How to Watch the Super Bowl with a Boyfriend

Ladies, this is serious stuff. If you have been invited to watch the holy grail of football games with your beau then you need to know a few ground rules that will leave you walking away rated # 1 girlfriend in the league!

Guys are very intense when it comes to football. As a matter of fact this is one of the deepest levels of concentration that becomes all-consuming and sparks very intense emotion in a lot of men. The last thing you want to become is an interruption or a distraction, and this included during halftime. Have you ever seen those commercials or the halftime show? They are awesome and guys want to see it too!

Learn your way around the field. Google can help you as well as YouTube. Knowing what a field goal is, a touch down or a first down as well as why those things are taking place will save face and possibly feelings. Too many questions during the game can lead to chip & dip duty or worse, get you banned from future sporting gatherings. If you made it to the inner “game” circle, this is the last thing you want to do. If you don’t brush up, and it is highly advised for you to know your stuff, you had better pay attention and cheer when he cheers.

Furthermore, never, ever talk about the player’s physique or the cheerleaders during the game. Your guy done even want to overhear a conversation about another guy’s ass, and please believe he sees the cheerleaders. Pointing them out won’t make you cool. Also note that men could care less whether or not the hot blonde on top of the pyramid knows a single thing about football.

Try to refrain from anything nongame related. For instance no one wants to discuss how much the repair on the car is going to cost or which curtains you are considering. This is a no-no during any game, but Super Bowl is the game.

Though it is not outright stated you are in charge of playing hostess. Do not go overboard. If he is out of beer go get another, but don’t walk in front of the TV., and if the chips or dip runs out just refill it. You do not have to ask every time if something is needed. They are watching the game, so it is a distraction. Also skip cheeses, baked chips and wines and go straight for beer, steaks, greasy chips and the bomb-diggity 7 layered or homemade queso dip. Apple slices and baby carrots with ranch have no place at a Super Bowl gathering or party.

Again, do not talk about coworkers, frienimies or anything else not game related. There is a price to pay to be a female in this inner testosterone circle, and to make it there is an honor. Knowing how to act, and learning to focus on the game and being a silent server/ hostess while at least portraying that you are enjoying the game as much as he is will be imperative to remaining there.

The basics to the non-sports inclined is as follows: no matter what your team is the best, the other team sucks, the point is to win and whatever is done to accomplish the win should be legit and the ref is always wrong when he claims a penalty for our team. Finally, everything the other team does should be penalized, everything. When he cheers you cheer, and when he gets angry pretend you know why; never ask. Remembering these rules will help you stay in the game circle, and eventually you’ll be the tailgate champ right alongside the guys!