What to Expect During Labor and Delivery

Are you a first-time expectant mother? Come on board as we take you through what you are going to expect when you hit the labor room for your baby. 

A lot goes down in the labor room, and the period of delivery may be short in theory, but it is a long, long time for the mother. From the moment you feel your first contraction to when you hear your baby cry, a lot is going to go down, most of which you wouldn’t remember vividly, but you would surely love these moments. 

In this exciting piece, we are going to take you through what’s going to happen to you it is time to deliver your baby. You can keep mental notes to help you remember these occurrences and laugh at how you reacted to them when you were due.

Water Breaking

The fluid surrounding the baby will rupture leading to water rushing out through you. It feels like you are peeing gallons of water and with each contraction, more water forces its way out of your body. If you notice meconium in the fluid, it is the baby’s poop. So, let the doctors and midwives help you make sure the baby is well taken care of when it is finally out.

Throwing Up

During labor pains, you may throw up either because of the pain or because of the medication. Just keep in mind that this is possible.

The Epidural

You are given the epidural only when your dilation reaches a certain point. Epidural is administered because it can delay labor pains. Some hospitals don’t permit eating food while in labor, so you may have to take some food before heading to the hospital. However, not all hospitals allow taking of fluids, but if they do, you need to take them to avoid starving after giving birth.

Your Nurse

A nurse will be assigned to you, and she comes at intervals to check on you. If she doesn’t, you may be provided with a button to press to get her attention when there is a serious complaint. The hospital may practice a 12-hour shift so that you may see another nurse part of the day.

Zero Modesty

You will get used to lifting your clothes for inspection and pushing your baby during labor and giving birth. Your modesty will have to go since you will stay naked during the process. You will unconsciously adjust to this and even breastfeed the baby in public view.


Your baby may not come out after the first three push. Some women struggled for a long time before their babies came out. Push when you are sure your body is ready for it. The best way to do it is to push as though you want to poop.


This is the stage where your baby’s head passes through your opening. At this point, your muscles and skin stretch to their limit and you feel that sharp pain.

Seeing Your Baby

If you wish to see your baby immediately, tell the doctor or nurses about it. Your request may delay the weighing and cleaning of the baby, but that’s not a problem. If you give birth to a healthy baby, you can ask to do skin-to-skin.

 However, you cannot do that if there is meconium in the amniotic fluid that came out with the baby and they have to make sure the baby didn’t swallow any of it. Inform the nurses of anything you wish, but don’t get angry if your wishes are not granted. As long as your baby is healthy, you should be happy.

Sore Breast

You will feel soreness in your breast for some days after giving birth. Some recommend that putting cabbage on your breast can reduce the pain and enhance blood flow. This time breastfeeding could be a little painful, but you wouldn’t feel the pain when you see how beautiful your baby looks when he feeds.

You must be fascinated how the human body can do such amazing things like growing a baby, pushing it out, and then you watch the baby grow fast. This post is for you to get acquainted with what to expect during labor and delivery.