Does Being Taken Make You More Appealing?

You or your friends have probably experienced this scenario before. The entire time you were single you couldn’t seem to land a date or relationship for the life of you. Now that you are in a relationship, you can’t help but notice all these men coming out of woodwork to pant after you. What gives? What is this phenomenon that causes you to be more appealing once you are taken? While it can be befuddling and just plain out weird, there’s a reason for this phenomenon. So, let’s try to figure this out and gain some insight, shall we?

One thing you need to realize is that dating is a competition and men are competitors. Some men may find this to be a challenge. They see a beautiful woman in a relationship with another man and they want to win. So some men, not all, will try to break this relationship to win the game. In essence you are the forbidden fruit and the fact that you are forbidden makes them want you more. While it’s not right, it happens every day. So the next time a man gives you his undivided attention just be flattered, don’t take it to the next step. If he isn’t respectful of the fact that you’re in a relationship, that’s already a bad sign.

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Another reason why taken women are more appealing is due to their confidence. Truth be told, some taken women appear happier, more radiant, and overall have a better self-esteem about themselves. While a relationship shouldn’t define you or your self-worth, it can give you a nice boost of confidence knowing that someone values and treasures you. So your confidence will be a very attractive quality for many men regardless of your relationship status. Remember that men find confidence to be extremely sexy. By feeling good in your own skin, you’re already a step ahead of other women who may not be as confident.

Besides being confident, the fact that you are in a relationship means that you have other attractive qualities. Think about it. You are appealing enough to be in a relationship. You have redeeming personality traits and characteristics that result in your partner being attracted to you. For men, sometimes they think women are single for a reason. Whether or not that’s true is an entirely different story. For some, they may think single women are desperate and have potential baggage that causes them to stay single. A woman who is taken is a catch and relationship worthy.

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Whether it’s competiveness, primal urges, or your confidence, it is true that men do find taken women more appealing. So while you may lament that you have too much attention on you while in a relationship, never forget how lucky you are to have a partner who loves and cares about your deeply. Remember that if a man can’t respect your relationship, he isn’t respecting you regardless of how appealing the attention is. So enjoy a little flirty exchange, but fully embrace your man and your relationship.