Is Having Open Pores Worse Than Clogged Pores?

open pores Large pores are open pores, while open pores may not be clogged they can be more vulnerable to clogging. It is still far worse to have clogged pores than to have open pores. With open pores there are things you can do to care for, maintain and even temporarily minimize them.

One thing that can add to the open pore issue is oily skin. If your skin id creating more sebum than it needs than you may have to use an over the counter product to reduce the oils alongside frequent face washing. Never rub your face, as a matter of fact; you should always try to keep your hands off of your face. Our hands have a lot of oils as well, so this can be a bad situation for someone with sensitive skin. Clogged pores could quickly become a very harsh reality for someone with large pores.

You will never be able to force the pores on your face o become small, but there are ways to get them to be smaller temporarily. Anti-aging creams may help in some cases. Still, it is not the pores that are shrinking, but it is the skin tightening.

Some people will turn to a laser treatment to resurface their skin. These do work really well, but they also change the skins structure. Again, the pores appear smaller because the skin is tighter, and not as a result of actually being shrunk.

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Start a strict skin care regimen for your oily skin. You may have to try several different methods before you find the best one for you, but it is worth it. The good news is a lot of people are finding home remedies that work better for them that the expensive over the counter store bought skin care lines they have tried. Don’t leave out the moisturizer, and use good SPF protection; just make sure it is oil free.

There are great acne control makeups out nowadays. You can get a powder for your T zone and use it to soak up the extra oils in your skin. This will not only help you to maintain clear pores, but it will reduce that oily look come midday that we all hate. If you use a base then make sure that is for oily skin too. Do not wear makeup when you are at home, but allow your skin to breathe.

Also, exfoliate your skin. This can be done right at home with a teaspoon of baking soda mixed with 2 teaspoons of water and applied with a washcloth in gentle circular motions and followed with a warm yet thorough rinse.

There are a lot more home remedies that can be found online to unclog and even “tighten” pores. Just do not give up on trying achieving beautiful skin, because it is possible with diligence and patience. If you are dealing with open pores then maintaining a strict routine is key, because open pores beats clogged pores hands down.