Why is my Ex-Boyfriend Trying to Make me Jealous of his New Girlfriend?

On a day when you are enjoying the fresh breeze in the park, something wrecks it. You see your ex-boyfriend with somebody new. The first thought you have is that they are trying to make you jealous. What if they are not? 

Is there a reason that they’re trying to make you jealous? You have clicked on the right article. We are here to tell you everything about what seeing your ex’s girlfriend means.

Is He Attempting To Make Me Jealous or Has He Moved On?

Here are three crucial signs that you should study before making the final decision. But, let’s look at it this way first. A new relationship could mean anything. Maybe it’s an actual sign that they have moved on to another relationship. The real answer is difficult to understand because he really could just be trying to make you jealous.

Three cues that you should be on the lookout for are their social media, the chemistry in the new relationship, and their lack of interest in you. 

By checking their social media to see if their posts are genuine or to see if he is trying too hard. If there are sure signs that he is trying too hard just to get your attention then this new relationship is to make you jealous. Lastly, if they show a lack of interest in you that concludes that they have happily moved on to be in another relationship.  

What Does it Propose When Your Ex Tries to Make You Jealous?

When your ex is trying to make you jealous, there are several different reasons why. For the most part, it may indicate that they want to get back together with you. Another reason is that they miss you. By making you jealous they are trying to see if reciprocate the same feelings. 

How Do you Identify if Your Ex Still Has Feelings for You?

Here are three signs to look into:

  1. Their World Revolves Around You

After the breakup, a sign that your ex misses you is if you are the only topic they will discuss with friends. Does he call you at odd times of the day just to say something random? Or did you just bump into him at the park? That means he still has feelings for you.

  1. Talk to Your Friends

Your ex is not going to admit to your face that they miss you. Instead, they will contact your friends. Your ex wants to recognize how you are doing. Calling your friends is a way to convey their feelings. 

  1. Following you on Social Media

After the breakup, you’d expect the ex to unfollow you on all social media. But they don’t. Instead, he likes every picture that you post. Your ex still has feelings for you and wants to know what is going on in your life. 

Is it Possible for an Ex to Fall Back in Love With You?

Yes. According to studies conducted by experts, the ex can fall back in love with you. And vice versa. Because you were such a big part of their life, it’s normal. That love never goes away. The reason that your ex, or why you fall back in love is because there is unfinished business. Changes can be worked out. 

How Do You Know if your Ex isn’t Happy in a New Relationship?

Look at the signs and analyze the situation. You must do that before making your first assumption.

  1. Bragging About the New Relationship

The more your ex brags about his new relationship, that is a sign that your ex is not happy. Your ex would not need approval from you. He is only trying to get a reaction.

  1. Are Drugs in the Picture?

One of the biggest signs that your ex is unhappy with their new relationship is that they have now turned to drugs. Drugs are not a good sign. Depression is also a clear sign that your ex is unhappy.

  1. Pretending to be Happy

Your ex will do everything that he can to showcase that he is happy. The ex pretends that he is happy because he thinks that you can’t see right through him. The longer he attempts to fake that he is happy will not last forever, eventually crumbling. 

Do Exes Come Back After Dating Someone Else?

Possibly. Or not. Again, there are several theories if you see your ex with someone else. We know that it hurts to see your ex in a new relationship, but you have to think about the scenarios. Sure, an ex could back out if they’re dating someone else or they have moved on.


  1. Why is My Ex’s New Girlfriend Trying to Make Me Jealous?

Now that is strange behavior entirely. Why would the new girlfriend want to make you jealous when you had nothing to do with them in the first place? That is a sign that your ex is faking this relationship to see how you feel about them?

Another reason why your ex’s new girlfriend is trying to make you jealous is that they want to get a reaction out of you. It’s a cruel act, but it is only to see if you are not going to remain in the picture for too long. Our advice is to not let it get to you. The ex’s new girlfriend is only doing it for the sake of their ego and to have the upper hand. 

  1. How Do You Know if your Ex’s Girlfriend is Trying to Make You Jealous?
  • Tip #1: Overload on Social Media

Better watch out because you don’t want to look like a stalker. If you are interested in checking to see if your ex’s girlfriend is trying to make you jealous, check their social media. Do they post about their new relationship with your ex constantly?

  • Tip #2: Bragging

When they see you in the vicinity they love to announce how much they love their new relationship. That is a sign that they are trying to get a reaction from you. 

  • Tip #3: Talk to You Directly

Another sign that your ex’s girlfriend is trying to make you jealous is if they talk to you directly. Again, what purpose did you ever have in their life other than being the past ex-girlfriend?

  1. How Do I Stop Obsessing Over my Ex’s New Girlfriend?

You need to get on with your life. Over-obsessing becomes a terrible habit. Stop obsessing over the situation. If your ex is happy in this new relationship and not trying to make you jealous, here’s how to stop obsessing.

  • Tip #1: Control Your Thoughts

Start thinking about what is more important. Work or school is always a priority. If you think that you are ready for a new relationship, think about that.

  • Tip #2: One Step at a Time

Don’t start big. Start small. Think about one day at a time. After a breakup, there is a lot to work on. You’re going to feel emotions that you don’t want to feel and you have to work up a new routine. So make time for yourself and start slow.

  • Tip #3; What is Missing?

Why aren’t you happy? Figure out what is missing in your life. When you obsess over whether your ex-boyfriend is trying to make you jealous, it gets in the way of thinking about more important opportunities. You are more important. Self-care is a value. 

  1. How Long Do Rebound Relationships Last?

Rebound relationships happen around 2-4 months. They could also last up to six months. For those who do not understand how a rebound relationship works, take a look at these helpful definitions.

  • The complexity of problems faced
  • Used for personal strength and emotional availability
  • The way couples perceive one another
  • How they handle difficulties like behavioral patterns
  1. What Does it Mean When Your Ex Gets a New Girlfriend Right Away?

It’s amazing how fast your ex started a new relationship. Aren’t they feeling the same draining emotions that your feeling? Don’t get yourself worked up too fast. Read into the signs about why your ex has done this. 

  • Sign #1: Lack of Respect and Self-Love

The reason why your ex is already in a new relationship is that they have a lack of respect and self-love for themselves. Being in a relationship made them feel good about themselves. Letting that go is like the end of the world.

  • Sign #2: Emotional Drain

While being in a relationship is a lot of work, break-ups are all the more draining. To avoid feeling drainage, that’s another reason why they get into a new relationship so quickly.

  • Sign #3: Already Had Someone Lined Up

This is going to hurt, but the reason why they are in a new relationship so quickly is that they already had their next relationship lined up while dating you. Breaking up with you was so they could be with the other person. 

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