Is It Normal For Your Boyfriend To Talk To a Female Friend Every Day?

Oh, the dating world. It’s filled with wonderful romantic moments that you will treasure forever. Except, the dating world is also the most stressful process. What does it mean when your boyfriend talks to a female friend every day? Is it something that I should worry about? Here is everything that you should know about your boyfriend’s friendship with a female friend.

Do I Need to Worry?

No, it is not unusual for your boyfriend to talk to a female friend every day. It is a normal thing. Guys are allowed to have platonic relationships with females. Having platonic relationships is okay. If you have any doubts, continue to read this article. 

What Does it Mean When Your Boyfriend Has a Lot of Female Friends?

There are a lot of men who have female friends. Some for specific reasons. It could mean that he is great at talking to girls (AKA a charmer). 

Why Your Boyfriend Needs Female Friends

Once you get to the middle school years, dating surfaces. Immediately after a boy and girl talk to each other everyone assumes that you are going out. It’s perfectly okay to be friends with the opposite gender. A guy needs a break from his guy friends. Why is that?

  1. Easier to Relate To

Guys are not open with their emotions. Sometimes guys need the opposite gender to rant to. Or be comfortable showing emotion. It’s easier for men to find things in common with women. Women are more likely to give men a chance. Guy friends are judgmental and possessive. Women are easier to talk to because they understand how hard it is.

  1. Men Understand Women

Guys who are friends with girls are lucky. It’s a free education on how women think and act. They’ll get a lesson behind what ‘fine’ really means. It’s a chance to learn about mood swings and understand what you want. If you’ve been looking for a guy that gets you, this sort of boyfriend is your best chance.

  1. Respect to Women

In the dating world, respect is the #1 element to be aware of. Women do not want to date men if they have no respect. A guy who is friends with a woman is a good sign because you know that you can trust them. That means it’s a good signal that you can date them.

  1. Be The First to Give Advice

Friends listen. Before the guy makes the move, he can run it by his friend to see if he is wrong. Female friends don’t have an issue with telling their male friends of their screw-ups. That’s why guys like to have female friends. Anger is a difficult emotion so they can have it explained to them. Girls are not afraid to tell him what he needs to do to fix issues.

  1. Make Sure They Give You an Apology

The relationship is over if the guy refuses to give an apology. Or see what he was in trouble for in the first place. They are the first to know how inexcusable a mumbled “I’m sorry” is. Female friends coach him through how to give a sincere apology, and then how to make up for it.

  1. More Relaxed

The dating world is filled with tons of anxiety. Because guys have female friends, they are more relaxed around you. Compare your last relationship. Was your ex relaxed around you? If guys having a female friend makes them more relaxed, then maybe it’s time to consider getting a male friend.

  1. Increase of Confidence

Guys tend to be insecure if they are not around women much. They’ll either overcompensate or they won’t be open because they are so shy. Guys with female friends are more confident. Strange, but it is true. He knows how to act around women because of this friendship. 

  1. You’re the One He Wants

That’s the best part. When you know that this friendship that he has with the female friend, then you can be more relaxed. He chooses you at the end of the day. Accept that, understand that men and women can be friends, and be happy. 

Is It Okay if They Talk Every Day?

Yes, it is okay for them to talk but it depends on what they talk about. It may take some time for you to get used to this friendship. You need to make it your priority to accept instead of remaining paranoid. 

But, there are a few signs that you need to be on the lookout for if your boyfriend and his female friend are too close. 

  1. Not Including You

There’s no reason for him to not want to spend time with you. As the girlfriend, they want to do things with you and only you. If your boyfriend would rather spend time with his female friend, that is a sign to worry. 

If his interactions with his female friends never include you, that is a problem. He should be trying to get to know you better, rather than spending time with his female friend. 

  1. He’s Not Communicating with You

Your boyfriend must be there for you. Not 24-7, but reasonably whenever you need him. Texting his female friend while he is with you is not okay. If this happens regularly, then he might be closer to them than he’s letting on. Instead of ignoring it, you need to talk to him. As a couple, you need to be open about your feelings. 

  1. Noticeable Signs of Flirting

Keep an eye on any flirtatious behavior whether it is from your boyfriend or his female friend. Constantly bringing up his exes is not what you would call moving on. He is in a relationship with you. That is not right if they refuse to let go of the past. 

  1. They Have History

Your boyfriend who has a history with this female friend is not a good sign. Unless they realized that they are better friends than being a couple, then it’s okay. Be aware of the way they’re behaving with each other is appropriate. 

If you feel uncomfortable talk to him. You need his reassurance that nothing is going to happen again. Tell him how you feel about her if she is not being a good friend to you.

  1. Do They Even Like You?

In a relationship, it is important for couples to like each other. That’s the only way a relationship will work out. Be suspicious if his female friends does not like you. And they have to have a reason. Jealousy is usually one of them. 

They are not happy that you are the new girlfriend. Look at it this way. Because this female friend is a part of his life, now you are a part of her life. Be careful around them because they might have their way plan to split your relationship apart.

  1. Have Other People Noticed?

Don’t ignore friends or family’s comments if they notice that something is up. People who look in from the outside who notice things that you have not detected are essential. Some examples of noticeable signs are subtle flirting or negative comments thrown towards you. Take a look at the facts and assess if you need to do anything about it.

  1. Active on Social Media

Social media stores a person’s entire life. And you also get a look at who your boyfriend follows. If you notice that they are constantly tagging one another in posts or photos, that is something to worry about. Again, this is not a time to bottle everything up. Talk to your boyfriend about why they have so many posts with their female friend. 

  1. Unnecessary Hissy Fits

A guy’s female friends have no right to throw tantrums or demand anything from your boyfriend if they would rather spend their time with you. Besides what do they care about. You’re his girlfriend after all. Don’t accept this sort of behavior if it occurs. Talk about how it makes you feel to your boyfriend. And if you can, talk to the friend.

  1. They Upset When They Have a Boyfriend

On a day that you guys are going to spend a romantic time together, your boyfriend bursts into your house in an angry fit. Their female friend has a boyfriend. And why does this make them angry? It should not make them angry. This is a great sign that your boyfriend would rather be with their female friend than you. 

  1. Refused to Confide in You

A healthy relationship involves being open about your feelings. No, you don’t have to tell each other everything, but you should have an understanding. If your boyfriend has been telling his female friend instead, that is a red flag. 

It’s better to have everything in the open so you can help each other. If he’s running to his female friends to talk about his stress over you maybe you should not be in a relationship with him at all.