Best Weightlifting Shoes for Women

Thumbs up! For women who lift! It is absolutely one of the best ways to get better in shape, gain more strength and tone your body as well. However the only way weight lifting can be exciting is when you do it on a good pair of lifting shoes. A good pair of shoes can do a whole lot. It can help correct your form, sculpt your body, protect your knees, back, joints and can eve add some weights to your lifts.also it helps relieve you and give you the comfort you need while lifting.

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So if you are looking for the best weight lifting shoes for women, then you are on the right page because I’ve got lots of recommendation for you.

1. Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Casual Sneakers; this weightlifting shoe is one of the best cheap pick that you could ever go for. It is made of canvas and its sole is made of rubber. I’ve a good number of people who love lifting weights in their Chuck Taylor shoe. The shoes are just comfortable to use, they hold up wear and tear easily. Originally these shoes were made for basketballers however weightlifters decided to join the crowd because with this shoe, you will be able to press into the shoe while lifting. So if you like having a solid connection with the ground while lifting then you will certainly love this cool lifting shoes. This shoes also comes with an extra, extra straps and ankle support. The shoe is also durable and easy to maintain. So you shouldn’tdevelop problem while using Chuck’s T. Also if you are simply into running, they are also good for casual wears. You can check out the price of Chuck Taylor on Amazon.

2. Cross-Trainer Adidas Women’s Power lifting; In case you don’t like the Chuck Taylor lifting shoe, you can always ditch it for this great Cross Trainers. It’s got beautiful design features, lovely support and of course it comes in beautiful colors. They are quite excellent for weightlifting, and other workouts although they may not be too perfect for running especially on the treadmill but one thing I can assure you about Cross Trainers is its stability and support it offers. The trainers is made of Lightweight synthetic leather and then its sole is made of rubber. They keep your foot in a comfy way also it paves way to create a breathable mesh to keep your foot from sweating too Much. So you want a tight but free trainers that is especially free around your toe area and keeps your feet comfortable and not sweaty then this is the right fit for you. You can check Amazon for the price details.

3. Reebok Women’s Legacy Lifter Sneaker. This is another amazing sneaker that you may have to get If you don’t like any of the above listed. So if you are a serious weightlifter, then this is absolutely for you. These sneakers come in one color, its heel measures about 22mm and it is bad for cross training. So if you love color black then this sneaker is for you because that is the only color it comes in. It has a flat sole and a very high heel raise about 22mm and so if weightlifting is what you do and are perfect in then this shoe is perfect fit. Although this shoe might not be for everyone because it’s a little bit on the high side. However you can still look in Amazon for price details.

4. Reebok Women’s Crossfit Lifter 2.0 Training Shoe; this shoe is so perfect and a great deal for cross fitting but not ideal for heavy lifting. It’s quite expensive, comes in different amazing comfort and is quite comfortable. It has a raised heel, support strap which are comfortable enough for lifting. Whatever work you have to do, this amazing sneaker got you covered. This shoe gives you enough support on your squats, jerks, presseses etc.. You can also check this out on Amazon.

5. Inov-8 Women’s FastLift 400 BOA Fitness Shoe; this shoe is quite expensive, it comes in boring colors. However it is best for weightlifting but not for cross training. It is lightweight, it’s high enough for squats and other athletic activities. It is made of synthetic and comes in a Thermoplastic urethane heel. This heel is not like the other sneakers. It’s very strong, durable and super lightweight.