelash extension pack that offers different curl options.

  • Length

The length of eyelash extensions vary. Most of them range from 9mm to 15mm. Choosing the length lashes will depend on the fineness and thickness of your natural eyelashes. Short and/or thin natural eyelashes blend in well with short eyelash extensions while long and/or thick natural eyelashes blend in well with longer extensions. If you need to be a little extra, rules can be broken.

  • Color

The color black is here to stay, but there is no harm in adding a colored extension. The market place offers a variety of color choices. You can either add a colored extension to your black eyelash extension or natural lashes. Colored lash extensions bring out a vibrant life.

  • Care and Maintenance

Some eyelash extensions will need more care than others. Animal furs are light, they need to be permed frequently to maintain the curl. You can perm them yourself or take them to a lash stylist. The second option will cost a little extra. If you find perming tiresome or costly, you can go for the manmade option, which has natural curls.

To maintain healthy natural eyelashes consider taking healthy breaks from extensions. Prolonged use of extensions damages the eyelash follicles.

  • Volume

The volume of lash extensions vary, these are 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D and 6D. They bring out the dramatic look.

Other factors to consider

  • Eyelids- hooded or monolid eyelids
  • Size of your eyes- small or large
  • Eye shape- round, almond or protruding
  • Allergies- Are you allergic to synthetic fiber or animal fur?
  • Eye color

The Bottom line

It is not common for one to go through a number of eyelash extensions until she finds the right fit of materials and sizes. It is recommended to get one that has multiple lashes in a set and one that allows customization in which you be spoiled with choices.