Getting a Minivan: Will My Coolness Be Gone Forever?

Let’s face it. Minivans are revered and renowned for their safety not for their aesthetic appeal. For new parents, there is a fear that their coolness factor will be gone forever if they decide to purchase a minivan. You may be in this particular predicament now. You want to make sure your babies are safe and comfortable going destination from destination but you can’t help but dread how uncool you will look. While the general consensus considers having a minivan to be uncool, you should consider otherwise.

Think about it, if a minivan were a potential suitor, it would pass many points on your checklist. Not only would it keep your kids safe, you don’t have to worry about mini fingers and hands getting doors slammed on them, you will have plenty of things to distract your restless children, and you will have tons and tons of space. Did I mention space? Yes, a minivan is not the most sleek or stylish of vehicles, but so what? The excuse of the minivan not being aesthetically pleasing is dying a slow death. Nowadays, plenty of car companies are taking the time to create appealing looking minivans that will have moms and dads eager to drive it.

Besides, are you really going to let what type of car determine your cool factor? Your car is one aspect of your life. Your coolness factor should be determined by how you raise your kids, what awesome birthday parties you throw, and also possibly, your control to not talk in baby speak when you are catching up with your girlfriends during lunch. If you make it a point to get upset about your how “uncool” you are now that you have a minivan, you’ll just bring more attention to it. Chances are if you have friends who also have kids, they will compare their minivan to yours to see what cool features your minivan has.

At least point in your life, you should be confident as a woman that your sexiness and coolness is not determined by how many guys flirt with you while you are sitting in your minivan waiting for your kids to get out of school. Plus, is it something you really want to deal with anyway? There should be more important priorities in your life at this point other than whether or not you look hot driving a minivan. I get that it can be a mood booster to be admired as a hot, young woman but it should not be the end all, be all.

Look, it’s not the best looking vehicle to have, but it’s safe, reliable, and can help you keep your sanity. As we’ve been told, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and that definitely applies to your minivan. Instead of worrying about being uncool, fully embrace the wonderful life that you have. You may come to see that your confidence overrides the fact you have an “uncool” minivan.