How to Successfully Slide Into Your Celebrity Crush DM

It’s every fan’s top dream come true: getting the attention of their celebrity crush and having the digital proof of it to show their friends. Every day, hundreds of fans slide into their celebrity crushes’ DMs via Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Once in a blue moon, you’ll hear stories of celebs replying. 

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Wild, right? It’s hard to imagine, but many top celebrities still use their own social media and respond to their fans once in a blue moon. Want to get a chance to slide into the DM and actually get a positive reply? Here’s what works and what doesn’t, according to fans we interviewed that did it before. 

Before You Slide

There are really three major phases of getting a good slide into a celebrity’s DM: the prep, the actual sliding, and the aftermath. Prepping yourself for a DM slide is an art in and of itself, especially if you want to leave a good impression on the celebrity of your choice. 

The number one rule of the game is to show your social media personality in a way that’s as attractive as humanly possible. What does this mean? Doing the following can help:

  • Make sure the photos you post are attractive ones, and if you’re really serious about your DM, start taking better care of yourself. People like to see attractive people, and if your looks are on point, you will be more likely to see a response to your DM. If you haven’t already, glam it up!
  • Have photos that show you living your best life. When dealing with celebrities, it’s important to show you can hang and that you’re on the upswing of life. Most famous people want to talk to people who can handle life on their level. So, make a point of showing you know how to rock. 
  • Delete any posts that make you seem unstable, obsessive, or hateful. If there is anything celebrities hate, it’s seeing people who appear to be drama magnets. If your social media profile makes you look unstable or otherwise emotionally stunted, they will not respond. Cleaning up your profile is a good way to make this happen. 
  • Ask yourself if you would date you. Celebrities, even C-listers, have their pick of people. What this means for you, is that you’re going to compete with a bunch of others for attention. Be honest with yourself; would you date you? If not, change the dealbreakers before you hit up your celebrity fave. 

Sliding Into A Celebrity’s DMs: The Mentality

It’s important to remember that not all celebrities manage their social media. In fact, some might not be behind their social media brand at all! When they are in charge of their media, they are often so inundated with messages that they can’t keep up. 

Knowing this, it’s important to get into the right mindset before you approach them. Here are some things to take into consideration:

  • Don’t have a meltdown if they don’t reply. You never know why they didn’t reply. It might not be them on the other end of that phone. They might have a policy where they don’t actually respond to DMs anymore. So, don’t take it personally. It’s probably not you.
  • Recognize that they are public figures, but respect their need for space. Even celebs like a little privacy, so don’t be prying about their lives or get weird on them. It might scare them away. 
  • Be realistic about who you’re approaching. A gay icon will not want a girlfriend. A straight icon is not going to look for a gay lover. Someone who is married probably doesn’t want to find a new spouse. Be realistic about your intentions and what you can accomplish. 
  • And just make it enjoyable. People will always react well to a compliment and just being told they are awesome. Asking simple questions about their favorite movie scenes or similar lighthearted topics will give you more replies than darker statements. So, have fun with it.

Sliding Into A Celebrity’s DMs: What To Say

What you say can make all the difference when it comes to a successful DM slide. After all, it’s your first impression. These guidelines will help you make more impact:

  • Don’t just say “Hey.” Yes, short and sweet is great, but you still should add one to two sentences. Otherwise, you’ll be more likely to be ignored. 
  • Desperation and demands are not going to get you anywhere. Don’t act like a desperate suitor who begs for attention. Oh, and don’t beg your celebrity crush for money and connects. It looks terrible!
  • Start with a compliment on their work or a recent post. Your ideal goal here is to start a conversation. Even if it’s a simple “Thanks” you get, it’s a way to kick off a convo that might end in flirting. 
  • Getting sexual really quick is a hard NO. Celebrities get dozens of these messages every day. Doing this will just make them realize that you’re not worth their time. 
  • Actually, in most cases, it’s better to let the celebrity make the first sexual move. This way, you won’t make things awkward in the event that they aren’t interested. 
  • Use proper spelling and grammar. Intelligence is sexy! Grammarly is a thing!
  • If you want to, ask for advice. You’d be surprised at how many celebrities will be happy to offer you something. 

After First Contact: What To Do

The first contact is usually a make or break, and at the very least, you can be proud to say you shot your shot. If your conversation with your celebrity was a success, you might be able to meet up with them or keep your flirting up. 

On the other hand, if you just had a conversation that fell flat or went nowhere, it’s wise to just take pride in the fact that you tried. Most people wouldn’t have gotten that far simply because they may have been too shy or intimidated to try. All things considered, there’s no shame in giving your celebrity crush a shot.