How to Clear Clogged Pores Using Steam?

Clearing clogged pores using steam has been around since the ancient times in Greece. It has been said to restore and rejuvenate for centuries, and many people still utilize this all natural technique today.

It is important to know that water should be heated to at least 110 degrees in order to make your face hot enough to sweat, but you do not want to heat it so that you scald your face with the steam. The steam will help you to relax while it unclogs pores, adds cleansing moisture and removes impurities. Steaming will create a natural glow, it is known to fight against breakouts from acne and improve circulation to the face. When followed by an ice treatment your face will be clean, tight and rejuvenated.

While steaming is a part of a professional facial spa treatment it can also be done at home. It is inexpensive and beneficial. The great thing is that it only takes a few minutes. You will need a towel, a bowl of ice and a pot of hot steaming water. You can add ingredients if you choose but it is not a requirement.

What are The Benefits of Steaming the Face

Again, it is a rejuvenating, acne fighting, inexpensive way to get a healthy glow and improve circulation. When the moisture makes facial contact the layers of dead skin on the surface is softened. The dead cells are removed, and any bacteria, dirt etc. is removed. If you use products on your skin steaming will help them to be absorbed better.

Warning: Sever acne can be made worse by steaming. Those with rosacea and other skin conditions need to consult with their dermatologist before undergoing a steaming regime. Skin ailments that may be prone to get worse by increased circulation or sweating and those who have fungal infections should never steam without checking with their doctor first. .

Blood circulation is enhanced through the steaming process. The body’s natural response will be to sweat. This will remove toxins and waste from your skin and face. The glow you get from steaming will be amazing.

Facial Steaming at Home

You can buy a number of items to aid in home steaming. The truth is that you only need hot water though. Still, there is a wrong way and a right way to steam your face and open your pores.

What to Look Out For

The temperature of the water is critical. You want it around 110 degrees F or 43 degrees C. Scalding in many instances will lead to scarring. You want to move towards the steam slowly and do not get too close to it. Twelve to eighteen inches is plenty close enough to get a good steam treatment. Too much heat can also lead to broken capillaries.

How to Steam Effectively

Start with a clean canvas. Wash and dry your face well. Go ahead and get everything that you will need together, and add any ingredients that you may have chosen to add to your steam treatment. If you do not have a device for facial steaming then heat the water to the recommended temperature and remove it from the pot to a bowl.

It is best if you have long hair to pull it back. The towel will be used as a tent for your head and the bowl of hot water. Slowly bring your face to the steam but no closer than 12 to 18 inches. Cover your head with the towel while your face hovers over the bowl in the steam. You will need to stay like this for around 7 minutes, so get comfortable. You do not want to exceed 7 minutes or steam more than once a week as it can be harmful rather than helpful.