Love to Wear High Heels? Stretches for High Heel Relief

High heels, how lovely they make our legs look. And the curve of the foot is something unmatched in flats. Oh, don’t get me wrong! Flats are great! But high heels are elegant and sexy like no other. We women will endure all kinds of discomfort for the sake of elegance. We know its worth.

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But OUCH! Sometimes when we’ve been in our heels too long we need relief.

It’s our feet that take most of the abuse. They can end up screaming at us at the end of the day. It helps to kick our shoes off and put our feet up for awhile. But there’s got to be some way to baby those toes of ours and make them feel better.

Well there is.

Strip down out of those stockings and whip out the beautiful smelling lotion, girls, we’re about to get girly!

A footbath is a nice way to start the process. You can even put in some bubble bath, or a dash of fragrant bath salts, or even Epsom salts will do. But get those toes squeaky clean because you’re going to be babying them tonight.

Let your feet soak a little. It doesn’t really matter if the water is hot or cold. Hot is nice in the winter, and cold is refreshing in the summer. But it’s you’re choice, your toes. Soak them as long as you want.

Next, pat them dry with a towel you don’t mind placing on the floor. Once your feet are dry, spread the towel on the floor so you can step down without transferring lotion onto your carpet or floors that may not have had a chance to soak into your skin.

What lotion is that? Glad you asked. This is where you whip out that handy-dandy lotion of bliss in your favorite fragrance, find your spot on the couch next to that towel you’ve got there, spread out on the floor.

Pop the lid.

Pour some into your fingertips.

Now grasp one of your squeaky clean tootsies and begin massaging the lotion into your toes, stretching them back and forth. Separate them from one another and massage between your toes, stretching them as far away from each other as you can, and then back and forth, up and down, side to side.

They already feel better, don’t they?

Now, squeeze a little more lotion into your hands and reach down and massage your whole foot. Get that lotion all over your beautiful foot. Pull your foot back as far as it will go. Bring it back down to a point. Pull it back again. Now move it from side to side. Do it again, and this time move your foot in a circular motion. If you need more lotion, go ahead and put it on. It’s fine. You’ve spread a towel down on the floor to step on later. Just enjoy the relief. Side to side, up and down, now in a circle as you relax the tension from your foot.

Now put your foot down and pick up your other foot and cradle it in your lap. Put some lotion on your fingertips. Now massage it into your toes. Doesn’t that feel great?! Again, pull your toes back as far as they will go. Now curl them down. Pull them back. Separate them from each other and massage in between. Stretch them as far as they will go.

Now it’s time for the rest of your foot. Get some more lotion into your hands. Massage it into your entire foot. Feel your fingers stroke your foot and massage the stress away. This will make your entire body feel better. Pull it back. Point it forward. And back. Side to side. Around now. And relax.

There we go.