He Rejected Me But Still Acts Interested

What does it mean when a guy rejects me but he still acts interested? He keeps texting me. And flirting. Is he being genuine or is he messing with me? Romance 101 is tough. That’s what this article will tell you why he is still interested even though he rejected you. 

Why is He Still Communicating With Me?

He regrets rejecting you. That’s right, the guy still acts interested in you because he regrets what he did to you. Not sure if you believe us. Read into these signs and then analyze the guy’s behavior next time you see or talk to him. 

Reasons Why the Guy Rejects You

We should talk about why the guy rejects you so you have more to analyze on. There are various reasons why men (and even women) reject someone. 

  • You’re Not His Type

Although it hurts, it’s true. Everyone has a type they want or don’t want to date.  You need to get comfortable with rejection, but if the guy comes back looking to give you a second chance, be on-guard.

  • Just Got Out of a Relationship

Did you just ask the guy out the second he broke up with the most popular girl in school? That rejection is understandable. He doesn’t want to get into a new relationship in a snap. He is still trying to get through his last breakup. However, if he still acts interested, give it some time. 

  • Too Busy With Work

Another reason why he rejected you is that he is too busy with his career. Relationships consist of a lot of commitment. You should respect this because everyone can relate to this on some level. Again, if he acts interested in future time let the situation be and give him time to focus on his work. 

Can I A Guy Change His Mind?

When guys reject you, it’s clear that they don’t want anything to do with you, right? But is it possible that he can change his mind? Maybe he didn’t think about it hard enough. Or maybe it’s because he doesn’t want to face the humiliation for saying no in front of his peers. Romance 101 is tough. 

Why Do Guys Change Their Minds?

Guys change their minds because they realize they lost a good thing. They never thought you were smart, funny, or even pretty until taking a good look at you. Now they discover a hunt of jealousy when they see you with another guy or interacting with your friends. The guy wants to reclaim territory that was rightfully theirs but rejected it. 

Signs a Guy Regrets Rejecting You

  • Sign #1: Always Wants to Talk to You

Has he ever texted you something along the lines, “I have something important to tell you?” Why is he asking you when he could be talking to one of his closest friends. Because some guys are not sure how to get in touch with their emotions, he is trying to express feelings that he is having a difficult time conveying. 

For most of the conversation, guys will talk to you about several random things that have little to do with anything. That’s because they are avoiding the real topic. You. So, you won’t get stuck in hours’ worth of conversation you have to put your foot down and ask him what the real reason is on why he is talking to you.  

  • Sign #2: He Keeps in Contact with You

Weirdly, he wants to spend all his time with you when he rejected you, right? Guys reject girls because they never wanted to spend time with them. They may ignore you, or heck avoids you altogether. 

It’s time to open up Romance 101. This is a tell-tale sign that the guy is still interested in you. Whether it be texting or seeing him in one of your favorite places, he regrets that he rejected you. There’s a good chance that if he remains in contact with you that he regrets rejecting you.

  • Sign #3: The Way He Looks at You

You feel like someone is staring at you in class. Turning around you see him staring at you weirdly in the back row. Once you make eye contact with him, he moves around sporadically trying to act as if he was not looking at you. 

These looks could define to:

  • “I wish I didn’t reject you”
  • He’s thinking about you
  • “I should’ve done this…”

Guys who rejected you would never stare you down like that. It’s only because he regrets what he did to hurt you. 

  • Sign #4: Check His Social Media

Why did he just post a picture of you on his Instagram? Social media is a dead giveaway that he is still interested in you. Guys express their feelings indirectly, which is why they turn to social media. Look between the lines. There has to be something behind that poem or the song he posted. 

  • Sign #5: Always Dropping Things

Another way to put it is that he is always nervous and awkward when he is around you. Why would a guy who rejected you spend all his time with you? Does he stumble over his words? Is he awkward? 

That’s because he wants to restart the conversation on why he wants to be with you. He’s nervous because he cares about you. Of course, he will act like he doesn’t care, but deep down, he is still interested in you. 

So, What Do I Do Now?

Question is, do you want to get together with him after he rejected you? You shouldn’t get together with a guy after he upset you. Most of the time when guys act interested, they’re only trying to see how you react. They’re trying to rile you up because they like to see you that way.

  • Trick Him?

Should I trick the guy into think that I am interested in him? It’s good revenge, right? We’re glad that you asked that. Some women like to get revenge on guys by thinking that they’re interested until giving them a taste of their own medicine. We’ve all been rejected so we know how it feels. 

While it is fun to see their reaction, down the road do you think it’s something that you want to remember forever? Don’t lower yourself to another person’s standards just for the benefit of revenge. Do what you feel is right. 

  • Don’t Look at Him

Remember talking about when guys look at you weirdly? Do not acknowledge him. Next time you are with him pay attention to where his eyes are. Pretend you are staring at something else. 

Okay, we know this article is turning into how to be a spy, but you have to use these tactics if you don’t want to raise any suspicion.

  • Was He Respectful to You?

There’s no reason why guys should be disrespectful to you. That is uncalled for. Let’s say if the guy comes around asking to give him another chance, now is the time to see if he will respect you. If he lacks respect in any of your interactions, that is a clear indication that he won’t treat you respectfully in a relationship. 

  • How Did He Treat You?

When the guy comes back asking to give him another chance, think very hard. How did he treat you? Take a look at how he treated his other relationships or his friends. The way he treated you along with his behavior reveals a lot about a guy’s personality. So, it is your decision if you want to get together with him. 

  • Did He Tell You Why He Rejected You?

First, you should ask the reason why he rejected you. The guy should have a reason. Maybe he went through a difficult break-up, does not have time for a relationship, or is not into you. He should not still act interested you if he rejected you. 

  • What if He is Playing Mind Games?

Any guy that genuinely likes or loves you will never do that to you. No guy should ever pull tricks on you just to get a reaction out of you. Do you want to date a guy like that? Insincere. Untrustworthy. Disrespectful. No, that is so wrong of him. 

  • You Do Not Belong to Him

You are not a guy’s territory. You are a human being. If a guy comes around telling you that in their apology for rejecting you, there is no reason that you should date him. 

Should I Give Him Another Chance?

This article provides you with answers, but in the long run, we’re not you. That’s up to you and how they treat you. If you are considering giving the relationship a chance, think carefully about your intentions. Be tactful, watch his behavior, and don’t continue the relationship if it’s toxic. 

For the most part, don’t take rejection seriously. Guys have various reasons why they reject women. You have several chances for a healthy relationship.