How Long Does it Take a Guy to Realize He Misses You?

Did you just break-up with a guy and now you’re wondering if they miss you. Don’t worry, you are not alone. All relationships are different. In this article, we will explain how long it takes for a guy to realize that he misses you. Take notes, and breathe. 

The Exact Amount of Time

The exact amount of time varies. Sometimes a guy will call you the very next day or they will wait a week or two. Or in some cases, one to six months. Most men won’t instantly regret the break-up with you. 

5 Tips to Know When a Guy Regrets Losing You

If you want to know if a guy regrets losing you, look at these crucial signs.

Has He Been Quieter Than Usual?

After the break-up, you have likely reduced contact with one another. However, if this is a person that you occasionally see (ex. school) you’ll notice that he is quieter than usual. He doesn’t converse as much with his mutual friends. He may be faking that he is having a good time so he won’t give off the vibe. Watch his behavior closely. Guys are good at keeping their feelings behind a mask in public.

Conflicted Emotions: Too Happy

Well, someone looks a little too happy, don’t they? Especially after ending a serious relationship. Don’t take that as they have moved on. If he makes a big scene to everyone or constantly posts about the happy things in his life, that is a sign that he misses you. It is easy to see through this facade. 

Another Text From Him

Your phone just buzzed – again. Oh, look, another text from him. Guys who keep checking up on you after ending the relationship are worried about you. He will find all kinds of ways to talk to you – be it in public or on the phone. As an alternative, he will check in with your friends to see how you are doing. Once he knows how you are feeling, he regrets what he did to hurt you. 

Making Changes for You

Most relationships end because there is something that you did not like about him. Next time you see him, there is something different. His hair, his attitude, or the way he thinks. That is a clear sign of regret. Because he knows you, he knows how to win you back. It may not be a direct romantic gesture but at least he is trying to change whether it is for you or himself.

Says That He is Sorry

A sign that a guy regrets losing you is that he apologizes. He is sorry that he hurt you. A guy who opens up and shares his feelings is someone who realizes that he misses you. It takes time, but eventually, they will come around after having time to think. 

How Guys Behave When They Are Hurt

It’s tough to know how a guy is feeling. For men, emotions are their enemy. Some men think that crying makes them inferior. However, here are a few signs of behavior when a guy is hurt. 

Avoiding Conversation About the Break-Up

Most ex-couples want to talk about the breakup to vent their feelings to someone. However, if the guy is avoiding the topic when asked, he regrets it. Avoiding talking about the break-up is a sign that he is hurting. Talking about the break-up even with one of his closest friends causes him great pain. 

Easily Get Flustered

Someone asks them a simple question about what they would like to include with their meal and a bolt of lightning comes out of their mouth. They don’t mean it, they are just annoyed. Getting annoyed or flustered at anything is a sign that a guy is hurt. 

Set Themselves Up for Failure on Purpose

People do things that they would never do when upset. Because the emotions have built up, it resorts to passive-aggressive behavior. This means that they will fail to things that they’re supposed to do on purpose.

Find a Hobby

Did they have a hobby during the relationship? A sign that a guy is hurt is when they begin a new hobby. It is to distract themselves from the pain they’re feeling. They become obsessed with this hobby. So obsessed that they spend less time partaking in normal routine activities and decide to eat, drink, and watch TV.

Withdraw from Communication

Guys who feel emotional, avoid communication. Because they don’t understand these feelings, reaching out to their close friends or family is difficult. They still may talk, but they won’t join in the conversation as much. Sometimes they will only respond in one to two-letter words. 

How Do You Know if a Guy is Really Sorry

Apologies won’t come around the very next day. Be patient because it takes time for a guy to say that they are sorry. However, sometimes they are not sorry. What are the signs to tell that he really is sorry so you won’t fall for anything? Take a look at these signs on how to know if a guy is sorry.

Mistakes Are Not Repeated

When a guy is sorry, they don’t repeat the same mistakes. If he regrets what he has done instead of forgetting about it, he is truly sorry. He wants to change – for you.

He is Aware

Guys who are not aware of the situation are so annoying. But guys that are aware of the situation are better. A guy who knows what he is sorry for and relaying the situation is genuine. Sorry means sorry when you know what you did. Pay attention to what he says in his apology and then you can take things from there.

Offering to Do Something

When a guy is telling you that he is sorry he usually offers to do something for you. But if it’s this line, “What can I do to make it better,” watch out. A guy who offers to do things for you or to make it up to you are genuinely sorry. If he agrees to do the thing that destroyed the relationship, his apology is sincere.

Asking for Forgiveness

When a man says “please, forgive me,” it means that he is sorry. By openly asking you for your forgiveness, then he means his apology. 

It’s All About You

Watch closely for these signs during the apology. He makes it all about you and he is willing to give you the time to process. Accept that. A guy who asks for your forgiveness right away is not sorry. A guy who is centering the apology around you is not thinking about himself. He makes no excuses. 

Do Guys Mean it When They Say Sorry?

Although a guy says that he is sorry, does he mean it? Relationships are tough because it tests your ability to trust. Don’t automatically give him another chance when he says that he is sorry. Take time to analyze when he says and his behavior. Take a look at these important tips when a guy means that they are sorry. 

Tip 1: He Gives You an Actual Apology

A guy should not say ‘sorry’ just to say it. He should know what he is saying ‘sorry’ for. If he has no idea what he is apologizing for he does not mean it. A guy who owns up to mistakes and how he made you feel. Acknowledging the fact that hurt you is a sincere apology. He will take steps to prevent it from ever happening again.

Tip 2: He Asks for Your Input

Because you were in a relationship, this apology is not just about him. If he asks to know how you are feeling, then he is being sincere. Men who ignore your feelings and tell you that you are overreacting do not respect how you feel. Therefore, the apology is not from the heart. 

Tip 3: There’s No Anger in His Voice

Listen to the way he talks to you. Guys who are angry when apologizing is not sorry. They are still mad that the relationship ended. Guys who do not rush an apology and have a sincere, calm voice mean what they say. Don’t take immediate apologies either. 

Tip 4: No Excuses

A guy who makes excuses and accuses you of something that you did not do is not an apology. When a guy explains that he did not mean to hurt you, he is expressing a real apology. He wants to find a resolution to find a way to make the relationship work again.

Tip 5: No Playing Fields

Guys will try to bring you down more with whatever apology they come up with. Listen if he brings up a fault or one of the betrayals from the relationship. Do not let this ‘apology’ go any further if he blames you for being a terrible girlfriend who ended the relationship. He is not being sincere.