What Color Bra Do Guys Like the Most?

You’re going on your next date with your new boyfriend. As you’re getting ready that’s when you start to wonder. What color bra do guys like the most? Does it matter what kind of bra you are wearing? Better yet, do guys even notice? 

What Color Bra Do Guys Like?

Guys like bras that are pure white, black, red, or pink. These are their favorite colors because it symbolizes maturity, confidence, and sexuality. Guys don’t like soft bra colors because then it makes women look immature. So, ladies, upon deciding your next bra, here’s what you should know about men’s taste. 

  • Are There Any Bra Colors I Should Avoid?

We’re glad that you asked. because there are bra colors that don’t excite the male eye. For example, guys are not fond of cream, beige, and gray-colored bras. All men have different tastes. Okay, it’s not a first date conversation but once you have gone out on a few more dates and you are getting closer, it’s okay to start experimenting. 

What Kind of Bra do Guys Prefer?

You would never think to ask men fashion questions. Surprisingly, men have a taste for what lingerie they see their women wearing. Most men (or 31% according to studies) prefer women in push-up bras. Some have no preferences, but the bra that men have the least interest in is a sports bra. 

It’s the seams that guys prefer. The seams project a bra. The visibility of seams depends on a lot of aspects of the bra. Certain brands of bras are harder to access. Depending on fabrics and what color the tops are, have a bra that fits women comfortably is a better decision than what the male gaze has to say.

Do Guys Like to See Bra Straps?

It elicits an exciting feeling. But is the bra strap showing by accident or is the woman doing it on purpose to turn them on? As you may have noticed, guys don’t just stare at a woman’s bra strap, but also accessories dangling near a bra strap. 

The bra strap is one of the most important parts of a bra. The straps hold the bra in place. They’re wondering what color your bra is and what kind it is. Seeing bra straps is an attraction in the male gaze because they are thin, shiny, and color. 

  • What to Do in These Situations

Ladies, it’s up to you how you prefer to dress. If you are trying to get the guy’s attention or if you would rather have full eye contact the whole night than dress accordingly. 

Here’s something that you should do to challenge the guy when you see him staring at your bra strap. Stare back at him, almost in an intimidating way. Once he catches your gaze, he gets the message, diverting his eyes in the opposite direction.

  • Is It Okay to Show My Bra Straps?

If you are wearing the correct straps in the right situation, it is okay to show your bra straps. However, all women have contrasting preferences so it is a better idea to be respectful. You don’t want anybody getting the wrong message about you. Especially in work environments. So, think carefully in scenarios when you are out on a date with a guy.

As we mentioned, bra straps are the most important part of the bra. You have to think about yourself. Without the straps then you are not being supported. Keep your breasts aligned so they won’t droop. 

What Do Guys Think When They See Bra Straps?

“Is she doing this on purpose?” “I wonder what kind of bra she is wearing.” “Should I reach out and help her with her bra strap because it is loose on her shoulder?”

These are only three thoughts of hundreds that fly through a guy’s mind when they see a women’s bra strap. They are also thinking about what kind of person you are. Depending on the image that women display, whether intelligent or flirty, seeing the bra strap messes with the guy’s mind. 

How Do Guys Feel About Push-up Bras?

Guys LOVE push-up bras. Okay, maybe we shouldn’t enunciate it like that, but the push-up bra is a favorite in the male perspective. They suit women comfortably. 

However, women, you should know that the push-up bra is not safe and has some negative effects. Here are five reasons why a push-up bra is not comfortable to wear.

  • Damages the Shape

Wearing push-up bra damages the shape because it puts pressure on the lower breast tissues. It’s not okay when breast tissue separates from the main body tissue. The breasts sag, ruining the shape. Push-up bras only temporarily make the shape better.

  • Cause Problems with Sleep

Sleep is a priority. We all need our sleep. Did you know that wearing a push-up bra messes up your sleep schedule? Because of its design and restrictions, wearing this bra leads to sleep disorders.

  • Increased Risk of Breast Cancer

Because push-up bras cause constant pressure and realign the shape of your breasts, there is a good risk of breast cancer. If you see that your bra leaves behind red marks after taking it off, avoid wearing push-up bras. Because these bras are pressing roughly against your skin the material cuts off vital nutrients for the lymphatic and circulatory system. 

  • Causes Permanent Damage to Breast Tissue

Wearing push-up bras causes permanent damage to breast tissue. Because they press against the chest, there is a good chance that it will separate from the main tissue of the body.

  • Lumps Form

As you grow older, women need to look out for their breasts more. Lumps could form leading to cancer. Because of the push-up bras’ unnatural design, they restrict lymph liquid. Lumps form leading to cysts in the breasts.

Do Guys Like Unlined Bras?

Some guys don’t have a preference, but yes guys do like unlined bras. Out of all women’s bras, unlined bras is one of the most popular categories. However, most women don’t like unlined bras because they are uncomfortable and the cups don’t line up. Some find them comfortable because they are cooler and more lightweight.

Women have different breast formation, shapes, and sizes. Although guys like these bras, it’s up to women if they would like to wear them. There are plenty of unlined bras that fit women’s shape, but not all of them have a well-rounded shape. 


Wear whatever you are comfortable with wearing. Remind yourselves of the way you are dressing and what message you are sending to guys. And lookout for the health of your breasts. Don’t put yourself at a health risk just for the sake of getting attention from a guy. All male eyes have a different way of thinking, so plan your outfits accordingly. 

  • What Do Guys Think?

Oh, guys think completely different things about seeing or just women’s bras in general. You’ll be surprised, but here’s what guys think about bras.

  1. Men Don’t Notice Accessories

As much as you go to great lengths to put on a necklace, or a bracelet, or put on your best nail polish, guys are not going to notice that. However, some guys do take notice, but not all of them will care. Or we should say that they like women who take care of themselves, specifically women who keep themselves clean. 

  1. Men Like all Shapes and Sizes

Guys care about all shapes and sizes and not just about a woman’s boob size. They care about how you feel about your shape. Men like your positive attitude about your body. Buy a bra that makes you feel confident. Wearing the right bra makes a huge difference.

  1. Men Like The Real You

Don’t go to great lengths to change yourself just for the guy. Men know when you are being fake. Yes, they may not notice makeup, or all their attention may go to your bra strap, but do not wear tons of makeup that cake your face. Men are attracted to women who are confident with themselves. It’s about a positive mindset. 

  1. Men Care About Curvy Women

Yes, men indeed care about the shape of women, specifically if they are curvy. Ladies, here’s what you should know. Men want women who don’t care what a guy wants. Women should be comfortable in their skin no matter what size they are. 

So, women, stay healthy. There’s no need to go on a diet that you don’t need or run around the block until you collapse. Men care that you are healthy. Yes, some men have a preference for size, but that means you should find a guy who likes you for who you are.

  1. Men Like to See You Have Fun

Men like to see you have fun in what you wear. If you are comfortable, then they are comfortable. Bras will make the man crazy, but it’s all about how you feel. Make the right decisions in your appearance.