Best Tanning Goggles: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

Most times, many people ignore to protect their eyes while they are on a tanning bed. A tanning bed is a piece of equipment with ultraviolet lights where you lie on it to produce a cosmetic tan. A regular tanning bed uses several fluorescent lamps that have phosphor blends that are designed to emit UV in a spectrum that is similar to the sun. A tanning bed exposes you to harmful UV rays just like the sun and can increase your risk of getting skin cancer just like being overexposed to the sun.

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Therefore, you should consider purchasing quality goggles to block the chance of this accident and thus protect your eyes so that you don’t let any of the UV light in which could cause harm to your eyes and even do severe damage. Your tanning goggles must be tight but not uncomfortably but well-fitting to keep the light out. Tanning goggles come in different colors, but the level of protection does not depend on the color but depends on the material of the goggle. Therefore, get goggles that fit your head correctly and block out all the UV light. Tanning goggles, thus, addresses some of these issues.

Top 15 Best Tanning Goggles

1.    EVO FLEX by Super Sunnies

This eyewear features a flexible, high-rise nose bridge to eliminate tan lines and equipped with an elastic headband to assure a perfect fit.  It blocks over 99.9% of the UV-B rays and over 99% of UV rays, which allows vision. It is designed especially with green lanes to ensure maximum protection for high pressure, and standard UV tanning is offered as well as it treats red light.


  • Good quality
  • Useful for light therapy and tanning
  • Protects your eyes


  • Slightly uncomfortable if placed wrongly
  • No fold-up option

2.    Tanning Bed Eyewear SUNSETS Goggle Protection

This type of eyewear is perfect for horizontal tanning.  It comes with an easy string feature as well. It powerfully prevents the possibility of white patching as well as blocking the sun’s rays and dust particles.

It is adjustable hence can hold comfortably. Due to its perfect fitting, it becomes trendy to every tanner. It comes with different shades of colors, including purple, red, blue, and green.


  • Ability to offer random colors hence provides a wide range to choose from
  • Suitable for short tanning sessions
  • Perfect for indoor tanning
  • Ability to block ultraviolet rays, therefore, provides protection to the eye


  • Comes in a single pair

3.    Super Sunnies UV Eye Protection

This type of eyewear is critical for purposes of health and cosmetic reasons to prevent eye injuries, and Lucas products cooperation has been covered. It blocks over 99.9% of the UVB rays and over 99% of UVA rays while ensuring the vision is maintained.

It comes in a pack of 12 in which you get different colors for the brand hence providing a wide range for you to choose according to your preferences. The design of this eyewear is in such a way that it has a high rise bridge that helps an individual not develop any tan lines across the nose. It also comes in a design that is slim to prevent white patches around the eyes.


  • Flexible rubber
  • Easy to adjust and does not press down against the nose or suction the nose
  • Easy to clean
  • They are very affordable
  • Perfect for raccoon eyes
  • The SUV protection eyeglasses are defective


  • Less durable especially the elastic band that is easy to break
  • Uncomfortable when the light shines because of its brightness

4.    Igoggles Sunbed Goggles Tanning 12 Pair

These tanning goggles come in a sleek design with a transparent view.  It is equipped with its powerful UV rays protecting capability, which makes it have an added advantage. It also offers your eyes protection from dust particles.

This item is pretty comfortable to use, and you will enjoy its resilient design and durability that is exceptional.  It is equipped with a high rise bridge to cover the nose. This model keeps into consideration the FDA requirements as well as it ensures the safety of the user is considered and the reliability as well. This glass is suitable to be used both indoors and outdoors tanning.


  • Ensures UVA and UVB protection
  • Maintains FDA regulations


  • Appropriate and used in every tanning bed

5.    Super Sunnies Indoor Tanning Bed Eye

This eyewear are classic plastic tanning goggles that come in a set of 2, so you can have a backup pair to use it in the future when you maybe lose the other pair.

This eyewear may look small, but they cover the eyes just enough to protect them, but not so much since they give you that dreaded raccoon eye appearance. 


  • Works so well to block UVB and UVA rays while allowing vision.
  • The green lenses offer maximum protection for high pressure and standard UV tanning.
  • Offers protection both indoors and outdoors tanning
  • Have flexible material cups which fits very well on the eyes


  • Rubber bras are so weak hence cannot offer maximum support needed
  • They are small in size hence making it difficult to use in a tanning bed
  • They have tan lines
  • Lenses are defective and blurry

6.    Peepers Sunbed Tanning Goggles 6 pair

This pack comes in six pairs of goggles so that when you lose one, you can get a replacement. It comes with a high rise bridge to prevent tan lines on the nose as well as comes with the aesthetic appearance and fits for maximum tanners. Best for both indoor and outdoor tanning.


  • Offers protection to the eye from the UV lights
  • Adjustable hence can fit anyone
  • Perfect fit thus does not allow any light to get through the sides
  • High nose bridge for no tan lines
  • Excellent bed eyewear


  • Quickly gets dirty therefore proper care when handling and washing it
  • The lenses with medium gray let quite a bit of light through

7.    Sun Globes Tanning Bed Eyewear

This type of eyewear is a unique two-piece UV protector that is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It is shaped to fit so well the contour of your eyes as they provide you with maximum protection against harmful UVA and UVB exposure during tanning.

Ultra Sun Globe has a unique and patented No Bridge No Tan line design that helps to eliminate the undesirable raccoon effect around the eyes and tan-line across the nose completely.


  • Affordable
  • Very comfortable
  • Excellent packaging
  • Best for those who do not like the nose bridge
  • Great and simple use


  • Very small hence do not fit so well in your eyeballs  

8.    Wink Ease Ultra Gold

This type of eyewear resembles gold stickers, but they are designed with UVB and UVA blocking material. It is equipped with a frame that is quite resilient but smooth to wear. For an individual to use them, one is required to fold them into the shape of a cone before trying to stick them.

They are so effective in such a way that they offer coverage around the eye and the sensitive region around the eyes. They can be used in indoor tanning as well as outdoor tanning.  Since they stick so well and do not fall easily can be used for traveling, riding as well as wielding.


  • Easy to store since they are foldable
  • It is an economic value because it contains a pack of 50
  • User friendly and works exceptionally well
  • Do not hurt when putting on or removing it
  • UVA and UVB protective


  • When People with oily skin use it, the adhesive may not stick accordingly
  • Lack of a high rise nose bridge  

9.    Soft Podz Goggle

This eyewear is equipped with a flex-fit nose piece and a secure band on the inside. They are convenient and have protective tanning lenses that store in a super small and super cute carrying case.

The case is attached to a key ring; hence you can hook it up to either your key chain, purse, jeans, or anything else you would prefer. Therefore, you will have no excuse for forgetting your tanning eyewear.


  • Convenient for tanning
  • Fits so well since it comes with a strap and secures tightly, so it does not fall out
  • Good quality
  • Very comfortable
  • Excellent and very easy to put on


  • Small in size hence only appropriate to people with tiny eyelids
  • They give you raccoon eyes

10.                      Dermapeel Elight Laser Protection Eyecup

This type of eyewear is a cosmetic teeth whitening protective glasses laser that is safe for tanning. It is majorly used in cosmetic laser surgery, treatment, tattoo, teeth whitening, and intense pulse light source.


  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable to use
  • Automatic shut off, therefore, the person do not worry when he or she falls asleep
  • Blocks out all light
  • Improves protection of all cells surrounding the eye


11.                      California Tan Pro

This eyewear is equipped with impact and scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses to offer unbeatable clarity and protection against harmful UV rays. Has thin angled nose bridge, thin string, and streamlined design that protects without tan lines.

It is also equipped with a protective pouch that ensures pro-specs are clean and safe between the user and soft lens cleaning material that can be used to polish away fingerprints.


  • Foldable for easy storage
  • No tan lines
  • Adjustable to fit eyes of all shapes
  • Offer protection especially when tanning
  • They block the light when adjusted correctly


  • Has no strap hence does not stay on the face

12.                      Podz Eyewear

This type of eyewear is the hottest thing in tanning. They are convenient and protective tanning lenses that store in a super small and super cute carrying case. Podz leaves no raccoon eyes or white marks on the bridge of your nose.

The case is attached to a key ring so you can hook it to your key chain, purse, jeans, or anything else you can think of. It means that you can never have an excuse for forgetting your tanning eyewear again.  Available in red, orange, blue, pink, and yellow.


  • High price and value for your money
  • Good quality
  • Comfortable when using them
  • Quick delivery and shipping
  • Has a key chain attachment in that you can never forget while going to the tanning salon
  • Causes no raccoon eyes


  • Case lid does not stay fully shut after first use

13.                      HDE Laser Eye Protection Safety

This eyewear is a highly functional laser protection that offers protection to your eyes from excessive exposure to the laser rays. The package comes with a free hard protective case. Everyone shouldn’t look directly at the laser beam under any circumstance despite having worn the protective goggles.

The safety glasses are used in industrial areas, military, and medical areas.


  • Come with the hard nice zipper case that offers protection to the eyes
  • Blocks harmful rays such as UV rays
  • Durable materials in both glasses and case
  • Works with both red and green lasers hence multifunctional


  • They are dark enough making it hard to read or watch TV
  • Cannot be as a wheel chock or during a paintball gunfight

14.                      Sun Globes W/Acrylic Case Green

This type of eyewear comes with a hard case, and the FDA approves it. It is suitable for indoor tanning because the manufacturer does not seal the case. After all, it comes in one pair of Ultra SunGlobes Eyewear w/case.

This eyewear is suitable for the smaller footprint around the eyes hence ensuring there are no more raccoon eyes.  It is also free from nose piece; therefore, no white mark there.  The eyewear also does not come with straps hence not ideal to use it in a stand-up tanning booth.


  • Quite affordable
  • Convenient to use
  • High quality hence value for your money
  • Free from tan lines therefore ideal for tanning
  • FDA approved
  • Do not cause raccoon eyes
  • Do not leave the white mask of the nose


  • Lacks straps to hold them in place  

15.                      2 Pack EVO FLEX Sunnies

This eyewear is set with the FDA standard to ensure UV protection is enhanced in the SunBeds. There are safe for use with sunlamps and medical UV light treatment devices equipped. This type of eyewear forms a perfect fit every time it is used.

It is able to block 99.9% of the UVB rays and over 99% of the UVA rays while allowing vision to be enhanced. This eyewear has offered uncompromising protection for your eyes both indoors and outdoors for the longest time since 1957.

It has a flexible, high-rise nose bridge that ensures tan lines are eliminated. It also features an elastic headband to assure a perfect fit. It is equipped with slimmer eyecups to minimize the raccoon eyes, which is usually associated with tanning indoors. It is also specially designed with green lenses that offer maximum protection for high pressure and standard UV tanning.


  • They do not leave white owl eyes, circles, sores, damaged eyeballs  
  • Offers perfect protection


  • Not ideal for those with small, flat noses or eye issues
  • Quite uncomfortable

Buying Considerations for Purchasing Best Tanning Goggles

When you are considering to purchase a tanning goggle, it is recommended you consider other aspects apart from it being used in a tanning bed but also find the quality of the tanning goggle. The quality of your tanning goggle should be high and, most importantly, should be useful.

You should also opt to ask a professional which of the tanning goggles are the best and give you insights on which brands to go with and which to avoid. Remember to read reviews as well before deciding on which tanning goggle you should end up buying.

Here are some of the factors to put into consideration as you choose on the best tanning goggle:

  • Price

Price is always a key determinant when purchasing an item; therefore, when you consider buying the cheapest pair of the goggle, you find is a wrong move. Try as much as possible to choose one that has prices that are reasonable so that you do not end up wasting your money or get one that is below the desired standard. Always take your time to compare the prices of tanning goggles online.

  • Color selection

Most of the tanning goggles come in different colors where some are bright while others come with dull shades. Your preference depends on the color you choose. For example, brightly colored goggles tend to glow in the presence of the tanning bed and can be annoying for some people. For those who do not love the glow can end up choosing dull-colored tanning goggles.

  • Shape and sizes

Choosing the right size of your tanning goggle is very crucial. The goggle should be tight enough to keep the light off but not feel uncomfortable. It is advisable you choose snugly tanning goggles that are well-fitting.

Bigger goggles can be comfortable but may lead to the formation of bigger tan lines. Keep into consideration the width of the nose bridge if you want to get rid of any tan lines across the nose.

  • Material

The overall comfort of tanning goggles greatly depends on its material. The best tanning goggles are designed from pliable materials that conform to your faces’ shape. The level of protection you get depends on the material used to make such goggles.

Durable tanning eyewear should be everyone’s consideration. If you tend to move a lot during tanning, get tanning goggles with straps so that they do not fall off.

  • FDA approval

FDA is a standard well-known organization that regulates the standards of your eyewear. Make sure your selected item maintains its requirement and criterion correctly.

  • Consider your look

You should understand what your face looks like that is, is it oval or rectangular. Based on the criteria, you will be able to pick your glass. Also, ensure you choose the perfect color that goes well with your face.

  • Overall Comfort

Comfort should be considered whenever you want to purchase your tanning goggles. You should look for a pliable material that conforms easily to the shape of your face. Always make sure the band that goes around the head is of a good overall fit. Whenever comfort of an item is compromised, that’s when questions and statements such as bad tanning bed goggles always come up.

The Bottom Line

Tanning is an art and a passion that adds an appealing look to your body. Using tanning goggles keep your eyes safe from UV light, which can cause serious harm to the eyes. Many people would wonder why you cannot just close your eyes during tanning. Well, it is because the eyelids can allow the penetration of UV lights. Closing your eyes during tanning instead of wearing goggles can lead to conditions such as cataracts, muscular degeneration, among others, and with frequent tanning can lead to blindness.

As long as you have had your goggles on, you can open the eyes during the sessions. Tanning goggles are also reusable, thus contributes a lot to your savings. You only need to clean them with some water and soap after tanning and allow them to dry before using them again. Consider purchasing one of the above-listed tanning goggles to protect your eyes from UV lights.