It may be devastating to find out that your man has a woman pregnant with his baby. He may have just found out that his ex is secretly carrying his child and wants to get involved with the baby.

Naturally, you should be hurt by such revelation, but there is nothing you can do to change the tune of events.

If your man truly loves you, there is no reason to give up on him. So having a baby by another woman is a mistake everyone can be guilty of, you don’t have to nail him to the cross.

The most important thing here is that your man loves and have chosen to stick with you. Once he has decided to keep you as the number one woman in his life, then you can rest assured that the baby will not come between the love he has for you.

When you see a man who is good at handling kids, it turns you on as a woman. Your boyfriend may be good with kids, and you get to know this other side of his. The understanding you get just by watching him interact with the kids goes beyond his looks, and you see the real man. Don’t be in a rush to know his children. Kids are not so easy to handle sometimes; therefore, you may encounter stiff opposition at first. Children may have some good reasons for being afraid of the unknown, too. They are kids, so don’t be surprised when they react that way. 

Get ready to have it rough and tough, but try to handle whatever comes maturely. As kids, they will argue, throw tantrums and try to hurt your feelings deliberately. Expect them to misunderstand you and do your best to get to know them individually. The children may ignore you initially because they don’t trust you the way they trust their dad. Your relationship with them will get better if you don’t rush them. Here are some reasons:

Their Loyalty to Family

Remember the children have a mother so accepting you may prick their conscience. They will delay relating well with you for a while until they are sure they are doing the right thing. Don’t push them too hard to give a favorable response. Allow them to come around on their own and let them see through your actions that you are not trying to force yourself on them.

There May Be Emergencies

Things may get tough when you continuously get excuses from your man about the change of meetings and outings. You may not always see things go your way because other things play out in the relationship. The kids are a big part of the relationship, so you have to change your mindset and accept the change. A simple understanding from you can give you the peace and happiness you greatly crave.

The Kids Will Surprise You

You will get many surprises from the kids, so prepare your mind for the unexpected. Sometimes, the kids will act strange to you; another time, they will ignore you as though you don’t exist. Whatever their mood or attitude is, expect the incredible each time you come around the house.

Share Love and You Get It Back

Your expression of love should not be limited to the kids; extend the same love to the children as well. The good thing about showing love to people is that the more you do it, the more love you get in return. Sometimes, you may face uncertainties, but that should not stop you from doing what is right. Keep expressing your love to both your boyfriend and his kids and don’t be afraid to make mistakes in the process. The amazing thing about human beings, especially kids, is that they will remember not what you have said but the wonderful feeling you gave them.

 Dating a man who has kids can be challenging, especially when you don’t have kids of your own. You should however not worry about the situation If your man gives you enough support and reasons to stick with him.