For Love or for Social Media: Do You Need a Social Media Prenup Before Tying the Knot

Of course if you and your man sign a prenup before getting married it will obviously include stuff about money and property and the like. But did you ever think it would include provisions about social media? Many couples have decided to include clauses about social media to their prenups.

The sad reality is that half of marriages end in divorce so many couples are taking a “better safe than sorry” approach to post-break up social media posts. Imagine you just had a rough break up with a guy and he started posting really unflattering pictures of you all over facebook, twitter and Instagram. You would probably be pretty embarrassed, even mad. To avoid the possibility of this, social media agreements are adding saying what each party pay or may not post about the other. Violators of the agreement will pay. Literally!

Going further, including social media guidelines about what you can and cannot post can handle issues related to revenge porn, when an ex posts nude or revealing photos sent to them by a former partner without the former partner’s consent. Many states have no laws about revenge porn currently and victims of revenge porn have few legal outlets. A social media prenup would solve this potential issue as well. But take a step back and consider if you really want to marry a guy who may resort to revenge porn to hurt you. A social media prenup will not protect you from potential jerks- you have to vet your boyfriend yourself.

But this legally binding contract doesn’t just include post-breakup social media issues; it covers social media relations during the marriage as well. Many couples choose to include clauses that state that one may not accept friend requests from former lovers. Maybe you would choose to include that your husband can’t post statuses about when you guys fight? Social media prenups help to keep things you want to keep private on the DL.

In this age of social media, facebook posts and friend requests start a lot of fights between couples- fights that could easily be resolved by a social media prenup. Gone are the days when you can say “sweetheart, I thought you looked good in this picture.” The law leaves no room here for ambiguity. Laying social media ground rules, either through a prenup or some other agreement, could help eliminate certain fights from a relationship. If you agree with your husband that he can use the #wcw hashtag unless he’s posting about you, you’ll never have to fight about whether or not he thinks Megan Fox is hotter than you. Crisis averted