Ten Risks of Having Too Much Sex

For years it has been stated that sex is healthy and beneficial for you. Now there are reports that having too much sex can pose health risks and hazards. While it doesn’t mean you should stop enjoying playtime under the covers, you should consider some of the risks you may be vulnerable to if you have too much sex. Here are the ten risks you should consider from having too much sex.

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  1. Your acrobats can cause lower back pain. It’s fun to try different positions and not be boring but all those freaky moves you’ve been trying on a daily basis can trigger lower back pain. Also, constant ramming and thrusting can cause pain at the spine if done too often. Next time, try a position that requires slower thrusting and movement. You can build the intensity for a heightened orgasm.
  2. Wonder where that bruise or rug burn is from? Being constantly on your back or on your knees can and will eventually earn you bruises or rug burns. If you are always going to engage in some sort of sexual activity multiple times in a day, make sure to not use the same positions over and over.
  3. You can become dehydrated. All that sweating will deplete and dehydrate you. As with any other sport, keep hydrated and drink lots of water!
  4. You can pull muscles. Since sex is a physical activity, you can increase your chances of pulling a muscle. Yes it’s not as strenuous as say, powerlifting but constant sexual activity can run a higher risk of pulling something.
  5. Women can feel swelling or soreness. Having excessive or rough sex multiple times in a day can cause vaginal swelling or soreness. The constant friction and penetration can cause what is known as vaginal excoriation which means the scraping of the vaginal wall. So if you’re feeling a little raw down there ladies, it may be time for a break!
  6. Women are also more prone to UTI’s (urinary tract infection). If you’ve ever had an UTI you know how uncomfortable and painful they are. One easy way to avoid this is to urinate after sex. By emptying the bladder you’ll rid your body of bacteria. Also remember to stay hydrated!
  7. You can suffer damage nerve damage. Constant and direct stimulation can lead to nerve damage. While it can be pleasurable, try and pace yourself. If you find direct stimulation to be too overwhelming or you need a break, try indirect ways of foreplay.
  8. You can suffer decreased sensitivity which may result in harder to reach climaxes. For women, nerve sensations can become dull, leading to longer times before reach climax. For men, the depletion of sperm and semen can lead to longer sessions before orgasm. Some advice, take a power nap to get your energy levels back!
  9. Women can become dry which causes painful sex. Too much sex can cause lack of natural lubricants formed by the body. If you find this true, have some lubrication on hand to avoid irritation and chafing.
  10. Women can be more prone to infections. Constant sex can cause tiny abrasions along the vaginal wall which can allow bacteria to get to into the body. This can mean things such as yeast infections. So stay lubricated and also make sure to be hygienic.

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