Best Tanning Bed Bulbs: Our Favorite Picks

Recently, the process of tanning has gained unnecessary popularity for many reasons. Simply put, tanning involves changing the skin color to a dark complexion, mostly due to exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun or artificial sources. Artificial tanning equipment include tanning lamps found in indoor tanning beds. With the surge in popularity, finding the best tanning bed bulbs becomes challenging.

Tanning bulbs are a crucial component to achieving a quality tan. They are the long light bulbs attached to the root and sides of the bed that produce the required light to make your skin achieve a tan look. To determine the best quality tanning bed bulb, you should consider the level of UVB that the bulbs provide among other factors. For instance, to get a deeper and richer tan, you need to find a higher UVB level.

That said, outlined below are the best tanning bed bulbs you can find in the market, alongside some guidelines to help you make the right choice.  

Top 10 Best Tanning Bed Bulbs

1.    Wolff System Tanning Bed Bulbs

The Wolff System Tanning Bed Bulbs are well packaged and economical for home tanning. They are the best replacement bulbs because they emit only mild tanning substances and causes no harm or change the skin tone of the user. This bulb uses less amount of electricity to work and heats up because the lamp, thanks to the F71 bi-pin end fitting make with 100 watts of electric capacity. 

These tanning bulbs are multipurpose and convenient for use with different tanning beds. They can be used with the sun quest Wolff, ESB, alpha sun, and Sunstar beds. They are also compatible with other beds that use FR71 and reflector lambs.


  • Tanning sessions are shorter
  • Best to act as replacement bulbs
  • Consumes less electricity


  • Not suitable for all skin types

2.    Brilliance Bronzer Lamp

These bulbs are best for first-time users as well as high replacement bulbs for any type of beds. It is best for first-time users because it is easy to use and install. This tanning lamp was created with F73 T12 HQ 100w-120w RDC technology hence becoming part of the brilliance advanced 2015 bulb series. Brilliance bronze lamp is best known for efficient home and salon use. They are well known to offer a more comfortable and long-lasting effect than any of the tanning bulbs.


  • Tan produced lasts longer
  • Good for first-time users


  • Long tanning time per session

3.    Wolff System Golden Bronzer Maximum Tanning Bulbs

If an individual needs a quick tan, then this is the right bulb to use during your tanning sessions, which takes a maximum of 12 minutes. These bulbs act as a replacement bulb to different tanning beds. The bulb also emits a considerable amount of UVB and UVA, and users should remember to use eye protection every time they are having their tanning sessions. This bulb has a lifespan of 1000hours, and that means its rated time per session can be as quick as 10-12 minutes. 

This tanning bulb is the same quality as bronze lamps, but it does not offer a golden bronze tan; hence the effect depends on the current skin tone of the user. These bulbs are compatible with most tanning beds.

Also, these bulbs take a bit more time to show visible difference hence considered slow. These bulbs will last you for at least 6-7 years. The bulbs are also perfect for both first times as well as advanced tanners. These bulbs offer an ideal blend of UVA and UVB. They are excellent bronzers for a gradual darker tan.


  • Offers quicker sessions
  • Compatible to various tanning beds
  • Easy to install


  • Not available for specific countries, i.e., Alaska
  • Gives off only a mild tan

4.    Wolff Dark Tan 11 Plus Tanning Lamp

If you are working on a budget and you need tanning bulbs that are good but of affordable price, then look no further because wolf dark tan 11plus tanning lamp is the best deal.

These bulbs are easy to install because they have a 100 watt as well as designed with bi-pin making the installation a straightforward one. This tanning bulb has a high quality to use at home but not that favorable to use in salons and tanning spas.

It also does not offer that good tanning effect hence not appropriate for first time users; therefore, this is more suitable for maintaining tans and not on renewing tones because they do not need to replace tanning bulbs. This bulb can also work to maintain skin tone hence a good substitute for ordinary replacement bulbs, which could cause the skin tone to get darker.

This lamp is lightweight, easy to install, and available with 16bulbs. This bulb provides a fresh and warm temperature for a tan to last long. It is also available in different varieties; hence customers have a wide range to choose from. It produces a beautiful bronze tan that lasts for days hence a plus. These bulbs do not mimic the sun since they produce few UVB rays.


  • Quite affordable
  • Consumes less electricity


  • Limited lifespan
  • Has little or no tanning effect

5.    Wolff Velocity Extreme Tanning Bed Bulbs F71

These bulbs are the perfect solution for people with stubborn skin. They provide more UVB for a better tan result in less time. These bulbs have an expected life of 1000 hour, which calculates to 15 minutes sessions; hence the life of the bulbs lasts longer.

 The bulbs come in a pack of 24, therefore perfect for extensive tanning beds. The bulbs have a bi-pin fitting of F71 and therefore require a source of 100 watts. The bulbs can improve the tanning results on some different tanning beds hence become the most profitable bulbs than any other tanning bulbs. 


  • Longer life span of 1000 hours
  • Larger packs for comfortable  
  • The darker and richer tone in less time
  • Works great on different types of tanning beds


  • Can sometimes not fit other tanning beds
  • UVB can be strong causing sunburn

6.    Midday Sun Tanning Lamps

The Midday Sun Tanning Lamps are undoubtedly the best lamp that are easy to install. These lamps are compatible with most modern tanning beds such as Wolff, sunvision, alphasun, and Sunquest.

These bulbs are more applicable for a regular tanner, and these need skin tone maintenance as well as for an evening out with bronze complexion and not effective at all for first-timers. It has the longest rated life than all other tanning bed bulbs of 1200 hours, which helps in cutting costs for replacement.

It is powered by 100 watts, and it’s tanning sessions can take up to 15-20 minutes only. This bulb has a high rate of UVB, which helps to get a quick tan result, but recommended that you wear protective eyeglass and have time for safety purposes.


  • Has a longer life of 1200 hours
  • Mild UVA emission for tan maintenance
  • Suitable and reliable
  • High effective results


  • Can sometimes not fit other tanning beds

7.    Wolff Bronzing Plus

It is the best bronzing tanning lamp, and it has a life expectancy of 1000 hours powered by 100 watts. It has a bi-pin design on both ends to ease the installation and compatibility of the tanning bed.

It is best for people with pale skin because it gives a bronze effect rather than leaving the pale skin pinkish or red. These bulbs are suitable for both replacement bulbs and first-time users. It contains the right amount of UVAs and UVBs so that it achieves a bronze skin tone. 

The only difference that wolf bronzing plus tanning bulb is from other Wolff systems is that it works so well on people with pale skin, and also it emits less harsh rays. It is also suitable and works on various skin types, and the tanning effects take a few minutes per session.


  • Ideal for achieving bronze skin
  • Best for any skin type


  • To maintain skin tone, you need several tanning sessions.

8.    Sperti Fiji Sun Home Tanning Lamp

Sperti Fiji sun home tanning lamp is one of the best tanning bulbs in the market. Tanning salons and spas mostly use it. It has a unique design that is durable and provides ease of installation. The tanning bulb is also adjustable at any angle to offer full-body coverage as well as useful for sectioning tanning and face bronzing.

Sperti Fiji sun home tanning lamp is FD cleared hence guarantees its customers of safety while undergoing tanning sessions. It has an auto-off timer in case its running time exceeds 15 minutes, thus offering prevention from skin burns and machine overheating.

This appliance not only works for cosmetics but also for safety purposes. This bulb offers effective tans from the first session as well as the tans can even last all years, although depending on the skin tone of the person and frequency of tanning sessions.


  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Efficient and has a long rated life
  • Saves you on setting up salon tanning appointments


  • A bit pricier than other brands

9.    24 NIB Wolff Velocity Extreme Tanning Bed Bulbs F71

These bulbs are relatively more durable and more effective and happen to be among the best bulbs to use for stubborn skin. These bulbs provide a wide range of UVB hence fastening your tan session.

Its value is exceptionally durable, and the bulb comes with up to 1000 hours of estimated life. It comes in a pack of 24, which is adjustable for the F71 pin and requires at least 100 watts.

It is suitable to use these bulbs in a different tanning bed. Its replacement process is user friendly, and you are guaranteed you will enjoy its performance.


  • Ideal for every skin tone
  • Generates strong UVB
  • Tan lasts longer
  • Works quickly


  • Suitable for limited tan beds

10.                      Nature Bright Light Therapy Lamp

This bulb has features of building up mood and relaxation. Nature bright light therapy bulb is designed to offer a therapeutic home setting to its clients and is considered to have saved many from anti-depressants.

 Instead of UVAs and UVBs, natural bright light therapy provides energies that are soothing and calming. The lamp has its air purifier that helps filter airborne bacteria and diseases. It is designed with 10000 bright lux lights that ensure your mood and energy of your client is boosted without compromising the safety of the eyes.

The product not only serves cosmetic purposes but useful in calming the entire body as well. In case it is light therapy, it is advisable to have 30 minutes to 2 hours per session daily. In case you are a starter, you should start at 15 minutes per day as you increase gradually to 5 minutes more per session.


  • Improves energy and mood
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Presence of a built-in the air purifier


  • The tendency of burning out

Buying Considerations of Best Tanning Bed Bulbs

Choosing a tanning bed bulb may look an easier task but if you do not consider the most important things such as the voltage of the bulb, its compatibility, the tendency to either overheat or glow dimmer you may end up regretting or messing up with your skin since the bulb is electrically powered.

Therefore, if you are planning to get the best tanning bed bulb, here are the things you need to consider plus everything you should know about tanning bed bulbs.

  • Tanning Effect

It is important you first know your skin tone and skin type as you plan to get your tan. Have you experienced any kind of skin irritation or allergies before? This is the very first thing you should put into consideration because the tanning level of your bed bulb will depend here.

 You can go ahead and search for bed bulbs with a certain level of FR emission since some bulbs can darken the skin tone for a few minutes while other bulbs could take a while.

It is good to be open-minded and know that the tan you want to achieve will not always turn out as expected; therefore, do not be disappointed. The ability of your skin to cope and your current skin tone plays a vital role in determining the tanning effect.

  • Longevity

The longevity of your tanning bed bulb is a major consideration to ensure how long it will take before you replace it. Always make sure it has an economic quality, and its quality gives justice to its cost, especially if you have purchased the bulb on an online platform. 

It is important to start with bulbs with a rated life of 1000 to 1200 hours since these types of bulbs do not need a replacement quickly and offer a higher degree of tanning effect hence value for your money.

  • Session Length

When choosing a tanning bed bulb, it is also important to consider its session length, which is the time it would take to serve you well in matters tanning. It largely depends on both the rated life of the bulb and its level of FR emission.

The degree of ray emission is what causes the skin color to change as different types of bulbs determine levels of tanning, which can be either the mild, the tan, the bronze, and the dark and rich skin tone effect. On a single laying, tan sessions can last for about 20-30 minutes but could go up to 35 minutes maximum if the person has pale skin, which takes longer. 

Therefore, it’s important to consider the bulb’s ray emission when looking for the right bed bulb and ensure it can make your skin tone as tan as you would want it to be.

  • Bed Compatibility

It is the most common thing to ensure that your bulb is very compatible with your tanning bed. Some bed bulbs in the market are specifically intended for a specific type of tanning beds, so always make sure you get the right bed bulb for the best tanning bed.

Most people could either choose to purchase their tanning bed bulbs either online or offline. Therefore, always consider your needs as well as your budget, and everything will go as planned.

  • Safety Reminders

There are a lot of safety things to put into consideration before starting the tanning session, be it you are pro, a first times or subsequent tanner. Safety should be your number 1 priority to ensure everything goes as planned, and you are able to achieve what you desired for.

The following points discussed should help you to know what you should prioritize before or while on the process of tanning.

  • It is important to know your skin type, tone, as well as the allergies you might have so that you will be able to know the right amount of ray emission and session time to choose. Observe your skin very well to see if you have any words or scratches before you start your tanning session since it can help lessen the risk of the infection and further skin irritation.
  • It is important to be mindful in case you are used to exposing your skin to UV rays and always have a regular skin cancer check-up to be assured and prevent your skin from harmful rays. Avoid overexposing your skin, and it is important always to follow the recommended process and frequency.
  • Individuals aged below 17 years should not take part in indoor tanning activities. It is crucial to put on protective eye gears or eye protection so that your eyes are safe from the UV rays and other harmful substances being emitted.
  • It is recommended to exfoliate your skin or peel off unnecessary dead skin cells a day or two before using a loofah or scrubber in your bath.
  • It is also important to talk to your dermatologist first before your tanning sessions in order to get expert advice and know your skin type in depth.

Important Features to Consider Before Buying or Replacing Tanning Bed Bulbs

To be sure your tanning bed bulbs are compatible with your bed, it is important to inspect the physical characteristics of the bulb which are discussed below:

  • Bi-pin versus RDC

There are two basic types of tanning bed bulbs, which are the RDC and Bi-Pinn. Most bed bulbs discussed above are Bi-Pin, meaning there have two pins sticking out at the bed. Recessed Double Contact (RDC)is similar to Bi-Pin only that it comes with an adapter covering the two pins. Bi-Pin bulbs are highly used because they are superior replacement choices since they are compatible with a large number of tanning beds.

  • The F-Number- Bulb Length

Having discussed the best tanning bed bulbs, you might have noticed the products having “F71” or “F13” attached to their name where “F” stands for fluorescent, which is primarily the length of tanning bulb. The sizes that are common are F71, F73, and F72, which goes in hand with the length of the bulbs in inches. F71is, in most cases, bi-pin and the most common one. The advantage of using it is that you can convert them to F72, RDC bulbs, or F73 by purchasing an adaptive.

  • The T Number-Bulb size

T Number denotes the size of the bulb where it is defined as eighths of an inch. The most common size of bulbs is T12, which is defined as twelve-eighths of an inch. The size of the bulb influences the coverage and intensity of the UV radiation

  • Power of watts

Each bulb has its power in watts where the standard power is 100 watts. If you want to spend less time under the glow, then the wattage should be high and vice versa. Wattage power should always be optimal and not high or too low so that your skin may not end up burning. The most considered and safe bulbs to use in terms of watts are the F71 bulbs, which have high output but safe for your skin.

The Bottom Line

From the above-discussed tanning bed bulbs, you will find it is easier when searching for the best tanning bulb that suits your skin type. All the tanning bulbs reviewed above are ideal for all skin types and those with susceptible skin can also rely on it. However, always consult your doctor before using a tanning bulb.

In case you have existing skin condition, the dermatologist could advise you better. Also, do a thorough research before engaging in the tanning process since it is a trendy and relaxing but can be harmful. 

Therefore, with the right knowledge you acquire from your research and the right products, your tanning experience will be worth and be a blast. It is never too late to try. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site.