How Do Guys Feel When They See a Girl They Like (And Signs a Guy Knows They Like Them)

When guys see a girl that they like, does the inside of their mind play out like the emotions in the Pixar film, Inside Out? That is a good question indeed. A guy experiences several emotions when they see a girl that they like. To understand the signs if a guy knows that they like a girl, you have clicked on the right article. Here’s everything that you need to know about a guy’s feelings.

How Do Guys Feel When a Girl Says She Likes Him?

Confused. Bewildered. A mixed bag of emotions. Guys are not sure how to react when a girl says that they like them because they are unsure if they reciprocate the same feelings. 

One feeling that goes through their mind is if they have taken notice of them before. Does he feel attracted? We are all different, so guys have several varying feelings. If physical attraction didn’t meet, then that makes a guy’s thought process difficult. Physically attraction means everything to a guy. 

What Runs Through a Guys Mind if a Girl Tells Him That She Likes Him?

While they are working on what to say next, guys actually feel really good – but only if he likes her back. If the girl expects an answer and he does not respond it’s likely she’ll get’s angry or respond with any kind of negative emotions.

In fact, here a few things that a guy wishes that a girl knew.

  • Guys are at a Loss with Female Emotions

Boys are just as emotional as girls, but most of the time, they don’t show their emotions. That’s a reason behind why guys are confused about the way girls emote. 

  • Guys Actually Worry Over Their Physical Appearance

That’s right, ladies, you’re not the only ones who worry about their physical appearance. Guys also worry about their hair, weight, skin, and even their clothes.

  • They Actually Don’t Care About How You Look

So, instead of caking your face with makeup, guys really don’t care about the way you look. So, avoid asking him opinion questions on what they think of your physical appearance. 

Signs a Guy Knows You Like Him

Ladies, instead of keeping yourselves up at night, wracking your brains over whether a guy likes you, take a look at these signs.

  • How Often Does He Talk to You?

Is this a guy who you talk to every day? Or is this someone who you have never talked to before and all of a sudden he started talking to you? The first sign a guy knows that you like him is if they/you talk to him more. He is not interested in you if he stops talking to you.

  • Nervous When He is Around You

When a guy knows that you like him, he is nervous to be around you. Sure, he tries everything to keep his composure, but he cannot help but stutter his words and avoid eye contact. He is not sure what to do next once he knows that you like him.

  • Texts You Late at Night

Why did he just send you a text at 11 p.m.? Does he want to clear up questions on tomorrow’s history exam? Yes, that is possible, but when a guy knows you like him, they want to talk to you more. So, be prepared for late-night texts. 

  • Invites You to Group Events

Normally, you would never find yourself going to a basketball game at school. But, what the heck? He is asking you to hang out at group events. A guy knows that you like him because he wants to spend more time with you. Sure, it’s with other people, but it’s a step.

  • He Shares Personal Thoughts With You

Guys showing emotion is a big moment. Because of societal norms, guys are not comfortable showing their feelings in public, especially around their male friends. A guy knows that you like him when they don’t have a problem with sharing personal stories with you.

  • Listen to the Jokes He Makes

Jokes are one of the common conversations that guys like to dictate. Because they are unsure about what to say next, they will tell a joke. In this joke, did he call you his ‘girlfriend’? Make no mistake, that is a clear sign that he knows that you like him. 

  • Inviting You to ‘Hang Out’

Unlike the scenario where he invites you to hang out with him and his friends, instead he asks you to hang out just with him. Let’s talk about this term ‘hang out’. Nobody else is around, the two of you are alone, and you’re going somewhere. That’s almost like a date. And then while you are out on this date he mentioned that he is single. 

  • Helps You Solve Problems

Another telltale sign that a guy knows that you like him is if he helps you out – a lot. Acts of kindness are one of the telltale signs of love. When a guy is eager to assist you – like when you drop your books in the hallway of the school, he is demonstrating that he cares about you. Be aware of the way he responds to you. 

  • Wants to Meet Up All the Time

You know a guy receiprocates your feelings when they find every means necessary to meet up with you. It’s nice. As you grow older, the more your days get packed. When a guy makes time for you, that is something special. The more time you spend together, he gets to know you to see what you like. 

  • He Shows Up at Your Favorite Places?

At this point you should not be surprised if he shows up to your favorite place. He is expressing his interest in your or your hobby. He’s checking in with you to see how you are doing or just to see you. 

Should a Woman State Her Feelings to a Man?

Yes, women should tell a guy how she feels. You’re not getting any younger. It could take guys years to finally tell you that they like you. Of course, every romantic situation is different where he may not even know about your feelings.

The main reason why women don’t act upon their feelings is because of societal norms. It’s always been the guy who asks out the girl. Even on the media. Women believe that guys should be the ones to ask. 

We’re not going to stop you if you want to tell your crush that you like him. It all varies on your relationship with the guy. First, study your relationship. Have you seen any of the signs that he might like you? 

Ladies, if you are going to tell a guy how you feel about them, listen to this feedback. 

  • Be Confident

It will scary. Just saying that. But once everything is out on the table, it will feel so enlightening. Don’t keep quiet about your feelings. You have a right to speak. Eventually, you have to get over your own fears and talk to the guy about how you feel. Because he is also nervous to talk about his feelings. 

  • There is No Need to Obsess

Obsessing over your feelings is not healthy for you. Besides, you can not dwell over this situation your entire life. Don’t play by the game. Better yet, don’t go by societal norms. The world, including rules about gender have changed. 

  • Avoid Stressing Yourself Out

You are more important than anyone in the entire world. Stressing yourself out is dangerous. It is easy to get sick, forget to eat, and lose sleep over this matter. Don’t stress out about who he is talking to and never assume anything. 

If a Guy Knows You Like Him but Doesn’t Do Anything

Relationships take time and patience. That’s why you have to work to see if the guy likes you. It’s frustrating when the guy is oblivious or he won’t do anything. Here’s what you can do to make everything less awkward. 

  • Stay Calm

Yes, you need to stay calm. This is not the time to explode like a volcano because he refuses to tell you how he feels. Speak in a calmly manner to him and have friendly conversations. Once you are alone together then that is a chance to spark the question. 

When you find out that your crush knows you like him, don’t let this change your relationship into something awkward and unpleasant. 


Remember that he is nervous, too. Many of the same things that make you nervous most likely make him nervous. Because he is aware that you like him, he gets a few butterflies in his stomach when he talks to you. Keeping this in mind. It can make it much easier to talk with him. It’s actually better when he is nervous, too because you can lay everything out on the table.