How to Treat Scaly Skin Caused by Large Clogged Pores?

Clogged pores are relentless with the things that follow, and scaly skin can be one of the worst! The first thing that you need to recognize is that if you have clogged pores you have to clean the skin better, deeper and more often. You also have to exfoliate your skin.

When oil clogs your pores and hardens along with dead cells and debris then you can be headed for big trouble, and this includes scarring or scaly skin. Extraction of these clogs is critical, and exfoliation is the only real way to achieve smooth and clear skin again. The good news is that it won’t cost a fortune and it can be done at home.

Make sure that you are washing your face really well, using a cleanser specific to your skin type. Blot your face dry and move on to the steaming phase.

You do not want boiling water, but you do want steaming water. The temperature should never exceed 110 degrees F, and when steaming you will want to ease into the vapors not getting closer than 12 to 18 inches from the water. Scalding can lead to scaring, and this we want to avoid. Let your face hover above the steam with a towel tented over your head to keep it in and targeted to your face. Do not exceed 10 minutes under the towel tent in the steam. If it gets too hot go ahead and stop the treatment. This is a great way to unblock and detoxify the skin. It also opens up your pores. Blot your face dry after steaming.

Unwrap a cotton ball and then wrap it around your fingertips. Use the protected fingertips to gently squeeze any plugs or clogs that you may have. After you have removed the clogs then wash your face with a good, hypoalerginic and oil free cleanser and follow with a cold water rinse to reclose the pores. Some even dip their face in ice water. Blot dry and follow up with an all-natural tonic or toner for your face. Remember, the best ones will be made right in your kitchen.

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This can be done 1 to 2 times a week, and you can also use homemade exfoliation techniques using 1 tbsp. of baking soda to 2 tbsp. of water blended well and applied to the face in a gentle circular motion for 2 to 5 minutes followed by a warm rinse.

Lemon juice and water is also a good method of cleansing and minimizing scarring from clogged pores. You will allow this to dry on your face and wash and rinse well afterwards, blotting dry of course.

There are a plethora of home remedies that really work well at home, you can even make pore strips at home. The thing is finding the solutions that will work the best for you and your skin. Do not hesitate to experiment until you have found the perfect blend of natural home remedies for your clogged pores. It is not only healthier and cheaper than harsh chemicals and treatments, but it is a very effective way to get results without the hassle or risk of nasty side effects.