Is Social Media Hurting Your Sex Life?

You would say you and your man have a pretty steamy sex life. But be aware, your favorite device may begin to lift the fog of all the steam you created. Sure it can be considered a pastime to peruse your device after a long hard day at work, but you shouldn’t be so focused on your device and connecting with your friends on Facebook that you neglect that sexy hunk sitting right next to you! We already have so many other factors that can contribute to hurting our sex life. We don’t need to add more with social media.

At first you may think going on your social media sites are no biggie and harmless. However, unless you pay attention to the amount of time you spend on these sites, you will come to realize that you can spend hours and hours on all your social media platforms. Have a Tumblr? Think of all the times you’ve spend hours reblogging your favorite posts. How about Instagram? Conjure up all the times you’ve spent going through your entire feed of 500 plus people. Any time you spend on social media instead of connecting with your honey can negatively impact your sex life.

If you find yourself tired because you stay up to stay connected with everyone, this is an issue. Staying constantly connected doesn’t help you to unwind and keeps you wired. This is why experts recommend that people disconnect from their devices at least an hour before bed. If this sounds blasphemous to you, girl, it’s time to get your priorities in order. Next time, instead of cuddling with your tablet, turn your attention to man. You both need to be aware of how frequently you choose social media and your devices over each other.

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Another reason why we always say connected is due to our lack of self-esteem and confidence. Social media can be a vicious cycle. Many times we compare ourselves to our friends who seem to have everything together. When our life doesn’t seem to be going to same way, we view ourselves in a negative light. Instead of stopping ourselves from always reading all our friends statuses updates, we continue to punish ourselves. It’s a vicious cycle that only ends when you want it to end. Not to mention, a lack of self-esteem means a decrease in libido. No one wants to do the horizontal tango when they feel like crap about themselves.

Don’t get me wrong, social media has a ton of benefits. It allows you to reconnect with friends and is also a great way to network. But, you shouldn’t let it take over your life. Instead, you need to find a delicate balance and figure out a way to use it usefully as well as recreationally. However if you see yourself competing with your friends or finding it is having a negative impact on your self-esteem, it’s probably best to take a step back away from your device and social media for a time.

Instead of always being connected, why not take some time and spend it with your man. Stroke his ego and remember what made you fall for him in the first place. Have an interactive conversation with him and see where it goes. Go out on a date and don’t whip out your phone the moment there is a lull in the conversation. Have him pay you the same courtesy. You might find that all your online social interaction has eroded some of your interpersonal and intimate skills. So when it’s bedtime, don’t waste all your potential sexy time on your device with your back’s facing each other!