The Realities of Dating Someone Well Endowed

Are you involved with someone with a large penis? There you go girly! You are in for a great time. Your sex life is undoubtedly going to be the bomb. However, you should know that being well endowed could be a big problem if you don’t know how to handle the situation. So as you drool away at the size of your man’s zipper, there are things you should know about dating guys that are so endowed. You have to be preparing for the pleasure and learn how to avoid the pains that come with the big size. The following tips will help see you through the big size challenge!

Girl on Top Is A Recommended Go To

Generally, the girl-on-top position is the recommended and great way to enjoy slight controlled penetration, with moves like a reverse cowgirl when you are over your guy. This way you are in-charge and control the depth of penetration. So if you feel uncomfortable, you can always adjust the length you are receiving. 

Take Time to Figure out the Best Sex Position That Suits His Size

Be sure to know the sex positions that make every sex fun with a well-endowed male. Some positions elevate sex with men with a smaller sized penis, likewise, for men with the larger size. Standing doggy style is perfect for men with the bigger size, to push it in, have him penetrate from behind, opening your leg a bit for smooth passage, with you leaning on a piece of furniture or the wall for support facing the same direction as the guy.

Don’t Be Scared To Take Control 

This might sound a bit harsh, but having sex with this endowed guy isn’t just fun. If it’s excruciating going down with this huge guy, maybe it’s just the right time to loosen up things. If you have emotions for him and this guy is your committed boyfriend, breaking up won’t be the ideal thing to do, just because he has a big and painful dick. Try practicing other ways to please, like doing more of the oral sex, using sex toys rather than intercourse. But if there is no severe affair between you two, and you are not enjoying sex with him. Get things clear and breakup, what else could be enjoyable in the hookup—if the sex part is painful! Say what you feel in the relationship and let him know that being endowed is not an option here.

Never Joke With Lubrication 

Lubricaation is designed for all age types, both big or small! So don’t ignore using them when you go down on a guy that is well endowed. you should enjoy using the lube irrespective of the dick size, be it big or small. When it comes to your heavenly endowed guy with the enormous penis, don’t be embarrassed to load up on your lube and to reload through the sex time subsequently. It will help make passage and the whole process a lot easier and enjoyable.

Warn Him When He Becomes Too Proud Of Himself

Generally, this may not be same for all individuals, guys with the more prominent penis size can sometimes be too proud of their cock. Both men and women alike idolize the larger penises in our society, because of that, this might have in one way, and the other had an impact on his ego. Don’t let comments like “you are lucky to have me around” get to your heart unless you are into such dude.

Ensure To Communicate During Sex

Feel free to talk during sex. If the discomfort and pains get worst, ensure to let him know it’s no longer fun. Always be ready to tell them when something is working or isn’t working, you could even come up with a safe sign. Guys with big cork could often become overwhelming in bed, Remember; you too have some share of charge. When you both know and practice the perfect techniques, every intercourse becomes pleasure packed.

The following tips will see you through the challenging difficulties of dating someone endowed. Make sure you find a way to be comfortable around your guy and enjoy it while it lasts.