5 Signs You Shouldn’t Pack Up and Move to Be With a Guy

You and the guy you currently are dating seem to be hitting off great. In fact you are feeling him so much you’re considering leaving your current situation to be closer with him. Hold up, girl! Before you leave your life, you need to read all the signs and consider whether or not it’s the right decision. There have been many women who have regretted leaving to be with someone who wasn’t as into them. So before you pack your suitcases and take a road trip to be with your current guy, here are five signs you shouldn’t pack up and move to be with a guy.

  • He’s not as accommodating as you. Is your current guy totally comfortable with his life that he won’t even consider leaving his situation to be with you? That should send some red flags. When someone is into you, really into you, he will include you in his decisions, regardless of how far you guys are from each other. Those who are in serious relationships realize that their decisions will affect their partner, whether they it to or not and will always take that into consideration.

  • The relationship is unbalanced. It’s a one way street when it comes to communication. You never know how he’s feeling and you feel as if you express too much. If or when you get into an argument, he shuts down on you. Or perhaps, you shut down on him. Relationships that stand the test of time have the ability to resolve conflict and vocalize their thoughts maturely and respectively.

  • You don’t know any of his friends or family. This is another red flag you should consider. If he hasn’t integrated you into his life, there are chances that he’s not as into you as you think and has no intention of planning a future with you. People who are in committed, serious relationships want their relationship to progress and they will often speak of the future. If you happen to speak to him about meeting his family and friends and he shuts down the idea, he’s definitely not that into you.

  • Your schedule revolves around him. You never get asked about your opinion or thoughts. Every time you two are together you have everything planned out for you. This means he’s not considerate of you or your feelings. Sure you may think how sweet it is initially, but when he still does things even after knowing you don’t like them, then he’s definitely not being considerate. He’s just being selfish.

  • Your relationship is too smooth. You may think it’s great you don’t fight. However couples who don’t fight ever have one of two things. You or your guy don’t voice your opinion and communicate or your relationship has not endured a challenge or a difficult situation. If it’s the latter, you won’t have any idea how you or him will react to certain pressures or challenges when they arise. So you need to take that into consideration before you move to be with your current guy.