Why Does it Take Guys 8 Weeks to Miss You?

Ladies, are you wondering why your date has not called you? Instead of waiting on the edge of your seat, checking your phone at every second, check out this article. We are going to tell you why a guy takes 8 weeks to miss you. The dating world is strange. It’s important to understand it to be a conqueror. 

Answering the Why

Depending on whether it was a messy or mutual break-up, let’s get into the psychology behind emotions. Sometimes, being single or alone gives one the feeling of emptiness. Because they have nothing else to do, the guy ponders what these feelings mean. They soon find that they miss you. 

Due to the ‘no contact’ rule, ex-couples are given space to wonder whether the break-up was necessary. The alone times helps the individuals in getting perspective on the relationship and enhances the chances of getting back with their ex.

How Long Does it Take For a Guy to Realize He Losing You?

Without any contact, it takes a guy 8 weeks to miss you. Every situation between a couple is different. The ‘no contact’ rule may not even work for some. Based on research, it is generally from 3 to 8 weeks. The ‘no contact’ rule operates the best within 4 weeks. 

You have to take the ‘no contact’ rule seriously. That means no calls, texting, Facetime, or any means of the social network. Because it is very possible to make a guy regret losing you. Be careful upon choosing to make the ex regret that. Do you want to make him suffer or is it because you want him back?

3 ‘No Contact’ Rule Do’s and Don’t’s

  • Break off contact for a while (at least 2-3 weeks)
  • Ignore any of his texts if he texts you
  • If you do see him (ex. Class or work) be friendly, but don’t share a conversation

4 No’s of The No Contact Rule

  • NO emailing
  • NO calling
  • DON’T bump Into him on purpose
  • Do NOT text or write letters to one another

Note These 3 Failed Attempts

  • Failed attempts at dating other women
  • Their emotional/physical health is not good
  • They lost communication with friends or family

Does Silence Make a Man Miss You?

It does. Silence makes a guy crazy! Silence is your weapon, so use it right. The silent rule is a great trick according to some studies. Not only for the guy but both members of the couple. During this time they have a chance to see what is and what didn’t work in the relationship. 

When you decide to use the silent treatment, be firm. While the no contact rule has shown encouraging results in 4 weeks, if the relationship was long, it might take more than 4 weeks for an ex-boyfriend to miss you.

4 Thoughts You May Have During Silent Treatment

  • Will my ex reach out to me first?
  • How often will he try to reach me?
  • Will he forget about me?
  • What is he thinking right now? Me? Sports? Me??

What is the Goal of Silent Treatment?

There are several outcomes to the silent treatment. You can’t give up. Keep trying. Giving the silent treatment is not a message. It is a reaction. 

If your ex doesn’t reach out to you during a ‘No Contact’ Rule, it’s often because they’re throwing a little tantrum. After all, they’re not getting their way. Following being in a serious relationship, it’s time to think about all the emotions they are feeling.

However, it does not just hurt them. It also hurts you. You are also a part of this break-up process thus you are also deciphering all these bitter and sad emotions wondering if silent treatment is even worth it.  

How Do You Know if a Man Misses You?

Want to know how a guy misses you? We’ll tell you all the signs of a guy that misses you. Take note of these important tips. 

  • How Often He Texts You

Has your phone been buzzing out of control all day long? Are all those messages from him? That is a definite sign that he misses you. You have been on his mind. He wants to know what is happening in your life since the break-up.

Does he keep sending pictures of himself to you? Guys who take pictures with their friends at other events is a sign that he wants you there, too. Guys who Facetime you want to be as close to you as they can.

  • He Calls You

Aside from texting, guys are sure to call you a lot. After a few weeks without hearing your voice, they are calling you just to listen to it again. Check if he leaves a voicemail. It’s a clear sign if a guy misses you if they leave silly messages with no context.

Take note of the conversations. Will he talk forever? That is a sign that he wants to be near you. 

  • Immediate Response

Did you give in and send a text to him? And boy, did he reply like a bolt of lighting. It’s indefinite that he misses you and wants you back. 

  • Does He Talk about You?

If he constantly brings up your name when in conversation with a mutual, take that as a sign that he misses you. 

Or does he talk about himself? Pay close attention to his tone of voice. If he addresses events that happened in the past, like date nights, take that as a sign. He misses you. He liked talking about his day with you.

  • Likes Everything on Your Social Media

Did he just go through your entire Instagram account and like every picture? Yup, he misses you. Don’t be surprised if he asks you for a picture. That is a clue that he wants to feel close to you. 

  • Jealousy

Oh, jealousy is never a fun emotion. When you are around another guy at a party, he won’t like that and then he will try to get in the way of it.

  • What Music is He Listening to You?

If you happen to be in his vicinity (in school, neighbors, or at work) take note of the music that he listening to you. That sounds like your favorite pop song, doesn’t it? He could be listening to it without realizing that it is your favorite song. It’s subtle, but he misses you. 

A guy who does all your favorite things, like watching your favorite movie, or eats your favorite meal has missed you.

  • He Surprises You

Surprise, surprise, look who is sitting in the bleachers at the big game. The guy will try to follow you around because he is curious about what you are doing. Other than surprise visits, he may even try to surprise you with a gift. 

He is curious, he is showing affection, and it’s a sign that he misses you. Your plans matter to him. This is a sign that he wants to stay close to you instead of drifting apart.

  • Does He Argue With You?

Did you just spend an hour arguing with your ex about the reason why he didn’t like talking to another guy at a party? Or are the arguments about the silliest topics? Another sign that he misses you. 

  • Is He in a New Relationship?

Log how much time has passed each time you see the guy. Are they in another relationship? No? Because he doesn’t want to get into another relationship, it’s a sign that he still wants to be with you.

  • He is Touchy

Touching is a huge sign. Pay attention to the way he touches you. Whether it is just a simple shoulder touch, he will try to be intimate upon meetings. Pay attention to all the signs. If you spot more than one sign, maybe it is time to reconsider giving him another chance. 

Does Having a Break Work?

Giving yourself at least a break of one month from your ex works for the betterment of the relationship. Having a break helps both sides gain new insight regarding their relationship.

Space including whatever time he needs to think is valid. Don’t push him. Ex wants to hear good things. But only when you are being sincere and have gotten past whatever was the problem. Then you can get him back.

Positives of No Contact Rule

The longer the no contact rule happens the chance of the guy missing you, is possible. Keep in mind, the guy will try to investigate various perspectives of life and analyze their current life without you to the life they lived when they were with you.

A time for the no contact rule should be given attention to overall mental health. Not only the guy but you as well! Guys should put their focus on mental health through exercise, and hanging out with friends. Giving yourself enough time for getting better will give you time to think further about this relationship.