What to Know About Giving Birth the First Time

One of the few things in this life that is both common and personal is birth. No one can say for sure what is going to happen during birth. The only sure thing is that nothing is sure. However, there are some things that you should expect to happen, and they will happen if it’s your first time. This is not to deny that women have different experiences. There are some experiences first-time mothers will undoubtedly experience. Read them below:

You Will Poop

Whether you prepare for it or not, you will poop while giving birth. You may feel ashamed now thinking about it, but when it comes to the time, you will not care what you do because there are other important things your mind and body are reacting to. Most mothers don’t tell this part of the story when they recount their birthing experiences, it’s pretty embarrassing, but it is a healthy thing. Your body will be under severe pressure; you wouldn’t even notice when you poop. Everyone in the room understands this there is nothing to be worried about when it happens.

You Will Swear Never to Have another Baby

This is worse when your partner is around. Most women will curse out on their partner and swear never to let them a meter close to them ever again.

This happens to first-time mothers. It doesn’t matter if you are under some drug when you say all these things; the thing is that you will swear at home or the hospital never to get pregnant again. Get ready to curse out on every male in the room. You will be in so much pain; you are allowed to go crazy. The aesthetic will try to ease the pain, but you would feel it so much that you would hate having babies. Anyway, all these tantrums go away once you cuddle your baby in your arms, you will be overwhelmed by so much joy. 

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You Will Cry

You think you have cried so much in life before, perhaps as a little girl? Wait till you get to the labor room and see what a new meaning the word `cry’ holds for you. It is natural to cry while giving birth, so prepare for it if that’s your first time. The beautiful part of crying is when your cry will transcend from pain to joy. You will be happy at the end and won’t even remember why you were crying in the first place.

You Will Remember Your Birth Mother

This may sound out of point because many people may not have a relationship with their birth mothers either due to death or some issues in the family. Whichever one, the fact is that you will appreciate your mom when you begin to feel your labor pains. You would think about her and how strong she is for having you and your siblings.

You Will Understand If It’s worth the Trouble

When you are in labor pains, you will question whether the idea of getting pregnant and giving birth is worth it at all. However, when the baby is born, and you hold that innocent baby in your arms, you will understand that it was worth the trouble after all. If the baby had some complications or was born then, you may struggle with this question so much.

You Will Have That One Nurse

You cannot avoid coming across such nurses in any hospital. She will either be too harsh or too sweet to you at the hospital. The funny thing is that she knows how she behaves to people because that has been what everyone has complained about.

You Will Feel Connected to Everyone around You

You will have many thoughts going through your head after you give birth and the placenta is out.  You will lie face up and think about the placenta that connected you with your baby. Also, you will contemplate how in many ways you are compared with other women who have passed through labor and succeeded or failed. The pain in your abdomen will be secondary to what your mind is trying to figure out right then.